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  1. Visited Philly a couple weeks ago with wife and kids -- Good King Tavern just off South St is a charming, low key bistro that's better than you'd expect. Worth a detour if you're in Center City, I'd say. And as good as the food was, the bar was admirably (and quirkily) stocked. Would've been fun to hang at the bar and play with options. The best find, though, was Okee Dokey Donuts, which does fresh GF donuts daily. (Both my boys have Celiac, so having that kind of treat is aMAZing. Because while we've made donuts at home from time to time, it's such a freaking pain.)
  2. I would do a spirit-forward Jungle Bird, a la The Jungle Bird's Jungle Bird. Punch.com has a handful of suggestions too.
  3. But sure, if you make 47 of them, you'd have 47 Monkey 47 Monkey Glands. Which could be the house drink of the Department of Redundancy Department.
  4. Yes. I did get that part of it. But it also has the benefit of being particularly well-suited for this cocktail. BUT SO IS TEQUILA!
  5. Because it's really good with tequila! Phil Ward told me so! And I don't always have a bottle of Monkey 47 handy (but yeah, it's amazing stuff).
  6. Have you tried a Monkey Gland with tequila (which I know isn't technically a Monkey Gland at that point, but it doesn't have its own name)? I think it feels way more integrated than a Monkey Gland, which I feel is super sensitive to what gin you use.
  7. Yeah, curacao is all over the map, even within the purported style. For me, Pierre Ferrand Curacao has become my standard for everything calling for curacao/triple sec. Feels more balanced and integrates well into all directions of cocktails, from Pegu Club to Margarita to Mai Tai to Fancy Free. Grand Marnier feels too heavy for cocktails, and Cointreau, well, I dunno, I've come to feel like PF Curacao just feels *right.* I will say outright that Gran Gala is far sweeter than every other premium orange liqueur I've ever had. All that said, definitely feels like it's worthy of a side
  8. Bad news/good news: on trying to score a reservation for Franklin Mortgage for this weekend, got an email response that they've closed their current location. But they intend to reopen in a larger space in the fall. Meanwhile though, I'm wondering what's the best bet to have some decent drinks this weekend. Hop Sing hasn't reopened, and I'm at a loss otherwise. Anyone have any sense of the scene these days? *Is* there a decent cocktail scene there these days?
  9. Not surprising, but, yes, to echo a theme... sigh.
  10. Deep sigh for Pegu Club. Sigh.
  11. Follow up -- yes, we stuck with the plan of Adda and Dutch Kills as a mini LIC adventure. Adda was extremely good (for what it is -- I mean, part of me was really jonesing for a white tablecloth night out, but one takes what one gets). Dutch Kills rundown in the Cocktail Recipes Tonight thread. Amusingly/annoyingly, as we were finishing up our dinner at Adda, got a notification from Resy that Manresa at Intersect had an opening at 9:30. Thanks for that, Resy! (I rightly assumed it'd extend beyond it's original calendar. But really, thanks for the timing on that notification!) Thanks
  12. Timely reminder! I just restocked Cappelletti! (And soon need to restock Suze...) This weekend, first night out, like, really out, in a long time (as noted in the Micromanage thread). Ended the evening at Dutch Kills, where my wife and I indulged in: her: Bronco Buster (applejack, rye, curacao, lemon on a rock) him: Mississippi Punch (bourbon, cognac, blackstrap rum, lemon, sugar on pebble ice) her: Cobble Hill him: Fort Lauderdale (featuring their housemade orgeat) Our server brought us a round of Milky Way shots with the check <hic>. Which were not a
  13. So maybe I should just make the res for the two of us. (Wait. Which two? Now I'm confused.)
  14. It's all cognitive dissonance! Ludditism led me to forgo Resy for the phone, but then the phone made me abandon Ludditism to hit them up with an IG DM. Mind blown. Thanks for coming along on this trip! haha. (Full disclosure -- 30 year anniversary of our first date.)
  15. And the punchline: The number for Dutch Kills gets me to a voice mailbox that hasn't been set up. So no one picking up and no way to leave a message. Hahahahahaha.
  16. And okay, if anyone's really REALLY invested in this story now... don't suppose anyone knows any hacks, beyond setting up multiple Resy accounts (which I imagine means multiple cell phone numbers), to book Dutch Kills for drinks on the same night as Adda. I mean, seriously. (Cuz I'm not gonna be all the way out there and NOT go to Dutch Kills.) I guess I need to embrace my long-dead inner-Luddite and actually call. Hmph.
  17. We’re both fully vaxxed, and given the current forecast for rain, we’re doing the indoor dining. (Gasp!)
  18. Ha. Already been through one iteration of that, debating if a 4:45 seating at Jean-Georges would trump this plan. (Final verdict, after thorough consultation with the missus: no, we stick with LIC.)
  19. Thanks for that added color. I'm convincing myself that a little LIC adventure will be fun -- Dutch Kills for drinks, Adda for spice. Should be an excellent evening. (But yeah, still gonna keep plowing through Resy on the daily.)
  20. Yeah, I've been frantically scouring for the past day or so. Oh look! Craft! Hearth! Hm. I'll keep at it. I'm thinking I'll grab a rez at Adda since I've heard some good things, and at least have that as a backstop.
  21. Having sadly misremembered about the reservation I thought I'd made at Ernesto's for a rare dinner outing to celebrate a milestone with my wife, I'm now left without a plan for this Saturday night. So hit me with your ideas for places that are special enough (at whatever price point, high or low) but reasonable to expect to walk in for an early evening. Anyone, anyone...?
  22. Also, grabbed Hamilton Pot Still Black Rum and a bottle of pineapple juice last week so as to enjoy an occasional Jungle Bird, which is such a mindblowingly good drink.
  23. Bohemia (Leo Robitshek) 1 1/2 oz genever 1 oz blanc vermouth 1/2 oz Aquavit 1/4 oz marashino Stirred, up, lemon twist. A fuller-bodied, sweet/savory martini that's just so nice.
  24. Such a legacy. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/03/arts/dance/jacques-damboise-dead.html
  25. The last available counter seats were for 5/13 at 6pm, and they went poof around 7pm last night. Not that I was, you know, looking much. Argh.
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