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  1. Perry Mason: no femme fatale yet. Perry wrestles with his conscience given past mistakes. Meanwhile he is somehow able to have an ex parte communication with the judge on his case. The judge doesn't seem worried that Perry's clients might be being railroaded. Paul Drake conducts ballistics tests. Hope Davis uses an early Pilates machine for her core. Paul Raci is quite the sadist as Lydell McCutcheon, an oil baron. Could he have killed his own son? Ninety Day Fiance : The Other Way. Hard to beat for sheer brazen stupidity and absurdity. Alaska Daily: Family conflict overshadows
  2. I hadn't touched a Walter Mosley tale in some time. For whatever reason I grabbed his "Every Man a King" and began reading. It's involved, enough plot for two novels by most writers. Eventually the threads do merge. I still do not get the selection of the title although two characters do have the name King. There are a few Easter eggs, lots of geography of places familiar and unfamiliar, lots of brown liquor, conspiracies of sorts and so on. Ultimately our hero Joe King Oliver has to sort through various facts, conflicts of interest, physical threats and so forth to somewhat resolve the v
  3. Here, it seems the dry cleaners are making up for lost business by jacking up their charges.
  4. Just finished up my second bout of Covid. Pretty quickly thanks to Paxlovid. I go out some but am wearing a mask more now than in the past year. Nothing like some Covid to make you embrace mask wearing.
  5. hollywood

    Dick Fosbury

    No more flops?
  6. Perry Mason: the noir continues. Despite his misgivings, Perry takes on a double death penalty case. Della carries on with her provocative ways, playing beard to the gay DA. Is Paul Drake the Magical Negro? I don't know, but he's trying to earn an honest living. A Chandler patron of the arts appears. Is it time to toss a temptress in Perry's path?
  7. hollywood

    Robert Blake

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  8. After a break for season hiatuses, inclement weather and a new bout of Covid (hopefully over soon), we resume viewing. Criminal Minds: Evolution finished its 10 episode arc about a very devious serial killer with a satisfying end while still leaving suspicions of some evil conspiracy deep within the DoJ. Will there be more of this? Alaska Daily is back following up on its cliffhanger. This show seems able to continue as long as Ms. Swank can keep her jaw clenched. The fate of missing indigenous women remains unresolved. Perry Mason launched season 2 on a gambling boat off the
  9. This case doesn't seem to be worth a hill of beans.
  10. Everything was starting to come together for the Lakers in their effort to make the playoffs. Then, LeBron injured his right foot. Uh-oh.
  11. Had a secretary from New Jersey named Jackie Quackenbush (before a subsequent marriage). Bit of a head case.
  12. Watching the Celtics beat the Sixers I was struck by the way Jason Tatum seemed to be able to make the game come to him.
  13. Weird. Maybe a paywall issue. Moot at this point since the shows are over.
  14. Being the blackboard eraser kid was for the teacher's pet.
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