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  1. evil twin brewing new york city to the milky way and back milkshake style india pale ale brewed with milk sugar, mandarin, passion fruit and vanilla - 7.5% abv. apparently this is the first release in a new series of milkshake ipas, which is interesting because while it doesn't taste like beer or anything like that it does have a slightly lighter body than the imperial gose I had last week. this smells like orange juice but looks more like tangerine juice with a lot of vanilla seeds in it. it's pretty tart and tastes like actual passion fruit with orange juice and vanilla underneath it. this i
  2. daddy can I have the one with the cute kitten on it? no, my dear, you don't really like hazelnuts. get the one with the cartoon skull instead, you usually like marshmallows and vanilla.
  3. and a lot of the trendy beer.
  4. grimm psychedelic gardener double india pale ale mosaic, idaho 7, and amarillo hops - brewed by grimm, brooklyn, ny, 8% abv. this opens with a surprising amount of bitterness, which is then followed by big notes of candied orange and a little resin, and then there's the kind of soft fruit that you expect from grimm in the finish, with some orange, melon, and the kind of tropical stuff you usually get with idaho 7. this is a lot more bitter than the stuff that made me like grimm so much, but the detail in the finish gives it the same kind of appeal and drinkability. recommended.
  5. the park slope restaurant is an ok neighborhood place if memory serves.
  6. industrial arts state of the art series foeder aged barley wine - 11.2% abv. this is the first non-barrel aged BARLEY WINE made by a good local brewer that I've seen in a long time, and while I'm too lazy to change the font size I can assure you that I find this as exciting as anyone in brooklyn finds spring produce, even though this is not the kind of thing IA usually makes and the other high abv beers I've had from them have been hit or miss. the commercial description says this has a tight tannic structure provided by oak, cherry, and hard maple, which must describe the foeder. this is a li
  7. a friend of mine has my BGE and he bought a webber for ease of use.
  8. easy to imagine the press release for the next reboot: at it's heart a restaurant is all about making people happy, and there's a profound sense of wellbeing when you meet people's expectations of what a meal (at this price) should be, we want to rediscover the joy in feeding people things that they want to eat....
  9. anchorage brewing company the tide and its taker triple with brettanomyces ale aged in french oak chardonnay barrels ale brewed with styrian golding hops. triple fermented - first in oak tanks with a belgian yeast, second in french oak chardonnay barrels with brett, and finally in the bottle with a third yeast for carbonation - 9% abv. I mentioned above that the anchorage brett beers that I like so much are the really hoppy ones, but those aren't on the shelves around here at present and I remember really liking this one. this is roughly the same shade of yellow that a belgian triple would be,
  10. the only thing I can remember my mom's mother making was a batch of cookies that were made with salt instead of sugar. I can still remember her cussing at my father and calling him a liar for pointing it out. she did smoke three packs a day, but I don't think that was the issue.
  11. I wouldn't use anything other than real wood charcoal so that would rule the smaller one out for me.
  12. finback money’s spent double india pale ale DIPA dry hopped with citra and nelson - 8.5% abv. this is a really nice example of a new style double ipa, it’s the kind of opaque yellow you expect from this kind of beer, but it doesn’t taste like what you usually get with these two hops. there’s a nice combination of citrus and lychee that tastes a lot less like NZ white wine than usual, and this is one of the better ipas I’ve had recently.
  13. anchorage brewing company just slip away sour ale with mango, tangerine, and guava aged 32 months in chardonnay barrels, bottle conditioned - 10% abv. this is a yellow orange with a little pink in it and smells like bretty wine. this is a better example of what I like about the anchorage brett beers than the beer above it, it starts out with a mildly tart set of fruit flavors (mango, pineapple, tangerine) that have some real depth to them, then there's a little oaky white wine, and a long finish that has a lot more fruit. there's a very clean bratty-ness throughout, but I guess I do miss th
  14. anchorage brewing company an eternity saison with brett and marionberries collaboration with gigantic brewing company. fermented in french oak foudres with two strains of brett and saison yeast. finished on marioberries - 8% abv. googling marionberries tells me that they're the most commonly cultivated kind of blackberries, which means I probably have had them. anchorage has made a pretty large portion of my favorite brett beers over the years, this is a pretty accessible example of what I like about their stuff that doesn't quite reach the heights their best stuff does. it's mostly blackberri
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