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  1. finback brainalayzer DDH ipa with all the hops - 8.5% abv. this beer tastes like... bitter tropical fruit! but like the good kind that was made with idaho 7 or something, so it’s got weird apricot and bubble tea along with the usual suspects. and it’s bitter enough that it almost tastes like beer. recommended.
  2. I’m going to walk over to lahori tomorrow. I’ll try jalsa next week.
  3. have you made one with an ipa? it seems like it wouldn’t work with anything other than a stout/porter or lambic.
  4. industrial arts brewing impact wrench triple india pale ale with notes of dank & dense jungle - 10% abv. this is the largest version of industrial arts very successful wrench ne ipa, and like torque wrench, the 8.2% abv it adds simcoe, but it replaces the original’s citra with comet, which is also done in the low abv pocket wrench. torque wrench uses cryo simcoe, and while I don’t know which one this one definitely tastes like they used cryo something. I didn’t like torque wrench that much, but this tastes like a better version of torque wrench and isn’t overly bitter or hot the way the lower abv version is. it’s still on the bitter end of the ne ipa spectrum, but it does have a candied version of the orange/mango tropical fruit flavors that you get in wrench and so many other beers, along with some really big “green” or dank flavors. this turns into more of a juice bomb as you get used to the bitterness, and there’s a little more nuance than I noticed at first and it’s very enjoyable. recommended.
  5. I really want some indian food. corner dehli is closed. everything else I’m aware of is completely fungible. is there something I’m not thinking of within 10 miles of park slope/greenwood heights?
  6. industrial arts brewing metric pilsner-style lager with notes of crisp & herbal tradition - 4.7% abv. this is the year round pilsner from the former peekskill and ithaca, and while he's best know for his ipas the quarterly lager releases are almost always excellent. this is a nice, clean, crisp pilsner that has some well done slightly biscuit like malt notes followed by a small amount of noble hop spice. there's nothing obviously wrong with this, but I do think that beers like last week's luppolo and the suarez beers are clearly better.
  7. threes what might have been helles - 4.6% abv. one of the real frustrations of the local beer scene for me is the lack of availability of the suarez cans - and although I really liked that finback beer there's not really another local brewery that can come anywhere near their quality, so I find the ubiquity of three's vilet pilsner a little frustrating. I have the same basic impression of it that I do of most of the threes stuff - it's fine, but it could be better. that's about where this is too, it's a little lighter bodied than the last two beers, and like last night's beer it's hopped with tettanger, and the basic flavors are very, very smilier, only this is less hoppy, and it's sweet enough that there's some honey in the malt notes. neither of those things is bad, I guess, but this is bigger and less delicate despite the lower abv and while there's no off-putting flavors what's here isn't as well defined as the beers above, although I guess the real problem is that while the honey flavor isn't a problem this is too sweet.
  8. AaronS

    Today I played...

    are become ocean and become desert the best places to start with john luther adams? I can't find the stravinsky recording you recommend above, can you give me a link?
  9. I'd name names but the whole solares incident revealed that this actually counts as posting something on the internet.
  10. it's funny that you posted that. one of the many odd experiences I had shopping for a new stereo in manhattan was walking into a store that was listed as one of the official dealers for a product I was interested in only to meet the guy who reviewed that product for stereophile, who was taking to the salesman when I arrived. after half an hour of talking out of the side of his mouth he told me that the parts of his review that would have made me uninterested in the product were removed by his editor. he seemed to think that I was about to put our conversation on tmz, so I won't reveal anything more, but it's not that strange that a cursory googling will produce a glowing review of almost everything I looked at. at the end of our conversation he did mention that he owned decent speakers that retail for more than the budget I quoted for the whole system, so I guess I learned something.
  11. my impression is that the bottom end of the audiophile stuff has improved immensely over the past twenty years too.
  12. I guess I should add that tipo pils is very much an "american" take on pils, it's extremely overhopped compared to the german and czech beers that came before it, but the use of noble hops keeps it closer to a traditional pilsner than the mosaic and citra hopped pilsners the cook kids make. finback wellspring pilsner naturally carbonated pilsner dry hopped with tettnanger - 5.4% abv. this definitely exceeded my expectations, finback isn't known for their pilsners and few that I've had weren't that great, and a lot of the recent ones have used american hops. this is actually a lot like last night's beer, only a little less so. there's the same basic combination of pilsner malt and light citrus, only the grain notes are less pronounced and the citrus has some orange and lime zest in it. this is hoppier than a regular pilsner, but not as hoppy as the luppolo that I had last night or tipo pils, but I guess I'd say it's an italian style pilsner. whatever it is is very good, it's got a lot more citrus than the suarez ones, but it's very clean and the few simple flavors are really well done and I hope they make this regularly. this, and the beer above it, really reaffirm my disappointment with three's vilet, more on that over the next few days. anyways this is recommended.
  13. I don't think my system or the one it replaced is mid-fi by that definition.
  14. I don’t know what you mean by mid-fi.
  15. my experience is really the opposite - that even with things like death metal I get a much clearer impression of individual performances with high end stuff, although I guess you're right and I may be unintentionally undoing the desired monolith of sound. there's definitely a subset of lo-fi recordings where what I have is total overkill, but sometimes those turn out to have more detail in them than you'd expect.
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