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  1. Amazingly, down 25 points, the Clippers came back and beat the Jazz to get to the Western Conference finals for the first time. Now, the injury issue is Kawhi for the Clippers and the Covid issue is Paul for the Suns.
  2. LeBron holds forth on many topics but on the issue of injuries I think he has a point. Either the season started too soon or it lasted too long. At this point, Donovan Mitchell is playing hurt. AD is trying to recover. Kawhi Leonard is out hurt. Mike Connely has been out with an injury. Meanwhile, vaccinated Chris Paul is out with a positive Covid test (where's State Farm when you need them?). When can teams start playing at full strength? https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/06/16/nba-playoffs-injuries-chris-paul-kawhi-leonard/?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&
  3. So the Suns have pretty well crushed the Nuggets. Meanwhile Kawhi, Paul and the Clippers have climbed back into their series with the Jazz. Is Jazz star Donovan Mitchell seriously injured? And Stephen A. is somehow declaring Mitchell the greatest Jazz player in their history forgetting Malone, Stockton and Maravich.
  4. So today being vaxxed and hungry, I ventured into LA. First I went to Brooklyn Bagel Bakery and got some egg bagels and cream cheese. Then I went to Hollywood which is even gritter and built up than I had remembered it. I got to the new Amoeba Records at Hollywood and Argyle which is more compact but still bursting with records, CDs, posters, DVDs, books, tee-shirts, etc. Tonight I happened to watch Valley Girl. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086525/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Essentially it's Nicolas Cage in an early 80s teen movie and lots of folks you never heard of with a very represen
  5. An incisive analysis of early le Carre vs. later le Carre. https://newcriterion.com/issues/2021/6/the-cooling-of-john-le-carre
  6. The Suns are up 2-0 on the Nuggets after walloping them a second time. The Lakers have to be thinking this could this could have been us.
  7. Enjoy the cool weather while it lasts, hot days are coming.
  8. So the Clippers managed to win a home game seven and fend off the Mavs. Their reward is they get to do battle with the Jazz. Good luck.
  9. I wonder what she'd have thought of bolt-ons that don't bounce.
  10. All I recall is a song she sang including the line "Bounce your boobies!"
  11. With AD nursing groin and knee injuries, he really could not compete. Then Mr. Booker became Mr. Incredible, draining three after three. As AD heals it is clear James is slowing down somewhat. What will the Lakers do to get ready for next year?
  12. Spoilers or not, the acting and direction are first rate.
  13. At 87. What a complicated life story he had.
  14. That was eons ago. There had previously been a full fledged restaurant in Century City. There was also a sister Mexican restaurant (Senor Pico) in Century City as well. I think the last Trader Vic's in Greater LA was a small bar in the mall opposite Staples Center. It was not there long.
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