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  1. kings county brewing collective the blork has landed oak aged wild lager lager aged in wine barrels halleratu mittlefrüh, tettnang & saphir hops barley & rice - bottled 8/21, 5.3% abv. this is a solid example of a bretty beer - there’s a bright set of not to acidic flavors that taste more like beer that’s spent time in white wine barrels than anything else. there’s basically one big flavor that not that detailed (lemon meringue, brett, white wine) and I don’t know why they used a lager to make this, but it’s pretty pleasant and so on.
  2. did you notice the teeth in the sculpture their daughter made?
  3. my son’s first word was barbera.
  4. humble sea brewing co mind over mussels ddh west coast ipa west coast india pale ale double dry hopped with strata, mosaic, and nectaron - 6.8% abv. humble sea is a santa cruz brewery that doesn’t normally send beer to new york, but other half had their ipa festival last weekend and there’s all kinds of out of market stuff at my local beer shop. I don’t really know anything about humble sea and their instagram doesn’t tell me how old this or if it’s a regular release, but I liked what I had at on tap at evil twin recently and an actual west coast ipa is hard to pass up. this is a pretty modern
  5. I think you’d love the icehouse wilf.
  6. they had a good burger pre-pandemic.
  7. extraomnes tripel - 8.6% abv. extraonmnes is a brewery outside milan that's been around since 2010, I don't remember when b-united picked them up but the particular beer I'm drinking, which is a few months from it's best by date, seems pretty old. there's a nice version of a lot of the usual flavors - pear, orange marmalade, noble hop spice, clove, sweet malt, which end in a pretty dry finish that has more of the pear/clove thing than usual along with a little vanilla. there's no apparent alcohol, everything works well together, and this has the smooth but a little bit muted character that a g
  8. three floyd’s pillar of beasts barleywine-style ale brewed with salted caramel aged in oak barrels salted caramel barleywine aged twelve months in bourbon barrels with vanilla beans and cocoa nibs - 13.7% abv. the majority of the barrel aged beer from three floyd’s are among the few beers with national distribution that rival the local breweries at what they do well, although that’s not true of this or the wild ale I had recently. this looks an smells like a barley wine, with boozy malt being the first thing you smell or taste. it’s followed by some bourbon and a lot of sweetness. this amount
  9. I would think his style of cooking would mean almost everything would be cooked ahead of time wherever it’s served.
  10. perennial artisan ales abraxis 2021 ale brewed with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, cinnamon and vanilla - 11.5% abv. I wouldn't have thought to age this kind of beer, but I've had a few vintages of this and similar beers at tørst over the last few months and I was interested to see how this would be, although to be honest I thought this came out in the spring and was more than 7 months old. to this is hasn't really changed that much, there's a pretty mellow version of all the adjuncts, the chilies are slightly sweet and work with the rest of the adjuncts to create a nice mexican chocolate pr
  11. I don’t know why they use the words butter and cream but the bottom of the gauthier soho menus state that they’re vegan.
  12. where did you buy that cider?
  13. I think the squab has been on the a la carte menu at that price since they opened.
  14. three floyd’s brewing battle priest wylde ale liberally hopped and fermented with brettanomyces - bottled in 2022, 7.5% abv. their instagram says that this was bottled in early march. this pours a shade of amber that’s a little bit lighter than a traditional ipa and smells strongly of whatever kind of brett used in orval. this is just as hoppy as orval that’s roughly this old is, only this has some mild citrus and resin which makes it taste like c hops, and it has the kind of malt presence you get in their alpha king. this doesn’t have the kind of detail that the best brett beers do, but it’s
  15. AaronS

    Momofuku Ko

    I made my kids "miso" cacio e pepe using his instant noodles. it tasted a lot like the food he was serving at nishi. shit is disgusting.
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