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  1. are Large White Lima different from Giant and if so is it only size? Are they related to Christmas? and what would you do differently with them? Just got a box full of white beans - ayocote, flagelot, cassoulet and large white lima - and am curious about their differences. Merci Estefan!
  2. Have only had the RG cookbook about a month now but what fun it is. Have made a couple few batches of the Carribbean black bean soup, which is nothing short of divine and as I mentioned to Steve I think they should name a new Orisha after him. I top with bit of guac and lime and cilantro and fresh toasted corn tortilla triangles. Few days ago I made the Bean Stew with Herb Pesto - which was good too, though I now know that I prefer pesto sans oeuf, and I used some andouille. Then last night I repatterned the wee bit of left overs with some fresh sardines and avocado, fashioned as much on RG's
  3. yes i was thinking dried cranberries and fresh apple. prosciutto might be nice eh? and i can do buttermilk if you prefer.
  4. I can do millk (almond milk ok?) and eggs. I'd rather slice. you are da greatest! merci. xx
  5. dearest splinkmaitressa: im thinking gf spiced cranberry-studded apple cornbread? you got em russipees?
  6. Delicious cannellini soup tonight, with escarole and fried sage. Any hope for the return of RG's giant white limas?
  7. Elissa

    Paris Apartments

    With flying colors would I recommend Perfectly Paris.
  8. My favorite: Sansho. Paul Day, the youngish Brit chef/owner who used to be a butcher, has just opened a butchery shop here too. Le Degustation failed to impress my table of 6 the night we went. Kampa Park is a good idea, food not at all bad. Service was appalling and the food quite forgettable at La Fenestra, though the Fenestra Bottega is OK for lunch. A not bad evening meal at the very pretty Cafe Savoy, but a breakfast one oughtn't miss. Terrific view at the Interconti Hotel, food not a little dull. La Veranda a sweet Italian place, intimate. Four Season's restaurant Cotto Crudo is pretty,
  9. Elissa


    mmmmm. have been a couple times and am thankful and happy to have it so snuggled up close to home. wonderful gnocchi and a bitter green salad to rival any in town. not a bad wine list
  10. Concert at Merkin Hall tonight, meeting some friends earlier for drinks. Where, I wonder. Was thinking Cafe Lux because it's so convenient but no tables. Any ideas?
  11. Personally I can't see what interest these monikers, titles, cubby holes further other than dehumanization. Call me a Gook why don't you, might make your little character assassination games more fun? I don't hover over MF's meat roasting or pork pulling or hamburger threads and shake fingers and never have I suggested that anyone else make changes to the way they eat or criticized anyone for eating the way they do. I post here rarely, mostly on this thread, most often when a relevant news item crops up, and almost always regret having done so. Pissing contests do not interest me, I just thoug
  12. where did i mention meat? i said plant-based. though actually at the UES' otherwise vegan candle cafe they use cheese with casein in it. but the point i've tried to make in this thread over the last 3-odd years is that 'vegan,' or rather 'lazily vegan' is less and less an extreme, radical stance and could stand some tolerance from those who like thinking about food. that is all. plus, i think bill clinton looks great
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