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  1. omnipollo double maz double oat india pale ale - brewed by twelve percent in north haven, connecticut, 8.5% abv. as the name suggest this is the double version of their maz pale ale, which is apparently goes back to 2013 and is one of their mainstays in europe. I think it's only made it to nyc once, in 16oz cans made at two roads that were really excellent. (it made an appearance at the omnipollo tap take over at torst that saw me set a hopefully untouchable record bar tab, but I think it was an oldish keg of that batch.) the thing that was so nice about the previous version was that it was so
  2. AaronS


    I'm really happy that I've been able to add puttanesca to my very picky kids repertoire over the last few months. really wish they I could get them to eat visible seafood.
  3. winner is really nice. the seafood place quoted us absurd wait times the few times we tried to go.
  4. there’s something from eater about vegan pork belly and vegan fish sauce wings in my facebook feed.
  5. foam brewers the fruit that ate itself india pale ale - 7.2% abv. this one is all galaxy, and I don't know whether it's the hop or the slightly higher abv but this is definitely richer than the beer above it. it's got the a soft version of the tropical fruit and citrus you always get with galaxy, very little bitterness, and there's the creamsicle thing that happens with the sweetness is well integrated into the fruit and so on and on. foam rules, etc. recommended.
  6. the one in park slope was slammed from the minute they opened, mostly with people who traveled to eat there. it's part of a chain from boston.
  7. foam brewers dead wax india pale ale - 6.8% abv. this is about the same color as the beer above it, which is pretty remarkable given the difference in abv. (some unnameable force prevented me from posting last night's review last night.) so this one has got denali, azaaca, and the dreaded vic secret, and it's got a lot of soft pineapple followed by some bitterness and some slightly sweet citrus. what really sets this apart from the ocean of similar ne ipas that I've pissed out over the years is this is pretty subtle and clearly better made than the vast majority of them and so on and on and al
  8. foam brewers experimental jet set double india pale ale - 9.2% abv. apparently foam shares my taste in DIY guitar based rock, even if they picked a mature record. anyways... I think of foam as one of the better makers of ne style ipas, they’re available sporadically enough that coming across their beer feels special, but I’m familiar enough with their beers that they seem like a sure thing. this one is made with the always exciting citra and vic secret, which is often too harsh and one dimensional for me. this is definitely more bitter than the typical north east ipa, but it’s also remarkable
  9. there's reliable but regularly changing places to stream any NFL game for free if you want to watch the niners. it was reddit for a while, then nflbite, and it changed to something I don't remember just before the playoffs. eta: there are multiple ways to legally stream any game that's on tv here for free, the nfl and all the networks have free apps that will work on your new tv.
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    I saw a solo show where westerberg basically refused to play that really felt like an expensive fuck you. the band kept playing over his ranting to try to get him to sing but he wouldn't let that work.
  11. AaronS

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    that’s actually why I wanted to engage you and wilfrid about this - I always assumed that the situation with the kind of punk and hardcore bands I saw in high school is the same with the (better) bands you saw when you were young - there was a kind of raw power that was never put to tape. my old boss, who is a little younger than you, saw most of the early punk bands and said that none of them got a good recording. he also says that black flag was nothing special live, which seems crazy. someone else who saw that generation of bands told me that the replacements could wipe the floor with
  12. AaronS

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    to respond paragraph by paragraph: 1. that’s all I’ve ever really liked, apart from jazz and classical. 2. earlier you were saying that true hi fi makes no sense because the listener has no idea what that music is supposed to sound like, even if they’ve seen the band in question play. that makes the platonic ideal some unknowable construct, not the record. also I’m of course aware of what happens to DIY guitar bands as they mature, but I don’t think the rest of what you’re saying follows, or that the vast majority of those bands don’t get worse. 3. of course there are many well
  13. AaronS

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    I've always felt the exact opposite. maybe because the recording standards for punk and metal are so low and I always felt that most of the raw energy of the live performance got lost somehow, and almost every band plays faster live than on record, etc? or maybe because I didn't understand how much the joy of standing in a cramped room getting knocked around improved things?
  14. AaronS

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    I reject your platonism btw.
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