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  1. allagash truepenny pilsner - 5.5% abv. this one is a blend of a pilsner made with german pilsner malt and an unspecified beer made with allagash's house brettanomyces. I'm not always a fan of their mixed culture stuff, but their brett strain is one of my favorites and some of the beer they make with it, like interlude and lil'brett, have an really nice mixture of clean brett notes and fruit. those beers aren't made with noble hops, but the interaction between the slightly tart apricot brett notes and the sweet pilsner malt base. this is a great example of tweaking a traditional style, it tastes like a good pilsner with a little added funk, and noble hop spice that you get in the finish has some depth to it. the only real negative here is that it's a one off, and it will probably disappear the way the rest of the allagash stuff I really like has. and so on. recoomended.
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    I just listened to it on you tube and I guess that's fair. not really my thing, but I'm enjoying some of the tracks from HAQQ. hard to argue that it's good black metal, not that it has to be.
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    what's that liturgy record like?
  4. aslin esperante mexican lager - 4.5% abv. aslin is a herndon, va brewery that's one of the dc area places that makes ne ipas and pasty stouts, they didn't distribute here before the virus, and my impression of their beer is congruent with my impression that the only thing world class that area has produced were the original joe gibbs teams, but I have another mexican lager in the fridge and the label art, which is done by the person who makes a lot of the really nice stillwater designs, is really nice... mexican lagers have been increasingly popular among craft beer makes over the last few years, which I dismissed as part of the smarter large craft brewers to encroach on the big beer market instead of going up against the small local breweries they'll never be able to compete with on quality. I actually prefer modelo especial and tecate to their american counterparts, but the light, hop free style that I took to be the hallmark of mexican style lagers aren't really what I want from craft beer. google tells me that really sets mexican lagers apart is the use of flaked maize, which is fermented out, which in theory could make for a lighter body and drier finish, which isn't necessarily bad. this one is almost all very simple malt notes, with a little bit of sweetness and an even smaller amount of herbal hop notes. (my guess is that there's a very small amount of european hops in this.) the malt notes remind me a little bit of the true mass produced lagers, so they taste off to me, and whether or not that's a fair criticism the end result is a better made version of an inferior style of lager at a much higher price. recommended to someone else.
  5. strongly agree, but my kids school has been going out of their way to say that everything is tentative and they hope someone else will make the choice for them.
  6. so I was looking at the data for the rest of the world vs the US and noticed that while the US currently has roughly a quarter of the cases and deaths the it only has about 14% of the recoveries. this makes intuitive sense, the recent daily increases in number of infections have to mean that a lot of the american cases are still relatively early on in the virus's cycle. assuming that some of the new cases are going to die, does this mean that the actual death rate in the US is going to end up higher than average worldwide? or does is mean that us recoveries are reported differently, underreported, etc?
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    I'm actually very curious about what you're going to get and how you'll make the decision. I replaced my system in January and it was very difficult. I have a feeling that my neighbors would be jealous of your neighbors if they knew.
  8. oxbow seaworthy india pale lager - 6.5% abv. this isn't quite as fresh as the other oxbow stuff that I've been raving about this summer, and it was made with american hops (centennial and amarillo) so while this probably isn't at it's peak it has the same wonderful malt notes that the rest of their beers do, and there's a very mild but pleasant set of american hop resin in the finish. this drinks like a pilsner more than a ipa, unlike a lot of the ipls I've had, and this is an excellent beer, but I do think that the european style hops they use in luppolo work a lot better. mildly recommended.
  9. finback wellspring pilsner pilsner traditionally carbonated and dry hopped with lemondrop - 5.4% abv. apparently the version of this that I posted about this last month was dry hopped with citra, but if my memory works this works a little bit better because the use of non-traditional hops is less intrusive. I'm too tired to google, but it seems like traditionally carbonated means less carbonated, and there's a nice set of pilsner malt notes followed by some slightly citric hop notes. this is nice enough, but I think they'd be better off going for something really weird like idaho 7 or sabro, or, you know, something like saaz or tettanger. I guess I'm really surprised that I liked the pilsner with adjuncts better than the one with american hops.
  10. I would be surprised if the name is supposed to mean anything to someone outside the community, but the food I've had from them doesn't seem like what you're describing.
  11. I would be grateful if you could situate a restaurant you've never been to, lahori spice, in relation to bangladeshi food. (I know lahore isn't in bangladesh but the neighborhood it's in has a huge bangladeshi population.)
  12. finback archipelago mist pilsner with lychee and lemon zest - 5.4% abv. now that I drink pilsners I guess I should drink the silly ones too... I think finback does a good job with adjuncts, and I really like lychee and lime, so... while I don't want this to be the only kind of pilsner out there this is pretty nice, and the approach to the adjuncts is closer to the mikkeller "tastes like the listed style with the adjuncts interacting with the beer flavors in a clever way" model than the omnipollo "soda/liquid candy bar" that so many places uses nowadays. (I've had cocktails exactly twice in my life, both times at eben freeman & sam mason's tailor, so I guess I don't really know, but my guess is that cocktails aren't aimed at children the same way so many of the newer beers are.) anyways... this is the same color as a regular pilsner, and after a little bitterness there's a really nice mixture of fruit and pilsner malt. mildly recommended.
  13. resilience brewing company hop weave no. 6 india pale ale - 6% abv. as abbylovi pointed out up thread resilience is the name that the new hampshire brewery schilling releases their american style beer under. this one was sabro, azzaca, and cashmere, which is pretty cutting edge. this has a light body that's mostly weird fruit notes, but unlike last night's beer there's a little bit of grain notes in the finish and the mouthfeel is a little thicker. this has the very distinctive coconut/lime thing that you get with sabro at first, and it gives way to the more usual tropical fruit and citrus. I can't decide what the best approach to these kind of beers is - there's no shortage of local places that make very good ones, so buying this and the beer above it seem silly when I have a fridge full of pilsners that I want to get through, but I'm glad I had both of them and it's nice to know that many, many places have really nice examples of this kind of beer now.
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    I also like RTJ4.
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