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  1. I remember liking his desserts on the opening zatinya menu.
  2. AaronS


    never saw this. I went to the one on ocean ave.
  3. AaronS


    happy birthday!
  4. outer range lawn games west coast-style india pale ale hops: cenntenial, nelson - 6.7% abv. outer range is a frisco, colorado brewery that's well regarded on the beer internet, although this particular beer has a pretty low rating on untapped and beer advocate. those listings go back to 2020, which means this was a little earlier than the new style west coast ipas that have been brewed around here recently. this is probably the best example of those kind of beers that I've had yet, there's a really nice set of citrus, pine, and peach that has a lot of detail underneath it, with pleasant versio
  5. thanks, I'll check the brooklyn one out. (I don't have a car.)
  6. I think what's happened to hilma of klimt is more interesting than oscar wilde.
  7. allagash brewing co hop reach india pale ale - 6.8% abv. there's a 100 minutes of podcasts on allagash's website chronicling the development of this beer, which is allagash's first year round ipa. I haven't been able to listen to all of it yet, but they do mention that the first real ipa they made was hugh malone, which I remember enjoying from it's first appearance (which I'm told was in 2007) until it disappeared around the time the vast majority of their stuff became hard to find around here. it's hard to fault a brewery for making a year round ipa in 2023, especially when they waited this
  8. really stoked to see the new barney. anyone been? can I take the kids?
  9. AaronS

    Martin Amis

    an acquaintance used to see him at family functions and said that he's been in horrible shape for years. from what my friend said smoking wasn't the issue.
  10. hair of the dog brewing doggie claws barley wine style ale 2005 - 10.5% abv. as nostalgia increasingly drives what I drink I guess it's only appropriate to drink something that's literally from the good old days. I had already been drinking hair of the dog for a few years when this was bottled - they distributed to dc and were one of the best breweries making huge, high abv beers at the time. they had nyc distribution when I first moved to new york but it took them a lot time to find a new one when their original distributor, a beer store on court street near the movie theater, closed and I di
  11. edmund's oast brewing plasma gun west coast-style india pale ale - 8% abv. edmund's oast is a charleston, sc brewery started by the people who ran the charleston beer exchange, which used to collaborate with their neighbors from westbrook occasionally. this one has chinook, citra, and whole leaf centennial and is pretty close to the shade of yellow orange that the actual west coast ipas were. this is about six weeks old and doesn't taste fresh, but it does actually taste like the way I remember things 15 or 20 years ago and I still like the basic combination of bitterness, citrus, and sweet ma
  12. the park slope one is better than that.
  13. saying it's a good alternative to shake shack is well within the mouthfuls guidelines regarding measured praise. since we're on the subject I think some of the stuff I had at taqueria ramirez today is clearly better than nene's, not that I'd tell anyone not to go to either restaurant.
  14. the park slope harlem shake is a decent alternative to shake shake. I'm not sure if that's poor or not.
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