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  1. schilling merriment a festival-style lager a convivial collaboration with three’s brewing - 6% abv. this isn’t a marzen, it’s a stronger helles made with the new school mandarina bavaria hop. that usually results in a straight forward set of citrus flavors, which do show up after a really great set of clean malt flavors. this is moderately hoppy, but the main flavor is a really clean set of the biscuity malt flavors I like so much, and finish has a great mixture of orange and dough. this tastes a little crisper than schilling’s usual stuff, probably because it’s a lot fresher than usual and it
  2. thanks. the industry city sunrise mart is too packed for me to shop in person, it’s good that they have a delivery option.
  3. other half stacks on stacks southern hemisphere edition double dry hopped imperial india pale ale - 8.5% abv. stacks on stacks is one of the older parts of the other half rotation at this point, this version uses the same malt base as the original but swaps the american hops out for an all new zealand grown mixture of nelson, motueka, and moutere. this is pretty soft for an oh beer, it's got a nice combination of stone fruit and the lychee/rambutan you expect from nz hops, and there's some passion fruit and the usual oh grassiness in the back ground, along with a small amount of apparent alcoh
  4. my best friend is leaving portland, oregon for england until at least early novemember. I can't decide if he's overreacting or not.
  5. if you don’t mind I’d be interested to know what you made of that soundgarden album and why you listened to it? I always liked the fake melvins songs and hated the rest.
  6. schilling erastus abbey-style triple - 9% abv. schilling really seems to be able to nail any style of beer they want to, I think I like this even more than their lagers. this has a great combination of yeast esters (vanilla, pear, banana, clove) and noble hop spice, and unlike their lagers it’s a little bit more carbonated than I expect from the style. I won’t pretend to know what kind of yeast they used here, but it’s a clever mixture of the flavors I associate with german beer and the sweet malt profile you get in a triple. recommended.
  7. the computer in my samsung tv isn't doing well.
  8. I think they're taking the summer off so that we learn to appreciate them.
  9. bell's oktoberfest beer märzen - 5.5% abv. I had this two years ago and loved it, but these bottles are about six weeks old. I don't know if that's what's wrong here, but the malt notes aren't great and the finish is full of the off flavor I associate with american adjunct lagers.
  10. finback talking backwards sour ale with coconut, passion fruit, and mango - 6% abv. I haven't had one of these lacto sours in a long time, but the one that evil twin sold me by accident was pretty good, finback is good with adjuncts, I liked the sound of these adjuncts... and this is pretty tart. the basic flavor is a simple, citric, lacto sourness, and you can taste the adjuncts underneath I guess. I really don't see the appeal here, although I'm sure this tastes the way it's supposed to to someone else.
  11. I eat there every so often. the menu is so limited that I don’t think of it as a real restaurant.
  12. where are you (or I) gonna get even passable chinese delivery from sneak?
  13. finback warm glow double india pale ale DIPA dry hopped with citra, nelson, belma, and 007 - 9% abv. this is a pretty nice modern double ipa, there's an initial blast of bitterness that gives way to the usual mango, papaya, etc fruit with some strawberry or some other fruit notes that makes this a tiny bit different from the rest of the pack, and the combination of bitterness with all the fruit separates this from other half, which is at least another fifteen minutes on foot from my apartment. blah blah blah and also blah.
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