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  1. Last night's tipple, as devised by Leo Robitschek: Bohemia 1 1/2 oz Bols genever 1 oz blanc vermouth 1/2 oz Krogstad aquavit 1/4 oz maraschino Stir over ice; strain; lemon peel garnish. Reallllllly nice martini variation.
  2. Last night, cobbled together an approximation of Amor Y Amargo's (Chris Elford I think?) Sharpie Mustache. 3/4 oz Rittenhouse 3/4 oz Beefeater 3/4 oz Meletti (subbed 1/4 oz Montenegro+1/2 oz Averna) 3/4 oz Bonal 5 drops Bittermens Tiki bitters Stirred with ice, strain into coupe, orange peel garnish. Mmmmmm.
  3. My pleasure! And yeah, isn't it amazing how good it is? Puckeringly sour but held in check by a backbone of bitterness, and sweet but not cloying. Jeffrey Morgenthaler FTW!
  4. That lime cordial is outrageously good. And pretty in-your-face. Even at 2:1 with the likes of Beefeater. But it's sooooo good.
  5. Exactly. I'm super excited from everything I've heard about it. Stay tuned!
  6. I'm waiting for delivery of some citric acid so I can make Jeffrey Morgenthaler's lime cordial for some epic gimlets this weekend.
  7. plattetude


    Very sad. I live half a mile away and really only got there maybe once a year. Glad to have had one last fabulous night of eating and drinking there back in January. But sad that we only did the pig roast once.
  8. Used up some limes last night: Pre-prandial round: Southside 2 oz gin 3/4 oz lime scant 1/2 oz rich simple handful mint leaves Shake with ice, double strain, garnish with a floating mint leaf Good use of my... let's call it interesting gin from Jackson Hole, Absaroka. It's rested twice in whiskey casks, heavy on spice but light on juniper. I suppose it's marketed as a whiskey drinkers gin. As if a whiskey drinker wouldn't have capacity to also be a gin drinker. Ha, I say to you. Ha! Post-prandial round: Bitter Mai Tai 1 oz Campari 1/2 oz Jamaican rum (Smith+Cross) 1 oz lime 1/2 oz curacao (Pierre Ferrand) 1/2 oz orgeat (Fee Bros) Dry shake, pour over crushed ice, top with more ice, garnish with bouquet of mint, lime shell, and a good dusting of fresh ground nutmeg.
  9. Ha. Well, I'll take it. It's a mighty fine drink. (And not to be churlish but... Plattetude.) Late afternoon tipple following the family bike ride in the insane heat: John Collins, using Genevieve genever, from the fine folks at Anchor Distilling. Oh so nice.
  10. Orange bitters, natch. And a big ol' swath of lemon.
  11. Reliving a little Pegu Club nostalgia, I just knocked back a Fitty-Fitty. Equal parts gin martini, cold as you can get it. Lemon twist. And drink it fast. And then have another. (I should have another, right?)
  12. Yeah, sad, but a blessing that he was coaxed into making another album all these decades later. (Which I wish I loved more, but you know, he had a pretty great moment back when.)
  13. As I sit here pretending to focus on some off-hours work efforts, I threw together a lovely scaffa (i.e. room temp) cocktail: The final remaining oz/oz and a half of St. George Terroir Gin, a scant 1/4 oz green Chartreuse and a less-scant dribble of Ferrand dry curacao. Mannnnnnnn that hits some spots.
  14. Ooh. Well, having more than one funky Jamaican rum to choose from is never a bad thing. I will be grabbing up one of those for sure.
  15. I'm getting tons of great ideas, including that one, from Sam Ross's updated "Bartender's Choice" app. I'd gotten the original app a couple years ago ($5 I think?), but the current version (also $5 I think) has a lot of recent stuff from the constellation of Attaboy bartenders (and others). Highly recommended.
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