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  1. This Lodge pan is specially designed to be easier to do your bread in—you use the shallow part for the bottom and are less likely to burn your hand putting the raw loaf into the hot pan.
  2. My mother and I made durian ice cream! And my daughter and I often go out for avocado-durian smoothies. The smoothie people usually ask if we know what we're getting into.
  3. beccaboo

    Leon Spinks

  4. Mine has replaced my kitchenaid, which I gave to my daughter. The bowl you do egg whites in is plastic, but Ankasrum says it does fine with heat. I got it so I could make bigger amounts of stiff bread dough like challah, but it does everything else well too. I got a value pack the lots of accessories from Pleasant Hill Grain, but they don’t seem to have that option any more.
  5. It seems like it must have been noted on here already, but I just found this article about Mongo’s favorite pickle book
  6. You could try baked baking soda : https://www.thekitchn.com/expert-bagel-maker-confirms-you-dont-need-lye-to-make-a-good-bagel-maker-tour-203288 i used to dip pretzels in lye solution without any PPEs, but boiling in a lye bath sounds scarier!
  7. I used to make some really tasty savory oats in my fancy rice cooker. I’d set it up the night before, putting the pinhead oats and water in first and then laying a couple of green cabbage wedges, a couple of slices of pumpkin, some black pepper, and a bit of Tianjin preserved vegetable on top. I’d program the rice cooker to cook it on the congee setting, to be ready at 0530 or whenever I wanted my breakfast.
  8. beccaboo

    Scotty Bowers

  9. I used to make it, like twenty years ago. I had a little mill, kind of like a mouli grater—it worked really well, but was a lot of trouble. Now that almond flour’s readily available everywhere I just buy it.
  10. My daddy bought it for me every month, but made me let him read it first. I got myself a bunch of the paperbacks from the used bookstore
  11. I do them in a regular pressure cooker for 8 or 9 minutes, depending on their size--I'd try 12 minutes in an Instant Pot.
  12. The blanching thing only works well with freestone and not cling peaches, I think (or maybe the other way around), plus they can't be too hard.
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