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  1. hollywood

    Hugh Downs

    Then it must be real. Where's Rich? Wouldn't he know?
  2. hollywood

    Hugh Downs

    Pretty sure "Hi Mom!" was an early Brian Di Palma film.
  3. hollywood

    Hugh Downs

    For a long time, he had logged more hours on American TV than anybody. With Jack Paar, Today Show , Kukla, Fran and Ollie, Concentration, 20/20, etc., et al. But IF you had known who he was, you would have thought he was gone.
  4. Here's a tribute. https://digbysblog.net/2020/07/energy-space-and-time-rip-ennio-morricone/
  5. Episode 3 of Perry Mason finds Perry continuing his dalliance with his flying instructor, Lupe Gibbs (Veronica Falcon). In a manner similar to Chinatown and True Detective, we find him searching for clues in an illegal casino and the local morgue while the corrupt LAPD is shaking down an Asian brothel and trying to beat a confession out of Emily. Mason also eats briefly at Musso & Frank. Meanwhile, E.B. appears to have been fired, the DA (Stephen Root) who makes Hamilton Burger seem a choirboy is milking the case in a possible runup to trying to be mayor, Della gets assertive, Mason gets info from Drake on the DL and "mother" seems to have Sister Alice (who still believes in Emily) addicted to some life-threatening drugs. Yes, a lot of activity, but where is it headed?
  6. The Louvre is reopening Monday. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/07/pariss-louvre-reopens-on-monday-after-lockdown-losses-of-over-e40-million/
  7. hollywood

    Hugh Downs

    Another person that Wilf and I thought was already deceased. At 99.
  8. Los Angeles restaurants are closing again for 3 weeks except for some outdoor dining.
  9. hollywood

    Carl Reiner

    He was supposed to live to be 2,000.
  10. So episode 2 of Perry Mason proceeds apace. The art direction, set decoration and costumes continue to be first rate. I'm starting to notice lots of talented character actors. As for Perry's arc, it's beginning to look like he is going to have to step in to defend Emily (Gayle Rankin) or someone because E. B. Jonathan (Lithgow) somehow becomes unavailable (did he have too many drinks at the Athletic Club?). This episode offered an explanation for Perry's WWI issues that made him more humane. To make things interesting, Paul Drake is a black police officer (Chris Chalk). Since Della Street (Juliet Rylance, stepdaughter of Mark Rylance) and Perry (Matthew Rhys) are employed by E.B., it would be easy for them to work together. If Paul's honesty about the facts he uncovered becomes an issue with the LAPD or the DA, then perhaps he has to go private. As a matter of incidental trivia, Fritz a three-legged dog has a cameo but gets no credit. And to keep it interesting, you get a brief glimpse of a Pacific Red Car and lots of period vehicles. Sister Alice (Tatiana Maslany), whose operation is closely modeled on Aimee Semple McPherson and her Foursquare Church, holds forth in the Echo Park structure that used to house Aimee's flock. I will be curious to see if Alice tracks Aimee in disappearing for a few weeks while having a clandestine affair. For now, Alice is pious and along with her "mom" Birdy McKeegan (Lili Taylor), in the manner of evangelical preachers since time immemorial, avaricious to a fault.
  11. There is definitely pressure/desire to open from business interests. But now they have had a partial set back.
  12. Governor Newsom just ordered LA County bars closed again. Sigh.
  13. Southern California has gotten way overconfident on this and screwed up the flattening. And why? For business? To keep up with the non-maskers around the country? It's idiotic.
  14. This situation is weirder than retirement because of all the limits on activities and the places that are closed.
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