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  1. So despite being favored, the Lakers, particularly AD, came out flat footed and dropped game 1 to the Suns. Chris Paul has some undefined right shoulder injury but he's still Chris Paul.
  2. So the Linda Lindas video went viral and they got a record deal.
  3. Gotta love the Linda Lindas. Nice shout out to the band in today's NYT by Jon Caramanica.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqFtI1P7-xk
  5. Costco currently carries some Red Hook wines.
  6. Definitely a great winemaker although I think a case could be made for Mike Grgich or Randall Grahm. I'll drink to them. And don't overlook Cameron Diaz. OK, kidding.
  7. Meanwhile, the biopic. https://pitchfork.com/news/cher-biopic-in-the-works/
  8. Goodbye, Marv. During the Laker game we were advised that the dean of basketball announcers, Marv Albert, will be retiring at the end of the NBA finals. [Somewhere offstage, Kevin Harlan was heard to loudly exclaim, "YES!"] So, Marv, will you retire the rug?
  9. The Lakers flirted with disaster before pulling out a 3 point win over the Warriors thanks to LeBron. Now they get to play against the Suns and they know how to beat the Suns. Will they? The Warriors will have to beat the Grizzlies Friday if they want to take on the Jazz.
  10. After watching the intense 5th episode of "Mare of Easttown" I am uncertain why 2 more episodes will be needed to wrap things up. Could be interesting. Winslet does not disappoint.
  11. The Lakers beat the Pelicans (well, the deeply wounded Pelicans) but they have to win a play-in game against the Warriors at Staples on Wednesday in order to get in the playoffs. Can the Lakers show some defensive intensity?
  12. So the Lakers beat the Pacers with LeBron, Schroeder and AD all in the lineup. The last regular season game is against the Pelicans today. Unless they win and some other teams lose, it looks like play-in time.
  13. Though they played embarrassingly bad defense, the Lakers managed to beat the lowly Rockets 124-122 in their last regular season home game. It's still not settled if they will have to play-in to the playoffs or not. On a positive note, they rested Schroeder, LeBron, AD and Caruso. 2 away games left. Pacers and Pelicans.
  14. Without LeBron and without Schroeder and with Caruso exiting early and with 20 turnovers, the Lakers held on to beat the Knicks in OT notwithstanding the presence of Spike. Now the Lakers are teasing LeBron's return on Wednesday.
  15. So Rich, what are your thoughts about this year's Derby?
  16. Amazingly, AD and the Lakers were able to beat the Suns without LeBron, Schroeder and Kuzma. This gets interesting. Some talk that LeBron will be back Tuesday against the Knicks.
  17. So it seems the Lakers are resting LeBron until the play-in. Not looking good.
  18. He got replaced at Specialty by Little Richard.
  19. So the Lakers are playing without LeBron, Schroeder and AD. Are they playing possum? Have they got some plan to play-in to the finals and surprise everyone? Not looking good.
  20. hollywood

    Ed Ward

    When you talk about the most significant rock-pop critics of the past 50 years, you think about Christgau, Bangs, Meltzer, Marcus and Hilburn. Ed Ward also needs to be included in the conversation. https://www.npr.org/2021/05/05/993956435/ed-ward-rock-critic-and-historian-dead-at-72
  21. "Death in Paradise." Good junk food TV. A procedural set on the invented Carribean isle of Saint Marie. Cast members change but someone always gets murdered and the culprit caught. Steel drum and reggae music is heard. On various cable channels.
  22. Those grates were great, but you had to adjust cooking times because they really held the heat.
  23. So without LeBron and Schroeder, the Lakers hung on thanks in large part to Gasol to defeat the Nuggets. 7 games to go.
  24. A friend's son. He attends NYU.
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