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  1. I think that both Wink and Asti are middling quality restaurants. Asti does have my absolute favortie dessert menu in town, and I have gone there on occasion and skipped straight to dessert. But for the best Italian restaurant in town, I think there is little dispute that Vespaio wins hands down. Wink tries for contemporary, "hip" cuisine but falls far short of what David Bull at The Driskill Grill achieves. The prices at Wink are high enough that for just a few dollars more one can have much better experience at the Driskill.
  2. I think Tyson Cole is Austin's best celebrity. Sandra Bullock and Lance Armstrong have never made any sushi for me.
  3. I am quite willing to believe that. I can't really think of any place in Austin that uses top quality meats like from Molinari, Zerto, San Danielle, etc. I've never been too fond of sandwich places because I know I can make better sandwiches with ingredients from Central Market. How did the desserts compare to Asti, which in my opinion has the absolute best dessert Italian desserts in town (and since Italian desserts are my favorite, I also think it's the best dessert place period).
  4. I wish I had seen this post in time. So how did it go?
  5. I'd definitely go if I could but I will be out of town. It sounds more promising than last year, but $50 or whatever the cost is not really that much. No matter how much it sucks it's still the biggest foodie event in Austin.
  6. There is the Uchi Shot which is sea urchin and a raw quail egg in a shot glass of champagne. My favorite are the tako pops, baby octopus, marinated in sesame oil, grilled on a stick.
  7. T&S is excellent. Lots of Western-friendly, semi-adventurous dishes like the soft-shelled crab, walnut shrimp, salt and pepper anything, double lobster in scallion and ginger sauce, fried pork intestines. Most foodies will enjoy it, but for the extreme Chinese food adventurer whose favorites are duck tongue, beef tendon, jellyfish salad and sea cucumber, it's a bit disappointing. I haven't been to Louisiana Longhorn but it looks very promising. I'm highly skeptical that anyone can make a better gumbo than Quality Seafood though.
  8. It was great to meet everyone there! Having come from a family that doesn't really do Thanksgiving, I'd have to say that that was the best Thanksgiving dinner I've ever had. The fried turkeys were very juicy. The candied yams were another favorite. Thanks, David, for your hospitality!
  9. Thanks, I got directions! I'll be there 6-ish. I just baked a pecan pie, it's cooling now, will bring it. Hopefully it turned out OK.
  10. I'm 75% in favor of going. I've never had deep fried turkey, so I can't pass up this oppurtunity. I'll bring a pecan pie or pumpkin pie. I'm not much of a baker, but I'm pretty decent at making these two pies.
  11. No, I haven't. Not usually into "peasant food", which is a category that I believe noodle houses fall into. When I eat Asian I usually stick with Chinese or Japanese. It's a shame that most Korean, Thai and other Southeast Asian restaurants only serve cheap food like noodles. I'm sure there are many fine dining establishments in those countries but their analogues are much more rare, here in small town Austin. Also, nothing elitist about "peasant food", I eat tons or barbecue which I suppose is "cowboy food". But maybe if I'm in the area I'll check it out. Changes to the list: Done
  12. Does such a thing as the gourmet hot dog exist? I've had the Hebrew National dog, and I still do not like the super-fine grind. Is a coarser grind no longer a hot dog but a sausage then?
  13. http://www.texasmushroomfestival.com/index.html So who wants to go? Last year, I got second place in the cooking contest with my shitake risotto (Chinese gold Kokuho rice, homemade mushroom and mirepoix stock, fresh shitakes, grated Stravecchio cheese). This year, there is no cooking contest (I want my rematch!) but there will a cook-off between some area pro chefs.
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