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    NFL 2019

    The Yankees seem to be doing OK. Depends what you consider Ok. They haven't made a World series appearance in this decade. That hasn't happened since the 1910's. Maybe Cole will be the answer at $10,000 a pitch
  2. Eatmywords

    NFL 2019

    Bit of sarcasm, Holly, he'd be a terrible coach at least in the motivation dept and I imagine has no desire to do it. Was a gut reatcion to "Poor Eli" as in he's had a great career, made crazy dough (deserving or not) and hall of famer to be. So I can't feel bad for him losing now or reduced to garbage time. Tough times for NY sports.
  3. Eatmywords

    NFL 2019

    Yea, poor Eli, he's only worth $100M so he'll prob have to coach high school.
  4. Eatmywords


    Wow, that Pizza looks awesome. Tres artisanal! Jax will eat that w the anchovies? Damn, his palette is ballin! We heated a frozen pie - chicken alfredo w caramelized onions from Signature Kitchen (an Acme store brand). I jazzed it up w carefully sliced tomatoes and chopped brok raab (prev blanched). Was pretty good, no worse than our shitty pizza places. While that was baking, I made a deer heart pate for TG (organ courtesy my neighbor, an expert archer. The arrow actually sliced through the side so that was disturbing for a min). I loosely followed a standard pate recipe w sauteed chopped onion, cpl tbls of butter, s & extra p, a bit of all spice, fresh sage and rosemary (from my garden - those plants are still kicking ass!) then after cutting away fat, ventricles and coagulated blood, sliced 1/2" cubes and sauteed for aprx 3mins (as soon as I saw blood rising off the cubes i pulled the pan). I took out the rosemary sprigs (left the sage), added more butter and 1/3 cup of vsop and processed til smooth. Came out pretty good, not as gamey as I would've liked. I'll give it to my wife's family and not tell them what it is until after they've tried it. I love the look when someone's enjoyed something until they know what it is. They'll be pissed for a while but eventually thankful for the good story they can share for years to come. Happy TG!
  5. Eatmywords


    Yeoboseyo, are you restricted to Seoul? We loved little sister, Busan in the south (a cpl hrs by train). Felt more connected with the people (incredibly friendly) and culture (not as cosmopolitan and mainstream as Seoul). The fish market too is massive and food hawkers that setup in the middle of alleys and closed off streets prepare a dizzying assortment of very well executed street food. Also of note is Jeju (honeymoon) island off the southern coast with it's black sand beaches, lava caves, hills and charming villages. Wife said it reminded her of the varied landscape of Hawaii. It is beautiful. Have her take you there : )
  6. Wow, those look tasty esp the Nashville. Are they just seasoning, water and buttermilk dredge? Some other coating?
  7. Caught Lana at Jones beach a couple weeks ago. She was electric. Surprise duets with Adam Cohen (son of Leonard) and Sean Lennon (son of god) really made the night spl. Listening - Jealous of the Birds - Grass begins to eat itself, Tonight I feel like Kafka, Miss Missinthrope, Powder Junkie. All their stuff is killer.
  8. You should try and get to Hiroshima and Miyagima island - 1.5hrs from Osaka, bit longer from Kyoto. We used Osaka as a base and day tripped (train) to Nara, Kobe, Kyoto and Hiroshima. We found it more central and less touristy than Kyoto. I had heard of the flame thrower tuna guy, Toyo on the streets of Osaka but never made it. A real character. Featured in Chef's Table Street Food epp 2. Wish I had. Also that the sushi at the Osaka mrkt was fantastic. Didn't make it either. wsj: https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-sushi-obsessed-trip-to-osaka-1543942533
  9. Sacre bleu, I have to share response space w Nathan? Je me sens comme l'une des soeurs de Cendrillon (la pire)! Leonardo = good rec. Will frwd to boss. Merci.
  10. It's been a decent season. Better than last. Toms (about 6 varieties) bloomed well and while flavorful many mealy with tough skins (I used 1/3 for sauce). Some black spotting too. Cucumbers were great and still yielding. I speared and pickled most in a simple cold brine, white vinegar/water sugar, salt, garlic, juniper berries and dill, thyme or whatever looked good in herbs. Bokchoy was strong. Came back quickly as did the kale. Red leaf and rocket fared well until the rabbits found them (my plastic fence deters deer and not much more. A proper foot deep fence is on the list). I always try Japanese and regular eggplant but have little luck. 1 or 2 sad skinnies. I'm doing something wrong. Unlike the jalapenos and serranos which kick but and still yielding. Zuch's were alright. Wasn't a bumper but the 4 or 5 from each were delicious. They take up so much room. Will re-assess if the yield is worth the real estate. The winner, and biggest surprise were the tomatillos - my first foray. I put them w the toms thinking they'd get bullied but the 2 plants exploded and dwarfed the toms. Yielded maybe 200 tomatillos. I was making salsa and cooking with them for weeks. Boiled, roasted, toasted, sauteed, grilled, you name it. The grilled were our fave. The char gives a great complexity to the salsa.
  11. Yea, Spain, UK, and wherever humans are but it don't make it right. I was thinking more filet or anything delicate. I do enjoy a well executed shrimp basket, fried clams, calamari and the like. Not like I'm anti-fryer or anything : )
  12. This is so funny and in the moment. And that kid is insanely cute. Congrats. And yea, deep frying fresh fish should be a punishable crime. Where to next?
  13. Paris en Fevrier! avec les enfants malheurueusement. Salut MF'rs!
  14. Eatmywords

    NFL 2012

    Pressure or not, he’s completed less than half his passes all season. The line can’t be blamed for all of that. He lacks instinct - doesn’t know when to get out of the pocket. Being slow doesn’t help. He doesn’t scan the field well, telegraphing intended receivers and inviting tipped balls. The accuracy and timing are extra bad this year. He looks like a scared backup.
  15. Eatmywords

    NFL 2012

    Why not, they need someone. TO’s long arms and size just might help in pulling down over thrown/off the mark (no pun intended) passes assuming he can hold on to them.
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