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    high on fire, spirit adrift, and dysrythmia. high on fire was terrible, which was kind of shocking.
  2. I guess the pope's residence still carries a lot of marketing weight in that part of the world.
  3. grimm hypnopompic india pale ale mosaic, cashmere, simcoe and eukanot hops - 6.4% abv, brewed at grimm. we all know about grimm’s unfortunate transition from excellent beer that was extremely hard to find to distributed shelfie, but I didn’t make it out in time to get to my local beer shop and this was the freshest thing in the bodega by a long shot. this pours a hazy shade of yellow orange and drinks like the ne ipa it looks like, there’s a solid combination of orange with some bitter tropical stuff in the finish that so many of these beers have. saying this isn’t as bad as some of the stuff
  4. evil twin brewing nyc tgi oktober '21 oktoberfest - 6% abv. this is a little bit maltier than the typical oktoberfest I've had this year, and has all of the bread, honey, caramel notes you associate with this type of lager. I probably had too many of these beers this year.
  5. AaronS


    king woman with dreamcrusher.
  6. two is from kinship. one two four five three hard to create much separation here, three and five look very similar but I like peas and assume chambo has procured good ones. were both the kinship dishes cooked in a bag?
  7. I used to have to go to karaoke there all the time and and I basically only liked it when we ate in the main room and I could have the bbq. I really didn’t like the noodle dishes and dumplings. I agree with sneak about the ambiance in the bar vs the main room.
  8. that’s not my experience of that place pre-pandemic.
  9. say you go to a bar you’ve never been to before. you have a very nice talk with the bartender about beer. there’s no possibility of sexual attraction, but it may be possible that he knows who you are from other bars or may think you’re in the industry. you consume about fifty or sixty dollars worth of beer and are presented with a bill for twenty five. what is an appropriate tip? the bar is not near where you live and you may or may not return.
  10. the second picture is from kinship. I would probably rank them 1 2 3, probably because the combination of halibut and fig seems odd to me. the third looks like home cooking to me, but it could taste great.
  11. did you like the food at kinship? is he still doing the more american version of keller food that he was doing way back when?
  12. une année quad abbey ale - 11% abc. this is a really nice example of a quad. it's got a big set of plum, molasses, and dark cherry notes with some dark bread and toast underneath them, and a decent amount of sugar in the finish. this is a really well made beer, there's a ton of detail, it's fruitier and less bread like than a lot of the classic european ones, and this tastes like it was once pretty hoppy but is aging well and I would be surprised if this was canned in the last year. recommended to someone in a colder climate.
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