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    My Amplifier

    I have two friends who have completely changed what they listen to so that they can better enjoy their stereo systems. idiots. one of them doesn’t even have a nice set up.
  2. omnipollo william session india pale ale - brewed and packaged by twelve percent llc in north haven, ct, 4.5% abv. it's possible to argue that omnipollo is partially responsible for a lot of the things that are wrong with the current beer scene - they were among the pioneers of the stupid high abv adjunct heavy stouts, the fruited lacto beers that are everywhere, and the milkshake ipa, but they also made a lot of terrific hoppy beer that were among the very first examples of new england style beer and I guess this makes them the helmet of beer blah blah blah... anyways I've always liked their stuff, and the twelve percent brewery in connecticut means that their beer sometimes shows up fresh. these cans don't have a date, and I have a feeling they were suggested to me to show that my obsession with age is excessive. I found an old facebook post that says that this was made with citra and corn, which seems right. there's a lot more flavor here than the usual session ipa, but it's also pretty bitter, and there's a nice mixture of citrus and maybe pineapple underneath along with a grain note that I don't love, and there's more citrus in the finish. this is one of the better session ipas I've had, which isn't saying much because I don't like them and don't drink them often, but this is enjoyable enough.
  3. ordinem ecentrici coctores "OEC" coolship lager beer czech style blonde lager - 5.2% abv. oec is the oxford, ct brewery run by b-united, who import almost all of the good european craft beer that the shelton brothers don't. they make a lot of really neat looking beer that I don't see around much, although I have had this on tap a few times. the back of the can tells me this was made with a traditional double decoction mash that was aged in copper kettles, transferred to a coolship, transferred over a braudelot cooler, and then fermented in open tanks. I just googled a bunch of those words and can tell you that this is meant to reproduce a much older way of making beer. apparently decoction is a process where some of the mash is removed, boiled, and returned to the rest of the mash, which was a technique often used before the invention of the thermometer. google tells me that this process accentuates the malt flavors, which is definitely true here. the beer is the same pale yellow that a classic pilsner is, but there's a lot of toasted malt presence that gives way a little bit of noble hop spice and more grainy notes. this has a lot more depth than the typical lager, but there's no other sign that this was open fermented and it's not as weird as the three's foudre aged lagers and the end result is a little too malty for me.
  4. tired hands ourison saison - 4.8% abv, crowler! I've posted about the bottled version of this before, but beer like this is often better on draft, which might be true here. this is their year round saison, saison hands, conditioned in a foudre for a long time, although I don't know if they did the equivalent of the bottle conditioning in the bottom of the keg. this starts out with a bright lemon note that's a lot more pronounced than the way I remember the bottled version, that gives way to some muted sour notes that have a little bit of grain underneath and the finish has a nice version of traditional saison yeast profile with some very clean brett. there's also some unpleasant lacto notes in the finish, which doesn't ruin this very simple, very pleasant beer.
  5. AaronS

    My Amplifier

    I have a nice stereo system and a very small living room and you can definitely tell that the speakers are too close to the walls.
  6. I think it goes further than that, my understanding is that certain artists have a court injunction placed on them that requires a police presence at their recording sessions, and the police have some ability to censor what’s recorded to prevent violence.
  7. I really like the maesri brand curry pastes.
  8. she's talking about what they've done to drill music.
  9. other half x omnipollo cap’n krispies pilsner - brewed at oh, 4.5% abv. neither of these breweries are known for their lagers, but the one straightforward pilsner I’ve had from omnipollo was enjoyable enough for me to pick this up despite my uniformly poor experience with oh lagers. this one was made with puffed rice, saaz, wai-iti, and a small amount of nelson. I suspect there’s some pilsner malt in here too, it’s got a really clean and simple malt base that works surprisingly well with the antipodean hops. this is slightly sweeter than the average pilsner, and there’s enough saaz here that it doesn’t taste as weird as it sounds, and the mixture of grassiness and a strong lychee flavor tastes a lot better than it sounds. I know that a lot of collaborations end up being a lot less enjoyable than most beers from either brewery, but every omnipollo beer is a sort of collaboration and it’s hard to believe that they’re not the reason I like this so much and so on and also on. recommended plus.
  10. AaronS

    Peter Green

    never did peyote but had the same experience with acid twenty years later.
  11. I was unaware of this, thanks.
  12. finback smooth beats miami coconut india pale a collaboration with our good friends at j wakefield brewing - 6.2% abv. this is the third coconut ipa in a row, only instead of sabro hops this one uses real coconut. j wakefield is a miami brewer that doesn't really distribute packaged beer here but showed up at the festivals and was sometimes on draft around town, I haven't had a ton of their beer but they make some of the best examples of the new super high abv adjunct heavy stouts that I've had, as well as a really awful coconut hefeweizen. they've made this a couple of times over the last few years, probably because it's a pretty good beer. there's a little bit more bitterness than you expect in a modern ipa, and the finish has a nice mixture of real coconut flavors and some mango/orange hops. mildly recommended.
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