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  1. So maybe I should just make the res for the two of us. (Wait. Which two? Now I'm confused.)
  2. It's all cognitive dissonance! Ludditism led me to forgo Resy for the phone, but then the phone made me abandon Ludditism to hit them up with an IG DM. Mind blown. Thanks for coming along on this trip! haha. (Full disclosure -- 30 year anniversary of our first date.)
  3. And the punchline: The number for Dutch Kills gets me to a voice mailbox that hasn't been set up. So no one picking up and no way to leave a message. Hahahahahaha.
  4. And okay, if anyone's really REALLY invested in this story now... don't suppose anyone knows any hacks, beyond setting up multiple Resy accounts (which I imagine means multiple cell phone numbers), to book Dutch Kills for drinks on the same night as Adda. I mean, seriously. (Cuz I'm not gonna be all the way out there and NOT go to Dutch Kills.) I guess I need to embrace my long-dead inner-Luddite and actually call. Hmph.
  5. We’re both fully vaxxed, and given the current forecast for rain, we’re doing the indoor dining. (Gasp!)
  6. Ha. Already been through one iteration of that, debating if a 4:45 seating at Jean-Georges would trump this plan. (Final verdict, after thorough consultation with the missus: no, we stick with LIC.)
  7. Thanks for that added color. I'm convincing myself that a little LIC adventure will be fun -- Dutch Kills for drinks, Adda for spice. Should be an excellent evening. (But yeah, still gonna keep plowing through Resy on the daily.)
  8. Yeah, I've been frantically scouring for the past day or so. Oh look! Craft! Hearth! Hm. I'll keep at it. I'm thinking I'll grab a rez at Adda since I've heard some good things, and at least have that as a backstop.
  9. Having sadly misremembered about the reservation I thought I'd made at Ernesto's for a rare dinner outing to celebrate a milestone with my wife, I'm now left without a plan for this Saturday night. So hit me with your ideas for places that are special enough (at whatever price point, high or low) but reasonable to expect to walk in for an early evening. Anyone, anyone...?
  10. Also, grabbed Hamilton Pot Still Black Rum and a bottle of pineapple juice last week so as to enjoy an occasional Jungle Bird, which is such a mindblowingly good drink.
  11. Bohemia (Leo Robitshek) 1 1/2 oz genever 1 oz blanc vermouth 1/2 oz Aquavit 1/4 oz marashino Stirred, up, lemon twist. A fuller-bodied, sweet/savory martini that's just so nice.
  12. Such a legacy. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/03/arts/dance/jacques-damboise-dead.html
  13. The last available counter seats were for 5/13 at 6pm, and they went poof around 7pm last night. Not that I was, you know, looking much. Argh.
  14. Well no, I never did. And yes, it's certainly only a half-step away from a Pink Lady. It's interesting that there are a few drinks that modify gin with a bit of applejack -- Angel Face, Warday's (one of my all-time favorites), Pink Lady, Star Daisy, Royal Smile... Harry Craddock seemed to have a thing for that combo of base spirits.
  15. The oldest continuing distillery in the US, if you can believe it.
  16. So clearly not just new to you but *new*.
  17. Dessoff co-commissioned her to write a piece for our Whitman Bicentennial season, co-commissioned with Roomful of Teeth, who co-performed it with us (once via a pre-recorded track, thanks to schedules not aligning, twice live). Honestly, I can't decide to this day what thrilled me more, the piece itself ("None More Than You"), how charmingly down-to-earth she was, performing with Roomful of Teeth, or meeting the astonishing Caroline Shaw. Sigh.
  18. Never ate there either, but my wife and I had always been bemused by the motto. "Solid drink" -- that's what, ice?
  19. Charlie O's! Friedman's, by nature of having a broad menu that does lots of gluten free stuff, and does it creditably well, is a family favorite (my two boys both have Celiac). We've been multiple times to each location.
  20. Love that stuff. I need to try their Yellow. And the Blue. And anything else they may make.
  21. Ha. Mezcal riff on Don't Give Up the Ship. Nice!
  22. She'd had a long struggle over many years and many issues, from MS to a brain tumor to throat cancer. Complications to the throat cancer was the last straw. She was a tremendously caring and strong and vibrant and positive person; she leaves a giant hole in the choir and everywhere she touched.
  23. plattetude

    Chick Corea

    At 79. Such a career.
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