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    Pizza in NJ

    i've found andiamo's to be hit and miss, mostly miss. had a very bad experience there (cold food, warm white and cold red wine, bad service) on a very busy new years eve, so i haven't been back for a while. i grew up about a mile away from there, when it was owned by the pierro (sp?) family. back then, the pizzas and pitchers were great. the best around i've found, if you like thin, but not cracker like crust, is pizza town usa, on route 46 west, in elmwood park, right next to the parkway off ramp. in fact, you have to play chicken with the kamikazes getting off the highway to get into th
  2. a power outage at 4:40am, which set of the smoke alarms, woke up the baby, then stayed off just long enough to mess up the clocks. i had to keep waking myself up so i wouldn't oversleep for work today.
  3. Maurice, if you are able to boot your system, the first thing you should do is run a good spyware program. The best one i've used for XP is a freebie from Microsoft called Anti-Spy. That might clear up your problems without having to go through the headache of reinstallation. If that doesn't help, try doing a system restore. Go into (in the start icon on the lower left) Programs/Accessories/System Tools and launch System Restore. If this fails, then go with what Lex said. Hopefully, you have a legally licensed copy of the operating system.
  4. "you can find the answer to all of life's problems in the bible" said a priest in his sunday sermon. "any situation you may find yourself in, just look to the bible." after mass, a young woman walked up to greet the priest, and ask him a question. sheepishly, she said "father, i'm kind of embarassed to ask you this, but i've never seen nor heard of anything to do with the matter of pms in the bible". the priest thought for a second, then turned his bible to the passages of christmas. he read aloud, "and mary rode joseph's ass all the way to bethlehem..."
  5. paul, have you ever been to the river horse brewery, in (or near) lambertville, nj. it makes for a nice sunday drive. a little shopping in lambertville and new hope. some pretty cool stores devoted to various things artsy and otherwise like a feline shop, candle shop, many gift stores, and retro clothing and toys, etc.. then it's off to sample some of the brews, and eat lunch at the landing or mothers.
  6. i could go for a hot roast beef sandwich right now. for a change, try it on garlic bread, with the jus, and onions. top with cheese and put under the broiler. it is another stinky breath sandwich, but a fantastic one. i have heard this version of the sandwich referred to as a balboa or a giacomo.
  7. no offense intended, g.johnson. i have friends, even family from manchester and bristol. i was only referring to how the accent sounds. obviously, you ain't no dope...
  8. i haven't seen a good or bad joke thread here, not that i looked very hard, but i decided to start one none the less. the "punchlines only" thread got me started looking for some of the ones i didn't know. we all could use a little laugh now and then. BAD JOKES 1. Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent. 2. A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says "I'll serve you, but don't start anything." 3. Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted. 4. A dyslexic man walks into
  9. well, not all british accents sound intelligent, imo. manchester and east london, just to name a few, are as bad as the worst brooklyn or lawn guyland accents you've ever heard.
  10. wilfrid, did you add the mustard? cheddar and onion alone are a nice pair, but the mustard really adds something. another snack i enjoy is pickled herring, with a sesame flatbread or breadstick.
  11. here's a reason to have the brits back. no one does brekkie as well as the uk and ireland, with black and white puddings, boxtie, and porridge. the best oatmeal, or steel cut oat porridge, is from scotland or ireland. rolled oats for oatmeal just doesn't have the proper texture. wilfrid, if you want to get munchkin eating dehydrated fruit with the oatmeal, try chopped dates, figs, or even apricots.
  12. a snack i am allowed when no one else is around (ok, this is one instance that salmon toothpaste might help) is a nice sharp vermont cheddar, or preferrably a creamy sharp one from ireland like tipperary brand, on breton crackers or carr's table water crackers, with raw red onion and either coleman's or gulden's spicy brown mustard, served with a long trail double bag ale, or a river horse ale .
  13. i agree about the bergen record. i can't recall them giving a really bad review, or slamming anyone. most of the time, i look for the little word "advertisement" when i am reading anything in a jersey paper.
  14. hey, turkeys are pretty smart. they should be able to see right through that one maurice.
  15. buckytom

    Hotel recs.

    what area of the city are you most interested in visiting, to be centrally located? really, almost all of the city, except outer regions of queens and brooklyn are accesible by subway, the rest by bus (and of course all of it by taxi). i can give you hotel info if you are interested in the hell's kitchen/broadway/upper west side area. we get put up in hotels here often when there's an emergency or bad weather. the going rates are around $150 per night. one caveat: the hudson hotel is ridiculous. for about $250 per night, you get the janitor's closet. but on the upside, on previous times the
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