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  1. Also, grabbed Hamilton Pot Still Black Rum and a bottle of pineapple juice last week so as to enjoy an occasional Jungle Bird, which is such a mindblowingly good drink.
  2. Bohemia (Leo Robitshek) 1 1/2 oz genever 1 oz blanc vermouth 1/2 oz Aquavit 1/4 oz marashino Stirred, up, lemon twist. A fuller-bodied, sweet/savory martini that's just so nice.
  3. Such a legacy. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/03/arts/dance/jacques-damboise-dead.html
  4. The last available counter seats were for 5/13 at 6pm, and they went poof around 7pm last night. Not that I was, you know, looking much. Argh.
  5. Well no, I never did. And yes, it's certainly only a half-step away from a Pink Lady. It's interesting that there are a few drinks that modify gin with a bit of applejack -- Angel Face, Warday's (one of my all-time favorites), Pink Lady, Star Daisy, Royal Smile... Harry Craddock seemed to have a thing for that combo of base spirits.
  6. The oldest continuing distillery in the US, if you can believe it.
  7. So clearly not just new to you but *new*.
  8. Dessoff co-commissioned her to write a piece for our Whitman Bicentennial season, co-commissioned with Roomful of Teeth, who co-performed it with us (once via a pre-recorded track, thanks to schedules not aligning, twice live). Honestly, I can't decide to this day what thrilled me more, the piece itself ("None More Than You"), how charmingly down-to-earth she was, performing with Roomful of Teeth, or meeting the astonishing Caroline Shaw. Sigh.
  9. Never ate there either, but my wife and I had always been bemused by the motto. "Solid drink" -- that's what, ice?
  10. Charlie O's! Friedman's, by nature of having a broad menu that does lots of gluten free stuff, and does it creditably well, is a family favorite (my two boys both have Celiac). We've been multiple times to each location.
  11. Love that stuff. I need to try their Yellow. And the Blue. And anything else they may make.
  12. Ha. Mezcal riff on Don't Give Up the Ship. Nice!
  13. She'd had a long struggle over many years and many issues, from MS to a brain tumor to throat cancer. Complications to the throat cancer was the last straw. She was a tremendously caring and strong and vibrant and positive person; she leaves a giant hole in the choir and everywhere she touched.
  14. plattetude

    Chick Corea

    At 79. Such a career.
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