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  1. Perhaps the reconstituted WHO will have something to tell us about this?
  2. Covid susceptibility? I heard some odd rumor the other day that some blood types might be more susceptible than others. Seems too broad. But here's some talk about HLA's that might make sense. https://jabberwocking.com/chart-of-the-day-why-is-covid-19-worse-in-some-parts-of-the-world-and-better-in-others/
  3. hollywood

    Hank Aaron

    The sad part is no more Paul Richards double switch moves getting the pitcher batting in a slot that has passed so you get a hitter in the ninth spot.
  4. hollywood

    Hank Aaron

    Although Maris played in 161 games that year, so 7 more. Since the fans like homers, I guess the DH is here to stay.
  5. hollywood

    Hank Aaron

    Some say Maris would not have broken Ruth's single season record if he had not had Mantle batting behind him.
  6. hollywood

    Hank Aaron

    I think Vic Wertz would agree.
  7. Now Fauci says there may be a one shot vaccine in about a month.
  8. Suzie's South Forty Pecan Toffee. Simply orgasmic.
  9. hollywood

    Hank Aaron

    As a young lad in junior high, armed with pieces from Sport Magazine, and stats from Street and Smith's Baseball Yearbook and Topps baseball cards, my friend Larry and I would debate who was the GOAT, Aaron or Mays. Larry clearly underestimated Mays' fielding prowess while I lacked an appreciation of Hank's incredible consistency with the bat. Fun times. Where was Bill James?
  10. hollywood

    Hank Aaron

    He is the true Home Run King.
  11. If the supply increases and you factor out the anti-vaxxers, I think the group concept will be abandoned and it will be first come first served. How else are we going to get to 70%?
  12. hollywood

    Phil Spector

    But Tell inspired Burroughs.
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