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  1. crooked stave x omnipollo bianca double blueberry almond cake wild wild brett fruited sour ale fermented in oak foeders with blueberries, vanilla, almonds & milk sugar - brewed and canned by crooked stave, denver, co, 6.5% abv. this pours a nice shade of red and looks like semi opaque cranberry juice after the slight head dissapates, and it really smells strongly of brett. I stopped drinking crooked stave’s brett beers a while ago because so many of them, including relatively fresh ones, had a bunch of acrid, unpleasant flavors even when they were relatively fresh. these cans, which are ab
  2. omnipollo ice creamy white chocolate strawberry double india pale ale brewed with cocoa nibs, white chocolate, strawberries & lactose sugar - brewed and packaged by twelve percent, north haven, ct, for omnipollo, 8% abv. this my the third beer in this series. the first, which was made with mango, was really bracingly bitter, which made it drink like more or less like an old school dipa with white chocolate where the citrus would be. that beer is one of the reasons I’ve been trying so many of the omnipollo releases recently, but the second one in this series, which had peach, was a cloying
  3. oec brewing coolship lager americana coolshipped & open fermented using only american hops our coolship lager americana is brewed using a traditional double decoction mash and hopped with american hops from the pacific northwest. after the boil it rests in our copper coolship for 1 hour. it is then transferred over our baudelot cooler into our open tanks for fermentation. after a cool fermentation using a classic czech lager yeast it is cellared for several months prior to release - 5.2% abv. I don’t actually know if this is the way that things would have been done back in the day in europ
  4. AaronS


    I'm genuinely relieved to have this information without calling or emailing the restaurant.
  5. stillwater a sound saison hoppy spelt farmhouse ale fermented to the sounds of waves crashing collaboration with monkish - brewed and canned by stillwater artisanal - north haven, ct, 7% abv. both of these breweries have strayed pretty far from their original stated purpose - monkish used to say that they specialized in farmhouse and monastic brewing on their website, and stillwater only made saisons for the first couple years of its existence. monkish has gone on to become something that seems a lot like la’s version of other half, and stillwater started making simpler beer after their rebran
  6. jw lees harvest ale matured in calvados casks brewed in 2015 - 11.5% abv. this is terrific example of barrel aging - the calvados notes are really well integrated with both the huge malt notes and the orange marmalade you get in the base beer, and while I don’t think there’s any question this works the base beer is probably my favorite kind of beer period and this is a little bit like gilding the lily and so on. recommended.
  7. a friends print on demand book (still available for a few bucks on amazon) has a second listing for over 1,000, also on amazon.
  8. ebbs ipa no. 7 india pale ale modern, tropical & pillowy - 5.5% abv. mikkeller nyc turned out to be one the only nyc brewery that closed during the pandemic. someone told me that ebbs is the mikkeller nyc guy on the same system, which is largely born out by the three minutes of googling I just did. (the can says it was made in flushing, the ebbs website says they started in flushing but have a new brewery in brooklyn, I don't know why it implies that they don't contract brew, the mikkeller nyc space was a nice place to drink when there wasn't a game and I hope it's still pleasant without t
  9. AaronS


    the odd thing is I couldn't find the dhamaka rabbit on instagram last time I looked.
  10. I would either fry the rye in butter or make french toast with it.
  11. ale apothecary cherry compound wild ale brewed with honey and aged in oak barrels with cherries - 9.18% abv, bottled 2.21.2020, 315 bottles. apparently this one is a blend of the barrel aged beer described on the bottle and their gose, which was a blend required in order to preserve their house style. I don't know what that is after two of their beers, of course, but this is a lot better than the last one if not really any less tart. this pours a reddish shade of brown and smells and tastes mostly like tart cherries. there's hints of oak and some brett, but there's not that much complexity and
  12. alesmith brewing company speedway stout special edition imperial stout brewed with mostra coffee and coconut - 12% abv. the original speedway stout, which had the same abv and a different coffee but no coconut, was widely available fifteen or twenty years ago before adjunct stouts were so popular and was definitely one of the first good ones I had. there’s a richmond, va brewpub called the answer that made it’s name by buying mass quantities of this (and anderson valley’s gose) and repackaging it with their own flavors, and while I don’t know if it was influential as I think it was it’s defini
  13. thornbridge hall bracia dark ale brewed with honey - 9% abv. thornbridge has been a part of the b-united portfolio for as long as I've been aware of b-united and was one of the european breweries making american style beer that were a lot more important before the local options got so much better. this is the kind of thing that almost no local brewery could make though - it was made with a bunch of english malts including marris otter brown, chocolate, and peat, as well as some "dark and bitter" honey from nothern italy and a combination of cutting edge english hops and sorachi ace. I don't se
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