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  1. Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've dropped in on Mouthfuls....and I'm just catching up on this Corson Building discussion. I was there shortly after they opened and really enjoyed my dinner there. The family style portions are great because as others have commented, you can take more of what you want and leave others behind. Out of the 8 dishes we had, I was disappointed by only one...and that was more personal preference than execution. With the number of other dishes...and some were memorable enough I'm *still* dreaming about them (and executed significant willpower in the sharing factor), I was very happy with my dinner there. I did a write up about Corson (with photos) for Examiner.com. Most of the photos are of the space, but here's a link if you want to check it out. I'm looking forward to seeing what other events Matt's going to do there. When I asked him if he'd seen the film "Good Food" profiling farmer's markets and sustainability in Washington, he said "No, but we could have a showing here...." (Projecting the film on the side of the building.) I love that Matt's open to just about anything...outdoor movies, classes, pig roasts...you name it.
  2. I hear you about Campagne. The last time I was there, I ordered the eggs with the foie gras sauce...and the sauce was completely cold. The kitchen neglected to dress my friend's salad, and the quiche was completely bland. I *want* to like this place but it just never satisfies. This last visit, they ended up comp'ing our entire bill. The comedy of errors coming out of the kitchen was just sad.
  3. Yowza! What an awesome looking lineup already. Wish I could join you all...I'll be in Vegas for a work thing. Ugh. I'd trade slot machines & showgirls for a place at your table any day!
  4. They've shortened and simplified the dishes offered in English. I was really bummed not to find my favorite dish. But when I asked about it, apparently it was still offered...on the Chinese language section of the menu.
  5. For cheap eats, I was a regular at Zum Zum's on 3rd (their spinach chicken curry is delish! and if you want to try more options, they'll do a 1/2 and 1/2 order--no extra charge. Rice and flat bread is included.) The Nordstrom's cafe serves up great salads...I never explored the menu past them--they're so good! You can always take a bus in the free zone to the International District (If I remember right, we'd take the #14 from 3rd. The bus is free as long as it doesn't go up the hill on Jackson). Man, I miss working downtown...
  6. The Chocolate Box is open! 108 Pine Street (between 1st & 2nd Ave) Featuring local goods...Fiori Chocolates, Theo's, Fran's, The French Bakery, Chocolat Vitale, etc.
  7. We had a fabulous time at Bamboo Garden yesterday. White Lotus and Leslie, could expand on the finer points of the food? I'm not a big fan of duck, but the appetizer of Camphor Wood & Tea Smoked Duck was divine! For all you duck lovers...this is a MUST. We tried: Green Onion Pancakes Smoked Duck Chopped Pepper Hot Chicken Fish in Black Bean Sauce Honey Prawns with Walnuts Ma Po Tofu Chives with Dried Bean Curd The only lackluster dish, in my opinion, was the Chopped Pepper Hot Chicken. Not that it wasn't good...it just didn't compare to the other dishes we had, which were outstanding. Leslie has photos...and I've loaded a few here as well: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58056395@N00/...57600156514920/ What a gem! I'm definitley looking forward to going back.
  8. LOL! You recognized her too! Yes, she was my favorite waitress at Seven Stars too...and moved on to Szechuan Chef. I hadn't seen her in a while and finally asked. Now she's over at Bamboo Garden. I'm excited to try the food at Bamboo Garden...but I'm more excited to catch up with her! Heh. She's a favorite of ours, too, first at Seven Stars, then at Szechwan Chef. When David and I walked into Bamboo Garden for the first time last week, she said something like "What took you guys so long?" Ooooh, that's so good! She said the SAME thing to me when I first saw her again at Seven Stars. Still, she has the uncanny ability to make you feel like royalty, eh? I love it!
  9. LOL! You recognized her too! Yes, she was my favorite waitress at Seven Stars too...and moved on to Szechuan Chef. I hadn't seen her in a while and finally asked. Now she's over at Bamboo Garden. I'm excited to try the food at Bamboo Garden...but I'm more excited to catch up with her!
  10. Leslie, this is not the same place you're thinking of. The place that is owned by the folks who used to own Seven Stars Pepper is called Szechuan Chef. I've been several times and I like it a lot. This new place is called Bamboo Garden. Jonathan Kauffman over at Seattle Weekly had a nice write up about it not too long ago and I love Jonathan's recommendations. I'm looking forward to checking it out on Saturday. Here's a link to the article: http://www.seattleweekly.com/2007-04-11/fo...ry-a-pepper.php I do hope you...and others...will be able to join us on Saturday! It sounds delicious.
  11. Leslie- I'm so glad you went to the Bazaar. Those dishes look great! And that pickle soup is delish...isn't it? Nuxvomica- I haven't made the bigos yet, but it's high on my list. And home made pierogi is time consuming...but I enjoy it. And the results are so good.
  12. Nice write up Leslie. Friends and I went a few months ago and had a really nice time. I adore the chicken liver pate with the tomato jam.
  13. Hey everyone. Just a heads up...since the Spring Bazaar is only one day (March 31st), you may want to get there early. I hear this is quite a crowded event and things sell out early. Also, they'll be offering the sausages, pierogi and other foods again...as well as that lovely Polish Pottery. I swear I've seen some of those same dishes around town for $80 and at the bazaar they're less than $20. Guess it pays to know here to shop! Anyway, the Polish Home Association has their website updated with the spring bazaar notice here.
  14. i can't believe you make pierogi too! (luckily, the good ladies of Pierogi Deli in NY make mine ) what kinds of fillings? fried or boiled? I've had them boiled, then fried or just boiled. My Polish friend Ala really loves pierogi so we'll often hang out in her kitchen and whip up a batch. One of her favorites is with fresh fruit...cherries, blueberries, etc. Stuff the pierogie dough with the uncooked fruit, boil them until the dough is tender...then serve with a drizzle of sour cream mixed with lemon & sugar. YUM. In the summer, we make these A LOT! Last week we made potato and I've got my eye on the meat and the cabbage versions in the Polish Home Cookbook. I've sampled both and they're very good...but I haven't made them yet myself. What kind do you make?
  15. I was just going to chime in with a vote for Kingfish Cafe! I went there last week for the first time in years and was totally blown away. We had a delicious fried chicken salad. I'm definitley looking forward to going back soon. Cafe Lago is another good choice. Picky eaters can always shoot for the ever popular lasagne or pizza.
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