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  1. torch & crown king elizabeth barleywine - 11.4% abv. torch and crown bill itself as manhattan's only brewery. they operate out of a space on vandam st, which seems like a horrible place to have a brewery. this one is named after the brewery cat at their production in the bronx, and... barleywine, probably my second or third favorite kind of beer, is one of the big casualties of the recent trends, and has all but disappeared from the places I buy beer, especially if you don't count ones with adjuncts or barrel aging, so I was pretty stoked to see these cans. this is not a good beer, good ex
  2. I am. I wonder if it’s more than nostalgia. finback archipelago showers pilsner with guava and lime zest - 5.4% abv. I probably wouldn’t buy a fruited pilsner from that many other breweries, but I like this as much as the other ones they’ve done and I’m sure I’ll buy the next one too. the key here is a restrained use of adjuncts, it’s mostly pilsner malt before the fruit takes over, and while the fruit notes are probably a little bit stronger than what you would get with new hops it still works for me blah blah blah.
  3. are the jochum recordings the emi ones or the dg ones? also where do you buy cds? is there a site like discogs for classical music?
  4. toppling goliath hopsmack! double india pale ale - 7.8% abv. toppling goliath is a decorah, iowa brewery that's known for it's pseudo sue, an all citra pale ale that was often cited as an example of relatively easy to find ne style beer when the ne ipa thing began taking over. I had some of that on tap recently and was really impressed, which lead me to pick up these cans even though they were more expensive than the local options that I like so much. the hops in this one are secret, but there's a nice, rich set of tropical fruit (mango, pineapple, with some resiny stone fruit in the finish) a
  5. de dolle dulle teve triple - brewed in belgium at de dolle, canned in connecticut by ordinem eccentri coctores, 10% abv. this is a big, sweet beer that combines the usual clove and pear notes with apple and vanilla and a big hit of sweet malt and candi sugar, which is an ingredient. this was hopped with kent goldings, the english hop used in a lot of that countries traditional beers, and while there is some bitterness in the finish this is pretty sweet. I’ve had the bottled version of this a few times and this is probably the kind of beer that’s better when it’s older. I was kind of surprised
  6. three's brewing highland park brewery hello, brooklyn west coast ipa - brewed at threes, 6.9% abv. highland park is a los angeles brewery that I'm otherwise unfamiliar with, but their website does have a mixture of hazy ipas and ones that look like actual west coast ones. this has has citra, mosaic, and strata, which seems like a pretty typical ne ipa hop bill, and looks like one too. it also more or less drinks like one, there's some mildly bitter hop presence at first, and then there's a soft version of the classic citrus and tropical fruit flavor profile with some melon and that same rid fr
  7. other half lACE'd in space imperial india pale ale phantasm experimental version - brewed at the original location in brooklyn, 8.5% abv. as the name may suggest this one is a combination of their all citra ACE and the all galaxy space diamonds, only this time they added phantasm powder, which is apparently made from savignon blanc grapes and is rich in thiols. google tells me this has something to do with the way they make gass smell odd, are often found in garlic, and are known for strong smells. I haven't had any of the other version of laced in space, but I have had ace and space diamonds,
  8. other half more strata than all strata imperial india pale ale - 10.5% abv, brewed at the original brooklyn location. there's a nice interview on trillium's instagram page where sam richardson, other half's head brewer, says that strata is one of the new hops that's gonna start to take on same kind of importance that citra used to. I don't think I've had a single hopped strata beer before, and I was nice to see it featured in one of other half's better single hop recipes. (the HCDC citra one I had on tap in another life is probably the best beer from them I've had.) google tells me that strata
  9. blaugies hill farmstead la vermontoise - brewed at brasserie de blaugies, dour, belgium, 6% abv. they’ve been making this one for a long time, and it was the most common hill farmstead beer in nyc bars for a while. it’s a spelt saison made with amarillo hops, which wasn’t retro when it was first made, but this is all about the terrific strain of farmhouse yeast they used. the beer starts out with typical belgian yeast spice, with some nice grain notes underneath, and then there’s some lemon, grassy american hops, and a little bit of sweetness. there’s a slight hint of brett that may or may no
  10. omnipollo bianca blueberry maple chocolate peanut butter pancake lassi gose sour ale with blueberries, cacao nibs, peanut flour, vanilla & maple syrup added - brewed by omnipollo at deproefbrowerij, lochristi, belgium, 7% abv. this pours a really nice shade of purple that stays opaque when held up to the light, and the large head is a nice shade of purple. it starts out with a big set of slightly tart blueberry notes, and then the maple, "pancake" notes show up in the finish, and there's just a little bit of cacao in the finish. this is really extremely well done, all of the flavors work t
  11. I was in the front.
  12. fat orange cat brewing I don't like mondays new england style india pale ale - brewed at two roads, 12% abv. fat orange cat a twelve percent brewing project brand that's been around for a few years, long enough that they're still making beer in silkscreened cans at two roads. you can tell this recipe is pretty old for a ne ipa too, it's a clear gold that's not the slightest bit hazy and you can (gasp) taste some malt here. it's hopped with galaxy, simcoe, and mosaic, and there's a generic version of the usual tropical stuff that's slightly bitter, and the overall effect is a lot more like sip
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