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  1. Very close at the top and the bottom all help gratefully received.
  2. Foodie52 needs help with voting for her COLOMBIAN ORPHANAGES charity ... Foodie52, a long term member and contributor, runs a charity, COLOMBIAN ORPHANAGES, which helps give knitting skills to those less fortunate orphans who are not adopted and "age out" of the system on to the streets of Bogota. Chase Community Giving is running a voting competition on Facebook to give away $5m to 100 charities. COLOMBIAN ORPHANAGES is in position 161 but needs at least 200 votes to stay in the top 200 , the gap between winning & losing is 60 votes - the reward is $20,000 - a godsend in Bogota. Could I (assuming you have a Facebook account) ask you to vote for Foodie52 and pass / share this with your friends? The competition closes in 3 hours time. To vote: Log on to your Facebook account Find Chase Community Giving Group Like Chase Community Giving Group Search for COLOMBIAN ORPHANAGES Vote and Share You can then Unlike CCG No offence taken if philosophically you disagree with this model. Many thanks.
  3. I think some wrong information may have gone out. I think Jane may have thought it was noon today and sent out information with that time. If that's true, a lot of people might stop voting after noon today, so please, if anybody sent out that incorrect information, send out another quick alert with the correct time of midnight. The African contingent has been gaining. True, they're gaining slowly and they have a long way to go, but they are gaining. Redouble your efforts everyone! Other competitors/charities on Twitter are saying 1 hour to go. I've emailed Sally to confirm how long. http://twitter.com/nameyourcause See posts here confirming Noon PST Now I'm all confused, Sally said "The contest ends at 12PM PT today". I take this to be midday/noon. Sally has confirmed this "noon PST (same as 12PM PST)" Less than 1.5 hours to go.
  4. G's right. Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street about 50 minutes. Trains until about 11pm. Both stations are in the centre of the towns. Taxis are cheap (compared with London).
  5. I prefer "All Gold", http://www.fastmoving.co.za/news-archive/n...sauce-turns-100. We can buy it here in the UK and it was on every breakfast table in South Africa. No preservatives, colourants or thickeners. Far superior to Heinz, imho.
  6. Just returned from 2 1/2 weeks in South Africa on the Lions Tour. Did: Durban, Cape Town (including Robben Island), Pretoria, Sabie (for game parks and rest), Joburg (incl Soweto). Massive road expansion plan underway for Soccer WC 2010. Some hotels need to learn about access for old/disabled people and guest security. Food good if basic meat/steaks required. Wine splendid. Relatively cheap with current exchange rates.
  7. Anny

    David Carradine

    I wouldn't put much weight on the accusations of an estranged wife looking for alimony. The rope was attached to "his neck and parts of his body, police were quoted as saying." Memories of that MP and the orange!
  8. Anny


    RIP. A lovely lady!
  9. Anny, that's a wonderful contribution from a gentleman who's a bit on in years. As the number of people who have first hand experience of the pre-1939 period continues to decline, this kind of narrative will take on considerable historical value for future scholars. Merry Christmas! Sadly Dad passed away nearly a year ago. We've managed to involve the local primary schools in the essay writing competition - 189 entries. Next week, on Dad's anniversary, we will be presenting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and an additional, special prize for a lovely essay reminding us what it was like to be children. All of the participants will receive a certificate of commendation for taking part. Bless!! What a lovely tribute to your dad. It's such a great way of keeping his memory alive. It was a lovely day oop North. Here is the press write-up from the local rag: There is a photo of the winners with Archie Thomson, Ann Murphy, John McFall MP, Jackie Bailley MSP and Gavin in the link. http://www.lennoxherald.co.uk/dunbartonshi...14557-23548658/ A LITERARY competition in memory of author and historian Jim Murphy attracted over 160 entrants. Mr Murphy, who passed away last year, fulfilled his dream when his book, Renton Between the Wars, on the history of his home village was published in 2007. Primary pupils were asked to write about their community for the contest which was judged by a panel including members of Mr Murphy’s family, MSP Jackie Baillie and MP John McFall. First prize was claimed by Knoxland Primary School pupil Rebecca Weinberg, Caitlin Donaldson, of Renton Primary was awarded second prize, St Martin’s Primary pupil Chantelle Thomson came in third and the panel awarded a special prize to Scott Carmouche of St Ronan’s Primary. The prizes were awarded at a special ceremony in the Carman Centre, where the winners were presented with book tokens and Rebecca also received a trophy. ... Mr McFall (the Chair of the Treasury Select Committee - UK Parliament) revealed that he'd worked for my Dad when he was a student! Small world!!
  10. Had a go at the Flemming Ginger Cake with a few omissions/additions. Used butter instead of oil, added some golden syrup (about tbsp), ginger marinated in whisky (pressie from somewhere) and some sultanas. Took 1.5 hours at 180C. Very moist, gingery and yummy!
  11. Bradley Walsh on our plane from Glasgow this afternoon. He's a British comedian, actor and talent show competitor.
  12. Another Scottish one. Killing me Softly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbMa9BTIA9k
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