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  1. Being on Paramount + gives "Criminal Minds Evolution" the freedom to drop F-bombs, depict grizzly tortures and deaths and to posit the notion that erectile disfunction may play a role in domestic terrorism. We'll have to see whether this license is or isn't a blessing. The familiar faces (save one or two) are there in the first 2 episodes which seem to be part of a longer story arc for the BAU and at the same time address the problem of ambitious FBI bureaucrats threatening the existence of the unit. More popcorn! FWIW, Paramount+ is free for one year to T-Mobile customers with a Magen
  2. 2019 Simi Sonoma County Pinot Noir. This is a Goldilocks treat, not too heavy, not too light. Just tasty right now.
  3. Is that a screen shot? Maybe you need a new phone.
  4. Meanwhile, Wilf, Zoe Kravitz shows up and shows out in the Men of the Year issue of GQ as superhero of the year. Nice photos.
  5. I seem to recall a cover on which a young child is watching a portable TV as Ruby shoots Oswald.
  6. hollywood


    Beth Orton at the Teragram Ballroom. I had not seen her since, I think, 2015 in a brief appearance at a 60th anniversary celebration of "Howl" at the Ace Hotel. In the meantime she has apparently experienced some seizures and had kids. Her voice seems more raw. Here's the setlist. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/beth-orton/2022/teragram-ballroom-los-angeles-ca-43bf976f.html "Fractals" is the punchiest of the tunes she performed off her new record, Weather Alive. On reflection, she is more melancholy then I recalled (is this the same woman who spiced up works by Red Snapper and the Che
  7. "Alaska Daily" stopped its first "season" after 6 episodes ending with a cliff hanger, but not resuming until late February. Late February, are you kidding? What about the plight of native Alaskan women disappearing/dying? Guess we/they have to wait.
  8. hollywood

    Ned Rorem

    He was 99? Holy crap. R.I.P.
  9. Sounds like the basis for a great trip. I've never been to Bologna so I can't speak to that. I love Venice but have not been since cruise ships have been allowed. Amalfi is beautiful though the driving can be treacherous. Naples seems unnecessary as you could visit Pompeii (consider avoiding so many tourists and check out Herculaneum instead) from Amalfi. Amalfi is great and terrific if money is no object. Depending on water levels there's no guarantee you can get into the blue grotto. Lucca is a nice town in Tuscany worth checking out. And it's not far from Pisa if you feel the
  10. 2019 Simi Sonoma County Pinot Noir. I could drink a lot of this. Okay, I'm drinking a lot of this. Good stuff.
  11. It's available on Netflix now. I saw it at the Netflix Theatre in Hollywood. I didn't know Netflix had a theatre.
  12. Elvis Mitchell's documentary about black cinema, "Is That Black Enough For You?!?" The film ranges over the history of black (and white) cinema with strong emphasis on the films and soundtracks of the 70s. Informative, engaging and entertaining. Connections are made between the progress of the filmmakers and that of the civil rights movement. And although a number of past and present luminaries are interviewed (perhaps the last colorful Belafonte interview) for some reason, Wilf, Zendaya shows up to offer her praise of various actors who influenced her.
  13. After a lengthy Covid closure and remodeling, the Ice House in Pasadena will be reopening in February.
  14. What has happened to college football/sports? The transfer portal. Hello, USC. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/11/sports/ncaafootball/usc-football-transfers-lincoln-riley.html Was it better the old way when teams had continuity and stars got paid under the table?
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