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  1. Ah, to be back home, among my own people... (I haven't started missing NYC yet, but that's probably due to your weather.)
  2. Yes, Stramberk is fantastic, although the beers (they brew both light and dark) are called Trubac and Troobacz, respectively. It's a pity most people who go to the Czech Republic never make it to the Eastern part of the country. It's pretty and the people are much nicer than in Prague. (I'm from Prague btw.)
  3. This is hilarious. Any more?
  4. Me too! But I love Alex Ross even more. Meanwhile, their film critics are nothing special - Denby always gets carried away with his own sentimentality & old age (though he occasionally has his - increasingly rare - moments), while Lane is just a wry onanist who doesn't really like film at all.
  5. I am not at all, honest. And I didn't, but wish I did.
  6. Ok ok, just making sure your definitions are up to date. And thanks for pointing out that it's a movie and I liked it while you didn't - now that you put it that way, it helps me grasp the situation in a whole new way. Now where's that <obnoxious> emoticon...
  7. A few points. 1. Crashers had at least as many feel-good moments. 2. 'Sophomoric bathroom humor' is exactly what makes the movie funny. It's also what makes South Park funny. Etc. 3. The dialogue is hilarious. Come on, "Do you know how I know you're gay? Because I saw you make a spinach dip in a sourdough loaf once." Sorry, but I find this scene just side-splittingly hilarious (sorry for linking it again.) Sophomoric, maybe, but funny too. And that's a scientific fact.
  8. Are you speaking of this? I thought it was a style thing really. I think that's a great idea and not depressing at all; in fact I regret not having bought and shipped one with all my other stuff back to Prague. More space in the shower is always a good thing - whether you're fat or not. I recently stayed at a certain hotel in DC that had a shower the size of a small room, complete with a little built-in bench and of course a dozen shower settings, plus a huge separate bathtub. Damn! that bathroom was a LOT of fun.
  9. Ditto. And I'm a sucker for anything set in Japan.
  10. But why is it called a "clam bake"???
  11. I love the accent when they speak English. I love that they unabashedly act like parodies of themselves occasionally. Love the honest belief that just about anything can be solved by going on a strike. And j'adore how they think the rest of Europe exists solely to subsidize their agriculture. It's a fabulous country and its dairy products are first-rate. I'm looking forward to a trip this fall.
  12. Oh god. I can't even count the times my Euro-based acquaintances e-mailed me a transcript of this, adding that it was "real". I guess making fun of Americans never gets old over there; as if they needed to make these things up! Just read the news...
  13. My vote goes to this apolitical one.
  14. I am proud to say I know the person who first coined one of those infamous expressions. Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? It starts slow but builds into true stoner-comedy excellence. Wow, I'm impressed!! There are so many good ones... which one? "Cincinnati bowtie"? Edit: No - that's an actual expression apparently! Good god, I've been so innocent. No, I haven' seen N.D.; just put it on the Q.
  15. it holds up pretty well too. i caught it again on hbo last week. This scene is just so great. Don't play it loud at work! (It's not one of those poignant, melancholy moments...)
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