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    Tony Finch

    Very sad news I've been really lax at keeping in touch with people over the past few years, which has meant that I haven't actually seen him in a while. I first found the sad news on Simon's blog rather than here, where I posted a comment: Tony is one of those people who I often think of and expect is having a really good time eating some really good food somewhere. One of those larger than life characters that becomes part of the fabric of life itself and I just imagine will always be there.
  2. Dear Mr shiftdrink.com, Taking a 2MB photograph with a Canon Eos 1D Mk II and using it unedited on the home page to display an image the size of a postage stamp is a Bad Idea.
  3. StephenT

    Tate Britain

    Quick side question I'm also a member but have only ever been to the members' rooms at Tate Modern - how does the Tate Britain's version compare?
  4. Yes please. I've never been to a foam party before, it looks like fun.
  5. Judging from the typography, I think it's an acronym. And the first word is very naughty. But what's the last word -- surely not "meeting". F* Opinionated And Mouthy?
  6. It does matter to some degree. But probably most noticeable between "cheap" gin and "nice" gin rather than between the varying flavour notes of different gins. A few years ago I served gin and tonic made with Bombay Sapphire to my mother in law and a friend of hers. They are both seasoned gin and tonic drinkers but both made very appreciative noises when tasting it and asked what I'd done to make it taste so good. Now they both buy decent gin for their gin and tonic rather than generic gin.
  7. I went through a phase of eating toast for breakfast every morning for a couple of months. It was an attempt to have something simple that I could easily make once I got to the office in the morning. I was usually feeling lethargic for the rest of the morning though. So I've switched to corn flakes and a banana instead and it seems to be working a lot better. Must be a wheat thing.
  8. Yesterday I went to the courtyard of Somerset House in London to have a drink in the (rather patchy at the time) sun. There is a large fountain in the courtyard, made up of a grid of water jets that can be set to jet up to various heights. Sometimes children play in them for fun when it's hot. Yesterday however, there was a marching band marching around in the fountain along with some dancers and other performance artists. Sitting there drinking a beer watching all of this seemed quite surreal indeed.
  9. StephenT

    The Ashes

    Okay... baseball newbie question... how is a knuckleball gripped and what is the effect of it through the air?
  10. StephenT

    The Ashes

    AFAIK you can still try to hit the batsman as often as you like with legal deliveries, i.e. those that actually bounce or are below waist-height. Except when the light conditions are bad and the batsman is less likely to see the ball well. What did result from the bodyline fiasco is that you are not allowed to have more than two fielders behind square on the leg side. The intent being that if you are going to persist with short-pitched deliveries aimed at the batsman then you should be prepared for some of them to go to an area of the field that is not well covered. During the bodyline
  11. It seems that most of us came out pretty randomly on the test regardless of whether we are male or female. So the test is a lot of crap unless we're just a very confused sample, which I doubt
  12. Erm you're more of a man than I am then, I only got 25 male I did well at everything though and I got full marks in the male-centric tests, so I hit the ceiling there and probably unbalanced the results. That's my excuse for not being more masculine... the test was wrong
  13. StephenT


    Chicken, almond and apricot tagine. I've had a turmeric craving all week and this went some way to sating it. Served with fennel and beetroot couscous which is a recipe I found and thought I'd try but I found it a little strange - a little too sweet - others said they enjoyed it though.
  14. Having realised that I felt slightly cheated at not having had any Pimm's and lemonade yet this summer, I bought everything that I felt I needed and made a couple of pitchers of it for a barbecue on Saturday afternoon. Made slightly stronger than suggested (to allow for dilution by melting ice of course ) with mint, strawberries, cucumber, lemon and orange, it was excellent. And it set me up well for the varied bottles of undistinguished guest-brought wine that followed.
  15. Luckily all that happened to me was that I ended up walking home from Covent Garden to Golders Green via Shepherd's Bush. Took me three and a half hours (for half the way I was walking with someone who walks more slowly than I usually do ) but in the circumstances that wasn't much to complain about.
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