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  1. I happen to like Thai Thani and Nile Ethiopian. Pretty much eat there every time Rachel and I visit the area.
  2. I wrote this for ZDNet this morning. Submitted for comment. http://www.zdnet.com/article/iot-sucks-but-your-home-appliances-are-unreliable-slabs-of-junk/
  3. Can't bring back the dead. I wrote the NYT eulogy for that place.
  4. Nice. I really need to make a point of getting up to that area more often. Since moving here the idea of driving an hour and then some to do anything restaurant-wise is way less attractive than it used to be.
  5. It was better than the kugel, actually. Then again anything with a ton of cheese fried in bacon fat...
  6. A nice side benefit to this kugel is the same mixture, with more egg, matzo meal and some cheese makes great latkes. That's what we did with the leftover kugel, we just mixed it up with egg, matzo meal and cheese and fried it up. https://instagram.com/p/BEsHnJOyScG/
  7. I'm fine with it in a fine dining restaurant when you are using expensive proteins and you need to get the food perfectly on point. I see little use for it at home. I have an inexpensive sous vide device here (the Dorkfood) and beyond initial experimentation it bored me, the prep to payback ratio for small scale cooking is skewed compared to batch cooking at a restaurant with a large immersion circulator. Can you get a steak totally perfectly pink on the inside with it and a fast sear compared with grilling or straight up pan searing and oven finishing? Yeah. Do I care? Not really.
  8. you could just add a smidge of potato starch instead of the matzoh in the food processor and get the right consistency and save some carbs. also a vitamix would give an even finer texture than the processor We do have a vitamix but we don't keep potato starch around. We happened to have a little matzo meal because we were handed the "assignment" of bringing a side dish. The 1/4 cup of matzo meal to that much vegetable content and eggs is pretty small considering this feeds probably 8-10 people. And we don't eat very big portions anymore anyway.
  9. We are also going to try just steaming the cauliflower and combining all the vegetables, herbs, eggs and matzo in a food processor to make a more finer consistency kugel so if feels more like a potato one.
  10. I've only done that trick a few times, and most BKs will only do it during slow hours.
  11. https://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/a-low-carb-cauliflower-kugel-that-doesnt-suck/
  12. I would like to be #1 in Authentic Kosher-Style Northern Italian NYC-style Chinese American Cuisine. With a range of vegan and gluten-free options.
  13. Exactly. SouthFL is probably one of the worst offenders. I kind of hope it does go away as the older population dies out.
  14. Kosher-style is not just a loose term, it's a bad term. We shouldn't use it, period. It's as shitty a term as "Authentic" when describing a Chinese or Italian restaurant. I'm not railing on you personally but it's a bad practice and I think we should cease using it. The only time "Kosher" should only be used in conjunction with restaurants is if the place is under supervision, period. There is no "Kosher-style" anything. I think it is accurate to say the food at Eppes Essen or Hobby's or Katz's is traditional Jewish Deli. Or that they have Ashkenaze dishes on the menu. Some may have more Ashkenaze choices than others. However none of those restaurants are "kosher" anything. Even if they use kosher provisions. It's not an indicator of quality either. Jewish Deli as a term is also a trap because "Jewish" food is really anything now including Israeli stuff. You can certainly say "I prefer one restaurant over another." Or "X's pastrami is better than Y because Z". That's opinion. That's fine. That's why we are here. You can't say one restaurant is more "kosher-style" than another. However, If we're talking about restaurants under actual Kosher supervision, then you can certainly point out what hechsher one uses or who supervises. To orthodox Jews that makes a difference. To me, not so much I enjoy my treyf. Sorry about the rant.
  15. Well, thank you...actually, as I've said, personally, for my likes, taste, etc. -- I don't think there are any "very good" Kosher or Kosher-style deli's in Northern NJ, EXCEPT for Eppes Essen and the Kosher Nosh. That said, the Kosher Nosh is very close to me (my office, and not "that far" from where I live) and given it's the best around me, I have no problem driving 15 minutes or so even if I was home. I've been to all of the deli's in Bergen County, and I think the Kosher Nosh is "the best of an average at best" bunch -- and I just can't find a really good pastrami sandwich I like in Bergen County. I think Benny's in Fair Lawn is "pretty good" -- but the Kosher Nosh is better. You get a "bigger" sandwich at Benny's, but the pastrami at the KN in my opinion is better, tastier Thank you in advance. You don't count Hobby's in Newark as North Jersey?https://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/2011/02/26/nj-dining-hobbys-delicatessen/ Yes, I would count Newark/Hobby's as North Jersey (for the most part -- here comes the North, South, Central debate again, LOL, although this is not really up for debate, LOL). However, Hobby's is not that Kosher, Kosher-style, etc., style of deli of course. Excellent pastrami -- without question! One of my favorites. Whenever I have the chance, business, pleasure, etc. -- I go to Hobby's. Yes, if it's just pastrami, for me -- I rate Hobby's up there. But if I am looking for the meal -- kasha varnishkes, potato pancakes, knish, maybe some egg or mushroom barley, that kind of food -- then I am going to Eppes Essen. Thanks. If you're not kosher it doesn't matter anyway. 'Kosher style" is a pretty loosely goosey term. If there is no misgiyach on staff it isn't kosher, if they don't use kosher meat it isn't kosher, no matter if there is an actual Reuben served on premises or not Eppes Essen has cheeseburgers on the menu. And all kinds of deli meat sandwiches with cheese. So... No less kosher style then hobbys.
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