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  1. Nice tribute by John Hollenbeck on his Facebook page yesterday.
  2. plattetude

    Tom Petty

    https://twitter.com/CBSNews?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor Damn.
  3. I've been really happy with some of the Stillwater offerings -- they have a subtlety that's hard to find in this age of ever-more-extreme beers. Almost grabbed a 4-pack of Micro yesterday (and also considered grabbing The Cloud, which seems like it might be a pleasantly quaffable "Imperial IPA" -- have you tried that?).
  4. I wrote a paper about colorizing back in my college days, when Ted Turner started doing it like crazy. The one positive thing that came of the the colorizing process was that they'd have to create a fresh and pristine black and white print to start from, so it was ultimately a huge benefit in restoring films that were otherwise languishing. But yeah, the end goal? Gross.
  5. Not a bug; a feature!
  6. Saddened to see that Mayahuel is closing its doors on Aug 8.
  7. I can't speak to the questions on grapefruit/pamplemousse liqueur impact on your GI stuff, but I can offer this: Campari+lime can emulate grapefruit quite nicely. In fact, I doctored up a variation on a Hemingway daiquiri (which I dubbed "Hemingway Mocquiri") that takes advantage of that substitution for those times you want a grapefruit hit but don't (or can't) have grapefruit around: 2 oz white rum 1 oz fresh lime 1/4 oz Campari 1/4 oz Maraschino liqueur
  8. plattetude


    24 years ago, I saw her open for Crowded House on the "Together Alone" tour at Roseland. She memorably did a bit about her stint with Michael Jackson.
  9. a very specialized, micro-regional food product. Likely unknown beyond a 25 square mile area from South Orange to Madison, right along the railroad It was known in Trenton, too, 60 years ago. I saw this style of sloppy joe on a lot of lunch menus in Center City Philly back when (early/mid '90s). Not sure if it's still a thing there, but seemed like it was part of the local food culture back then.
  10. Is that where Pete Wells got the idea for his Shake Shack review?
  11. And her only other role, Ella in Sondheim's Evening Primrose.
  12. Anybody been lately? Current menu looks interesting, but maybe trying a little too hard?
  13. I'll give a muted shout-out to Rum House, run by the Ward III team. It's certainly got more cred in the cocktail list than you'd expect given the vibe and location. Bonus, since it's attached to the Edison, it's open through the afternoon and into the evening. It does certainly get a mixed crowd that's not as cocktail savvy as the proffer could support. (The rum-based Negroni Leoni, with a hit of mezcal, is pretty fantastic.)
  14. This has gone unanswered. Hmm. Calling it a "pop hit" implies relatively recent provenance? Like, post-60s?
  15. Okay, I'll bite. I like Sweeney Todd because it walks a fine line between (errr, among) viscerality, pathos, and humor in both the book and the score. And the score is richly thematic and powerful, with plenty of earworms if you listen to it enough. (As with all music; anything can be an earworm if you listen to it enough.) Johanna? Check. Pretty Women? Check. Not While I'm Around? Check. A Little Priest? Check. The score offers knowing winks to music geeks like the "swing your razor wide, Sweeney" line taken from the Dies Irae. The score veers from Bernard Herrmann stridence and chills to
  16. Not to mention it was his first Broadway show, at age, what, 25? Plus a lot of the more suspect lyrics were actually Bernstein's, but Bernstein didn't want to deprive Sondheim of a solo lyricist credit on his first big show.
  17. Funny thing is, there was always a lot of cross-pollination going on. One bit in Chichester Psalms was a cut song from West Side Story, and Candide and WSS had some songs move from one to the other ("One Hand, One Heart" was originally a song for Cunegonde, "Gee Officer Krupke" was originally from the Venice scene in Candide). Other stuff too throughout his ouvre, I'm sure.
  18. Sweeney Todd. No argument. NO ARGUMENT.
  19. You mean JUdson Grill, I think.
  20. plattetude


    I'm very fond of my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, which'll run you about $400, and arguably as good as or better than a 'table 2-3x the price. Low-frills -- you have to lift the platter to change the belt for 45rpm/33rpm (no 78rpm, so if that matters, nevermind), manual lift for the tonearm, but it's solid and comes with a very good Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.
  21. So how many people have to get to share the 3 oz of wagyu? Or is that up to the diners?
  22. I kinda smelled it in the air last time I was there in December. Bummer.
  23. plattetude


    Brad Mehldau at Zankel Hall. Tonight! Three Pieces After Bach, co-commissioned by Carnegie Hall, apparently interspersing bits of Well-Tempered Clavier with his own Bach-inspired stuff. I. Am. So. Excited.
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