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  1. USQ Greenmarket on this very muggy morning: -peaches, eggplant, and corn from Stokes -tiny tristar strawberries from Berried Treasures -beautiful chanterelles ($5.50 a pint) and black trumpet ($4 a pint) mushrooms from Honey Hollow -sungold tomatoes from Eckerton -fennel and cilantro from Migliorelli -jalapeno cheddar bread from the bread stand on the north side in front of Barnes and Noble
  2. From USQ this morning: -New yukon gold and red bliss potatoes, asparagus, and zucchini from Cherry Lane -Strawberries from Sycamore -Breast of lamb and ribs from Catskill Merino -Buttermilk from Tonjes -Thai basil and chocolate mint plants from Blew
  3. Recently got an email announcing that Heritage Meats is hosting a fundraising tasting of their products cooked by a very appealing lineup of chefs. Thought Mouthfullers might be interested. Apparently there's plenty of room at the event and it's not going to be sold out. Here's the info from the email: You are cordially invited to a Heritage Foods USA fundraiser! Join Colin Alverez of the Tasting Room David Chang of Momofuko Shane Coffey of Alias Restaurant Steve Connaughton of Lupa Restaurant Wiley Dufresne of WD-50 For a tasting of heritage meats prepared in ways you
  4. Violet Hill also took the same tactic with their morels, which were advertised as $25 for 1/4 pound! They were huge and gorgeous light tan-colored specimens, but ouch!
  5. I've definitely noticed recently that most female clothing mannequins, as well as some male, in all sorts of stores (both the big chains like Gap and smaller high fashion boutiques) and are now sporting quite prominent nipples, that definitely show through whatever clingy shirts they may be displaying. Correct me if my memory is faulty, but it seems that just a couple of years ago mannequins were uniformly smooth chested. Guess America wanted more after the Janet Jackson Superbowl wardrobe malfunction?
  6. Strawberries from Kernan looked and smelled good, but unfortunately turned out to be quite sour and firm. I think that this batch will be turned into some sort of dessert. Will have to wait for the tristar strawberries from either Berried Treasures or Mountain Sweet Berry.
  7. This morning from the USQ greenmarket: Sugar snap peas and strawberries from Kernan Spring onions and spinach from S&SO Curry flavored sauerkraut from Hawthorne Fiddleheads are abundant, and available at three to four stands at the market today!
  8. crunchy and salty are my two snacking criteria. currently addicted to lundberg's brown rice chips in either pico de gallo or seaweed and sesame flavors.
  9. Ba Xuyen. Very solid banh mi with proper vietnamese-sytle baguette bread, but even better are the prepared takeaway meals (various plastic wrapped goodies that sit on the counter at room temperature meant to be heat up later at home, and usually sold out by lunchtime). A particular highlight are the various banh preparations, most of which do not show up on viet restaurants menus in NYC. Favorites as banh it (round glutinous rice flour dumpling filled with mung beans, dried shrimp, and miced pork), banh bot loc (crescent shaped tapioca dumpling filled with fresh shrimp and wood ear mushroom
  10. The fried chicken was a very solid rendition indeed, and the chicken meat itself was impressively moist and flavorful. Another of the disappointing sides was the corn bread, which looked like limp slices of congealed polenta and didn't taste too much better. This was definitely not the usual fluffy and cakey cornbread that most are used to. I really hope that they improve their sides significantly.
  11. I'm up for both the 20th and the 13th, anytime is fine. I think I'll need two back to back visits anyhow to fully give justice to all the delights to be sampled. Looking forward to it!
  12. That lamb dish sounds spectacular; thanks wrayb. Love the chinese islamic xinjiang/uighur lamb with cumin preparations, but have never had the cumin seasoning with added sichuan peppercorns. can imagine it's even tastier!
  13. Jump rope class, 45 minutes. Abs, 15 minutes.
  14. Spotted some decent looking Vacherin de Jura on sale this morning at Zabar's, $6.98 for a one-pound round. Also whole 1lb-plus round of Pierre Robert for $10.98. Some very good deals in general to be had there, although ripeness is an issue.
  15. That's exactly my feeling about a handful of fitness classes that I've been to at Equinox. Certain instructors for some reason feel the need to keep up the inane chatter all through class. Seems to happen mostly in pilates classes, which is why I now prefer the "bootcamp" type classes where they keep the chatter to a minimum and just yell at me to move my flabby butt, much more conducive to my general fitness goals.
  16. Had a wonderful dinner Saturday night at Karihan ni Tata Bino in Jackson Heights. It's a small family-run Filipino place specializing in pork dishes, roast pork in particular. Started with the chicharon bulaklak appetizer, described as "deep fried ruffle fat". Pure crispy porky goodness, with a great palm vinegar and long green pepper dipping sauce (cut the fatiness perfectly). Mains were sizzling sisig (diced pork ears, snout, and liver sauteed with onions and scallions in a fermented shrimp paste sauce), laing (taro leaves cooked with bits of pork and shrimp in coconut milk), a
  17. 1 hour pilates mat class. Abs very sore currently
  18. This morning from the Columbus & 97th St. greenmarket, pickings still slim up there: -Cremini mushrooms, cabbage, and bacon from Dines -Mango flavored yogurt drinks from Ronnybrook Did poach last Saturday's monkfish liver in sake, soy, and yuzu and turned out somewhat disappointing. Not sure if it was my technique or the raw product itself, but the texture was strangely grainy and the flavor quite fishy. Will leave monkfish liver preparation to the pros at the sushi counters from now on!
  19. thanks for the suggestions cathy and omni. will try roasting the next bunch of asparagus i pick up.
  20. unfortunately the asparagus i picked up from cherry lane on saturday at usq was only so-so after i steamed it. nice texture but not much flavor, very bland. maybe still too early in the season and more sun is needed to develop flavor?
  21. Shoulders, plus 20 minutes of jump rope Warm-up: 1 set of overhead presses, 10reps 4 sets of overhead dumbbell presses, 10 reps 4 sets of side shoulder dumbbell lifts, 10 reps 4 sets of bent-over dumbbell raises, 10 reps 4 sets of front shoulder dumbbell raises, 10 reps 4 sets of military press on the machine, 10 reps 4 drop sets of shoulder shrugs with dumbbells, 15 reps
  22. Thanks, Steven. I just picked up some monkfish liver this morning at USQ and will try to poach it in some mirin, soy, and yuzu I think. Will let you know if there's much fishiness to the end product. Also picked up some ramps from Blooming Hills (bigger bunches than at Mountain Sweet Berry and the same price, $2.50 a bunch), asparagus and spinach from Cherry Lane, dandelion greens and parsnips from Paffenroth, kale from Migliorelli, and pork blade roast from Flying Pigs. Unfortunately Yuno's was not at the Lincoln Square greenmarket this morning, apparently next Saturday is their
  23. Wow, that laksa sounds seriously funky. Can't wait to try it now. Thanks for the write-up, fantasty!
  24. Received a gift of Duwop Lip Venom recently and just tried it today for the first time. Not sure if it's actually plumping, but it does have a very nice gloss to it and the tingly just-finished-a-very-spicy-thai-meal feeling that is quite fun. Thinking of picking up a tinted lip plumper now (lip venom is a clear gloss); anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  25. Citarella has had the shad fillets and the roe for about a month now. The last time I was there, earlier this week, the roe sacs still seemed a little on the small side. Have yet to try any this season, but tomorrow may be the day if I manage to score any ramps at the greenmarket.
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