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  1. You are very lucky. How much will that actually yield? Nonetheless, there'll be big chicken fat parties round at your place.
  2. Pleasure. That's probably because I don't spend my life on food forums spilling bile. I'll add it to the to-do list.
  3. Whereas you are so erudite and you always go to just the best restaurants and write the most fascinating reviews. Oh hold on, um, when did you last write about a restaurant, or food for that matter? This is a food board afterall. BTW I really admire you for at last pointing out that the emperor's stark bollock naked. You're telling it as it is, you're a rebel and your cause is eating. Well rather it's not eating, at least not evidenced by any of your recent posts on Mouthfuls. But anyway, LML says The Fat Duck is crap. Yup, that's it. Wow, you're cool. I think Ian might ha
  4. As others have said you're covering a fair bit of ground within your range. For the best fish & chips, try The Golden Hind on Marylebone Lane. There is Dinings for decent Japanese
  5. Thanks for all that advice. I didn't know about the height thing but will give that a go for an extra boost. I've already changed channel once. And I'm going to look into the game adapters, that's very interesting, especially as the radio doesn't have USB, so dongles are out of the question. Although, as I said above, it's working fine now I've moved it. Nonetheless, I'm still interested in the super duper new Netgear offering, it looks quite tasty.
  6. Thanks one and all. I ended up moving the radio, seemed the only option and it works fine. I'm going to check out one of those Rangemax's though
  7. i've just bought a wifi radio i.e. the radio signal comes in over the internet. It's a fair distance from my router, although when my Mac or PC are sitting in the same location as the radio, they pick up the signal no prob. The radio however keeps losing the signal. For various technical reasons I can't move the router or the radio. So I need to boost my signal. I've currently got one of these. Does anyone know of a good, reliable way to increase my signal. Should I look to buy a new router, or can I just buy an antenna for the existing router. I was looking at one of these whi
  8. I've only ever used typepad and I think they're great. I agree about the point of help, but I've learned to live with it and the typepad knowledge base is pretty comprehensive. I've just taken advantage of their new Typepad Services and am pretty happy with their recommendations. Regarding problems posting, do you logon to the site or use a posting client like ecto? I do and much prefer it. Even if I'm not at my main computer to post, I'll still tend to post using the email function from Gmail, rather than logon to the site itself.
  9. I love the place - one of my perennial favourites in London. The food is generally excellent, with a focus on great ingredients. The cooking is assured with Italian heavily influenced by French technique. The atmosphere is great as well, v close to what one expects of an Italian - warm, welcoming, not pretentious. I'm not saying it's the best food in London, but it was always a thoroughly enjoyable meal, whether that's a big fress up or just a bowl of pasta.
  10. If you're staying at Hazlitt's, Arbutus is literally opposite. It may not be as good value as it once was but it's still very good. It's a bit meejah, if that's not your thing but you want to see what the fuss is about, go to sister restaurant Wild Honey - it's a much nicer room IMHO. Try and get into Hibiscus - although I should caveat that by saying I haven't been yet, am going tmw - but reports are excellent. Similarly going on reports by those I trust alone, I'd try Le Cafe Anglais. If you want to try something different go to Bacchus and for a meal I really enjoyed, try Pa
  11. I knew I should have read on and it was a fairly safe bet Tony would have the answer.
  12. Nice one! Not, I think, associated with Jewish cuisine in New York - correct me if I'm wrong. As far as the UK goes, a discussion picks up at post 12-ish on this MF thread, from the days when giants like Tuckerman and Adam Balic strode the boards. (I can't imagine what the dynamics of this thread would be like if Tuckerman was still with us....) Hear, hear I think you're almost certainly right. It's very specific to English food being influenced by Jewish immigrants from Portugal. As it happens and I can't be arsed to check if anyone picked up on this - I'm gue
  13. Ok I'm somewhat late to the argument/discussion/thread. I don't have the benefits of age that Macrosan has but I have to say I instinctively know what a deli is and Blooms ticks that box, as does the likes of Reubens in London as well. I'd firmly put them in the same category as 2nd Ave and the like. I'm sure there are differences some afficionados would argue about, but all of them instinctively are delis in my mind. One other point on the perennial issue of Jewish cuisine: why has no-one mentioned fish and chips?
  14. The only potential thought about that is if the machine is the Cube 2.0 as some project, there never will be a second generation... you make it sound like this makes buying it now a good idea. Or that the machine has so many flaws that Apple will not bother trying to fix the complaints. People who waited for Apple to fix the design flaws in the Cube never got one. Those of us that bought the Cube (even with its flaws) did so for specific reasons and were generally happy with them -- mine lasted nine years. I've played the waiting game with Apple before -- wait six months
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