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    Great Jones Cafe

    I guess but I shouldn't have a layer of frozen OJ concentrate at the bottom of the glass when I finish.
  2. kathryn_

    Momofuku Ko

    I never even thanked Kathryn properly. Thank you. You're welcome. I quote enjoyed your MomofuKO review.
  3. kathryn_

    Momofuku Ko

    1 seats on 4/6/2008 at 09:30 pm, available NOW.
  4. kathryn_

    Great Jones Cafe

    Used to go here for brunch all the time as boyfriend loved their Bloody Mary, but I stopped after I ordered an orange juice, and it clearly came from a can. And wasn't even reconstituted properly. It was sludge-y.
  5. kathryn_

    Gramercy Tavern

    BTW, GT is also happy to swap in or out items from the prix fixe side of the menu onto the tasting menu side, and vice versa. The veal cappellaci always look like wontons to me. Delicious, delicious wontons.
  6. kathryn_

    Ssam Bar

    Sliced Wild Striped Base -- huckleberry, daikon
  7. kathryn_

    A Voce

    I've had that dish before. They called it priest collars on the menu last month.
  8. Dawgs on Park has closed. I usually go to Abraco on the weekends, and the last two weekends (today and last Saturday), it's been insanely packed. Ten minute wait for a cup of coffee.
  9. kathryn_

    Ssam Bar

    Was it this one? http://flickr.com/photos/kathryn/412197739/ All I remember is the edamame at the bottom.
  10. I went with a bunch of friends on Thursday night around 7:00pm and had a 100% non-noodle meal. (The wait was about 40 minutes for a group of six.) After a short wait, we were treated to a delicious dinner of many appetizers, including fried pigs tails (kind of like really bony chicken wings crossed with tender spare ribs), actual chicken wings (well spiced and perfectly roasted, a very minimalist take and not what I was expecting), steamed buns with shiitake (good but not as good as the pork ones), brussels sprouts with bacon (think I like the Ssam Bar ones better), fried sweetbreads with dipping sauce (A+! Would eat again!), and beef tongue with mustard (there was a patty like component which was warm, and some thinly sliced pieces, which were cold, it was really good and served with house made mustard sauce). I also had a really good rice cakes dish with oxtail ragu that I neglected to share with my boyfriend, which he pointed out several times. He had the fried chicken special -- it's fried but not breaded, and has a tasty ginger-scallion flavor, but a half chicken seems like way too much for one person to eat. Our dessert was excellent. Twist of chocolate and caramel in a cone, and nice, crunchy, toffee-esque banana bits on the bottom. Mmmmmm! Funny thing to note: it is quite loud in the restaurant, especially when it's full, but I witnessed a personal Momofuku first. Someone actually turned the music DOWN at some point. All in all, it's a good place, but I think I like Ssam Bar better, too.
  11. For pizza: are you thinking of Luzzo's for pies? Vinny Vincenz for a grandma slice.
  12. I like brunch there a lot (no lines!) but am a little sad they changed it to appetizers/entrees rather than share/taste since I am always torn on what to order. Aand because the menu is changing all the time, I rarely have the same thing twice (both good and bad, I suppose).
  13. kathryn_

    Ssam Bar

    FYI, they scaled back the NYE bash to just be regular kitchen service plus two tasting menus, one for $150 and another for $300. So you can just pop in and have regular old dinner.
  14. Angon has gone way downhill and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. No Luzzo's for pizza? How can Natori have better sushi than Kanoyama or Lan? Really? Kanoyama is definitely walk-in-able if that's your criteria. Teresa's has closed. For Chinese, if you like dumplings, go to TKettle. Westville is also a great brunch option if you have vegetarians in the bunch -- don't miss the market sides. Muzzarella has too much cheese on it for me. I like the crust at Vinny Vincenz better, especially if you get the Grandma slice. Don't bother with Five Roses, BTW. Horrible. That hole in the hall is named Ray's. I'd also add Build a Green Bakery to this list. Gotta add PDT and Death & Co to this list! Danal has closed/moved over to by Union Square. Caffe Emilia is a good alternative to Taralluci e Vino. Best coffee in the neighborhood is now at Abraco but it is very very strong. RIP Kurowycky. St Marks Market has a surprisingly good selection of breads from Tom Cat and Balthazar.
  15. kathryn_

    Ssam Bar

    If only! I try to restrain myself to once a week. I'm afraid of *gasp* taking it for granted. If I ever move, I'm sunk. spare ribs are described as having tomatillos, sunchokes and mustard seeds in the dish. Was that the same one last night? No, those are the "summer" ribs -- more like David Chang's take on American BBQ. That said, I think the spicy sausage with rice cakes are fantastic; I mopped up the last bits with leftover bread from my country ham, even as I had the sniffles from the spice.
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