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    same thing happened at st. vitus.
  2. haven’t been to the new ssäm bar but I would think the view is probably pretty impressive.
  3. bissel brothers nothing gold double india pale ale - 8.2% abv. bissel made a lot of the original north east ipas, there’s a beer advocate listing for this as early as 2015, their website says this is the second dipa they made, and this definitely has the same mixture of old and new that makes their substance ale so appealing. this may look more or less like a new beer but tastes like a really, really good example of an older one. there’s a reasonably bitter mixture of citrus and pineapple, along with some mint and peach and some earthy stuff in the finish. this has a nice combination of bitter
  4. this reminds me I never got to the night market that was happening not so far away pre covid.
  5. AaronS

    NFL 2022-2023

    I don’t know if beckham is well enough to play. rams are really lucky they didn’t have to play them last year, they’re simply a better team.
  6. it’s fucking awful. even the current nestle owned version of blue bottle is better, which is really saying something. what you get at a joe coffee is in another universe quality wise. I pass two of them when I walk my son to school. drives me nuts.
  7. I guess sometimes if you let your dreams of being a tampon die you get to be king eventually.
  8. industrial arts brewing state of the art double ipa citra/chinook/amarillo - 8.2% abv. this is the other brewery I managed to visit on my recent trip to beacon. there had a few things that haven’t shown up near me, I didn’t like any of the things I had on tap but couldn’t resist the old school hop bill in this one. this is definitely has the body of a newer hazy beer though, and there’s a nice combination of melon, pine, and citrus with the usual resin underneath. this is pretty bitter, which I don’t mind, and is one of the few one offs from IA that’s actually better than their year round offe
  9. hudson valley brewery x root + branch x evil twin brewing new york city an even more sour adaptation of root + branch’s “the nomadic approach to reinventing the wheel” brewed with great care at hudson valley brewery in beacon ny under the direct supervision of jeppe himself from evil twin nyc. sour dipa - 8% abv. this pours a nice shade of purple orange, and smells mostly of fruit. they used blueberry, tangerine, coconut, and vanilla in this one, which is more or less how it tastes. this one works a lot better for me than the beer above it, the fruit flavors are better done, it has a thicker m
  10. hudson valley brewing straylight sour ipa with blueberry and lemon - 7% abv. I had the pleasure of visiting the brewery yesterday, and their sour ipas worked for me in a way they never had before. this isn’t one of the beers I had on tap, but the approach is pretty similar and I really don’t know why it doesn’t work as well now. there’s some mildly tart blueberry, lemon, and maybe plum, along with some simple lacto notes in the finish. there’s a little bit of sweetness, some apparent lactose, and not much beer. recommended to people who drink in large industrial spaces or something.
  11. dia:beacon has a lot of stuff that wasn’t up in 2019.
  12. that’s not gonna be a beer destination. and the way it’s presented is weird.
  13. beermenus says the closest place with their beer is in westport.
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