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  1. For those of us in outlying areas under Cablevision's cut-above-mediocre cable service, Cablevision rolled this out a year or two ago, same basic idea. One of the few things I'll give them credit for doing well. Christopher
  2. I totally agree, but then again, three or four really indelible hooks per album is a pretty major achievement. In a similar vein, I was listening to Thom Hell's latest this morning, "All Good Things," which has echoes to that '70s poppy-proggy vibe. Christopher
  3. Ilegal. I've only tried the joven, but it's fantastic stuff. Christopher
  4. plattetude


    In the cheese course, was that the famous "foie gras cherry" or an actual cherry? I can't see the foie gras working in the context of a cheese course, so I assume it's actual fruit. Christopher
  5. But seems to me that Kliman's point is that there *are* good local wines that should be more sought-out and promoted by self-proclaimed locavore restaurants. I tend to agree -- I mean, if you're going to go to the trouble of living and operating by the locavore creed, why not at least try to extend that to wine where you can? Christopher
  6. Man, I guess I just don't get out much (which, as parent to two young kids, is certainly true enough), but really, is *everybody* serving pigs' tails these days? Christopher
  7. Typically, DVD/Blu-Ray player and cable box should be the max for most households. If you're a gamer, that might be another. Beyond that, well, if you were going to go beyond that, you probably wouldn't need to be asking in the first place. Christopher
  8. Wow. This place had been on my radar for a while. Sounds shockingly bad. Bummer for you and your wife. Christopher
  9. I knew they'd end it JUST before I got there. I was just looking at the wine list in anticipation of my Saturday rez there. Rats. Christopher
  10. Yeah, if we're talking favorite producers, I'd say Jon Brion. I mean, look at an *excerpted* list of artists he's produced for: Aimee Mann Fiona Apple Rufus Wainwright Rhett Miller Spoon Of Montreal Kanye West Brad Mehldau Invariably, he brings out the best in all of them. Christopher
  11. Shortbread? Not sweetbreads? Christopher
  12. Years later, I chime in to correct: Yip Harburg wrote the lyrics. Arlen was the composer. Also, Irving Mills had a few mentions in this thread too. He was Ellington's music publisher, and he was credited on a number of Duke's songs (as co-composer mostly, but occasionally as lyricist) more as a contractual thing than as any reflection of reality. Pretty sure Duke didn't need any help composing. Though Strays made quite the able collaborator.... Christopher
  13. That caveat applies to no small number of grownups too. Just sayin. Christopher
  14. Panasonic VIERA plasma. Best bang for your buck. Seriously. Christopher
  15. plattetude


    I dunno. Sud seems like it'd be a magnet for litigation. You know... "sued"? Get it? Oh, nevermind.
  16. You mean to say "The wallpaper in the bathroom -- quel horreur! Which leads me to the oddly-named Beef Wellington, a kind of beef surrounded by pate and a kind of mushroom paste and encased in a pastry crust." Or some such.
  17. Colicchio & Sons, maybe? Definitely something more than a rebranding of craftsteak. Or is MPD off-limits?
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