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  1. It's been 3 or 4 years since I've been there, but I want to go back. I recall a braised pork belly dish I had there that was so good it made me weep openly.
  2. My wife's birthday is on Valentines day. She loves lemon desserts. thanks for the great idea! You have officially saved my bacon!
  3. Oh, and thanks for the detailed post on Front Porch, KRamsey! If we go I'll let you know my thoughts....
  4. We have a kid, who likes to eat early, so we're at Emmy's usually right when they open at 5:30. Therefore never had any trouble with having to wait for a table or our meal. I'm not the best person to evaluate the menu....because I'm a sucker and always get the spaghetti and meatballs. As does most of the restaurant, from my observation. There have been other things on the menu that have tempted me, but I always bail at the last second and order the spag and meatballs, impulsively, when they come to take my order. I love the meatballs. Seasoned well. Studded with capers. Really lovely. Ho
  5. Down on 29th or 30th between Mission and Guerrero? Haven't been yet. Have you? Likey? No likey? It's not far from Emmy's Spaghetti Shack, where we go all the time. My 6-year old loves Emmy's. And so do I...
  6. Love O-Joes. Hope they open up again, soon. I would never think of going to Tadich for a steak. I have never had anything other than the cioppino there. Same at Jeanty...I'm all about that cassoulet. Resistance is futile! I have never made it to Sam's. I'll give that a shot sometime. My sister was in there when the secret service came and cased the joint, then quickly ushered some dignitary into one of the booths. She didn't see who. Always wanted to take my mom there though. She's a big fan of sweetbreads, and they have them on the menu there.
  7. Also...whaddya mean by "soon?" How much time do I have to get there?
  8. Sounds fancy. I'll have to check that out someday. I wanna make a pilgrimage to NY to eat at Peter Luger's. Someday when I win the lottery or get a fat raise....
  9. I've heard it's good...but prime rib is so darn easy to make at home.
  10. So...what's yer fave? I'm a big fan of Alfred's. It's like a 50's mob joint. Diagram of a cow on the first page of the menu. They mix a mean drink. The steak is the main event of the plate (skip the veggies. But you can't wreck a baked potato). Plus last time I was there they had free corkage on Monday nights. I liked Acme. Went once. The mac and cheese side was incredulously swell. But I just keep going back to Alfred's.
  11. For old-school, not so hoity-toity pizzas we go one of two places 1) Gaspare's out on Geary and ... dunno, 21st-ish? 2) Little Joe's, my neighborhood joint in the Excelsior. Nothing high-end at either of these palces. Just good pizza. Gaspares is thin. Little Joe's is a little doughier, but it's hand made dough. And lovely!
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