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    Rattle to Lead LSO

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-31696988 It seems that the acoustics at the Barbican can't be that bad after all.
  2. SRD


    Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra You lot probably get lots of these types, even the real thing on occasions, but in semi-rural Wiltshire (Andover) they went down a storm. Unless you're au fait with local British politics a lot of their songs won't mean much but they're fine musicians. http://www.teapadorchestra.co.uk/ High Speed Train
  3. SRD

    Today I played...

    Pentangle played my prep-school in the mid 1960s but I don't hold it against them. Danny Thompson is a fine double bass player in any form of music.
  4. I think it's a matter of supporting the establishment by buying their booze. Businesses have to make a profit to survive and prosper and are presumably including a slice of profit from their drinks in the average take per head.
  5. Probably true, but Rattle did tremendous stuff with the CBSO at a time when no-one else would look at them. I just feel that he's been overpowered by Berlin Phil.
  6. I don't know if you lot can get BBC Radio 3 but we're currently listening to the Rattle's Sibelius cycle at the Barbican. So far it's a disappointment, lacking in subtlety, heavy handed, more like Mahlerian stodge (I admit to not being a fan) than the light, airy, powerful music Colin Davis brought out with the LSO twenty odd years ago.
  7. Thanks for all the replies and the welcomes, I'm still pretty tied up with genealogy and MrsSRD is pretty poorly nowadays so I don't get about as much but I do have a good high street supplier in Sherborne http://www.vineyardsofsherborne.co.uk/ and there are three or four readily available on line. I suspect an Aviation without the CdeV wouldn't have that purple blush, I suppose I could always use methylated spirits.
  8. Over here Sloe is the fruit of the Blackthorn and is, I think, of the plum family, it makes a good flavoured gin, a British favourite at Christmas, and the Spanish infuse anise with it to make Pacharan. The best pint I've had recently was a pint of Harvey's Best Bitter at the Angel in Hindon, Wiltshire.
  9. Hi all, it's been a while, good to see you're still here. A few months back MrsSRD and I were introduced to cocktails in the guise of "The Last Word" recently a friend sent me notice of "The Aviation" which seems to push similar buttons but which Creme de Violette? Any recommendations? Flavour is the requirement not strength.
  10. Do not, under any circumstances, eat anything containing bananas.
  11. I've not been around for a while but we've enjoyed especially good food at Howards House & The Three Horseshoes and better than average at The White Lion & The Kings Head
  12. SRD

    Duck Off!

    I think there must be a glut of duck at the moment, all the shops have been having half price offers on and off for two or three months and every restaurant has confit (actually over-roasted but see earlier threads on that subject) on the menu.
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    Digging deep in the freezer we discovered a single Highland Cattle steak that we brought back from Yorkshire last year. Simply fried with chunky chips, mushrooms, loads of water cress and a greenpeppercorn sauce.
  14. It was a couple of years ago when we were last there but The Fox and Hounds at Goldsborough was superb. We were especially disappointed with Greens in Whitby, more style than substance. There are reviews on my website, just remember that the majority of the places visited weren't 'fine dining' establishments, just MOR places to eat. Wow, where have you been all this time?? Pure coincidence, I was looking for a contact to another long time gone member and saw foodies52 post.
  15. It was a couple of years ago when we were last there but The Fox and Hounds at Goldsborough was superb. We were especially disappointed with Greens in Whitby, more style than substance. There are reviews on my website, just remember that the majority of the places visited weren't 'fine dining' establishments, just MOR places to eat.
  16. SRD

    Norman Wisdom

  17. Except that the illiteracy is showing through; I had to stop corresponding with a friend (who has a Master's degree), because she was peppering her emails with TXT-SPK -- from her Facebook page: "hello all! we wll be hitting da wonderful world of unique la in downtown los angeles april 24th and 25th, that's next weekend. we've been wrking on a ton of new designs that wll be real kind to your pocketbook. if you've bn wanting something special fer mama's day come on down, i'm sure you'll find something." Time to fire her and get a new friend. None of mine write that way. I actually did. I told her I could not handle communicating with her in that fashion and she responded that it is faster for her to type that way. Rhetorically, I asked how can typing fer be faster than typing for since they are both three letters? That, and reading things like thot instead of thought, wud instead of would, and cud instead of could was making me bug-shitty. I'm happy to no longer receive messages from her. Ah, but "fer" only requires the left hand, so the right can be occupied, um, doing something else. ih plin hy i h to typ lik thi
  18. I'm not so sure that PR would be as damaging as some might think. A lot of people vote for the third party tactically to prevent one or other of the two other parties from getting in in their constituency, if their vote is still going to count towards their real party of preference then there will be no need to vote tactically.
  19. At least we won't have any wimmin' cluttering up the place anymore. Women have been relegated to their rightful place as adjuncts of their menfolk.
  20. Partially correct, but the opportunity lasts less than two weeks because the opening of the new Parliament by the Queen is an effective deadline. Partially correct, the government has to win the vote on the Queen's speech, if it fails to win that it automatically triggers a no confidence debate. Not conceivable. Or with any legal or constitutional standing. Whoever gets in the bottomless drains that are Scotland and Northern Ireland will get a further flood of funding.
  21. Over here they have to be fairly careful as many of the 'Farmer's' markets operate under a form of subsidy (actually lower charges rather than a direct payment I think), if too many stalls fail to operate 'legally' then the operators of the Charter Markets, who don't have to follow such strict rules but do have higher charges, start complaining. In general the stuff sold has to be grown or made within 40 miles of the market in question, obviously there are situations where this can't be upheld, the Borough in London for instance, but I don't think they get the benefits in the way that those held in market towns do.
  22. A couple of things you can do: Set her AV stuff to update automatically on start up, that will make start up slower (so no doubt you'll get comments from her like "It takes an age to get running nowadays and it's very slow." Just ride them out.) but will keep her stuff up-to-date, and you should only run extra AV for occasional scans, not allow it to run in real time. You may still get false positives (or even false negatives) but a visit to the AV's website should be able to provide that kind of info and you can get your AV and occasional scans to ignore the files that report false positives. The second is rather radical, contact her email supplier, explain the circumstances, and get them to change her email address. She will have to mail everyone with her new address but they can then block her old address. You might be able to work out the dating site's ISP and report them to it for spamming, chances are it's offshore but it might work. Changing her passwords etc. will only help to contain damage already done by the dropper. It will make no difference to the spamming as the company already have her address lists. If they have actually comandeered her machine to send spam (rather than just using her address in the 'from' box) that's a subject I know nothing about. Googling the name of the dropper gives quite a bit of info, check out the Norton response: http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Inte...9CC9F7C0BB3C0C0 And the Lavasoft (suppliers of adaware) response: http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=19457 Kaspersky give a fuller explanation: http://www.securelist.com/en/descriptions/old110262 If you think you've got problems try reading this: http://forums.spybot.info/archive/index.php/t-35736.html, amongst other things it does show the dangers of not updating software. I wonder if the 'victim' got so fed up that he finally trashed the machine or whether he discovered that it was a router/line problem after all and didn't have the courage to come back and say so. I wouldn't follow any of the advice given without being confident about my ability to carry out the work, rather I would contact one of the help sites and get them to walk through the steps involved, I know I've plugged them before, and they do have their downside being in a different time zone, but I've found them to be very good. http://www.karlsforums.com/
  23. SRD

    Alan Sillitoe

    I suppose he provided the background wallpaper to my youth. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8642720.stm
  24. Looks like Aunty has caught up: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8619051.stm
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