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  1. scarr’s had much better beer than dhamaka too.
  2. I don’t know if it’s more or less fun now.
  3. the short story collection is good too.
  4. jw lee’s harvest ale 2011 vintage limited edition - 11.5% abv. this has always been one of my favorite examples of my second favorite kind of beer, and I’ve posted about a couple different vintages over the years but this is the oldest one I’ve had in a while. this really seems older than anything I’ve had in a while. it’s still mostly enormous malt notes, but it’s not as sweet as it was and it’s more fig and raisin than anything else, with some bitter toffee underneath and orange treacle in the finish. these are exactly the same flavors it has when it’s younger, but they’ve been rearranged an
  5. three floyds alpha klauss christmas porter - 7.3% abv. this is the dark version of their venerable alpha king pale ale, which gets english chocolate malt, mexican sugar, and “tons of strange american hops” and a slightly higher abv. this is really nice - there’s a nice mixture of cocoa, coffee, and other roasted malt flavors followed by some sweetness and some orange citrus and mint that works really well with the chocolate malt. there’s a nice amount of detail here, it’s really well put together, I always love three floyds, and so on and on. strongly recommended.
  6. dhamaka and l’abielle.
  7. three floyds barrel-aged behemoth barleywine ale - released jan 2022, 13.6% abv. I can’t remember if I had this right when it came out or if I had the 2021 version, but I remember really liking it the first time around and this is excellent. this is a great example of a barrel aged beer - it starts out with the huge toffee and fig notes you get in a barley wine, and then the barrel takes over and there’s some roasted coffee, cocoa, vanilla, pear, and bourbon. this doesn’t have the depth of the much more expensive anchorage beers mentioned above, but it’s a little bit better put together and th
  8. AaronS


    seeing this reminded me that I forgot to mention the vanum show I saw last month that I found completely life affirming.
  9. to øl mine is bigger than yours barley wine-style ale - brewed at de proef brouwerij, 12.5% abv. this is another part of the leftover shelton brothers stock, only I know for a fact this one sat around their warehouse and not the store I bought it from. I emailed to øl to ask how old this is and they said the code on the cap means it was probably brewed in 2018. barley wine is probably the beer style that ages best, so it’s unsurprising that this seems like it has a lot of life left in it. it’s got a nice mixture of the basic barley wine flavors - toffee and dried fruit - along with a little bi
  10. mikkeller beer geek cocoa shake imperial stout brewed with chocolate -brewed in norway by lervig, 12.1% abv. this is an older bottle of a beer that goes back to 2014, the cap says drink by 2025 so I guess this was probably brewed in 2015. (I bought it from a place that has some truly ancient stock sitting around, including quite a few things that haven’t been made in at least ten years.) however old this is it’s holding up well enough, there’s a very simple set of basic flavors that are smooth and well rounded but not as well defined as the way I remember this when it first came out. it’s mos
  11. I liked her new novel a lot.
  12. happy birthday (un or not) to all!
  13. evil twin brewing new york city a deal with evil base beer: evil twin nyc barleywine batch 11 anchorage a deal with the devil double oaked barleywine abv: 17% collaborator: anchorage brewing co. barrels: sina qua non red wine, then henry mckenna 12 yr bourbon buffalo trace bourbon, then woodford reserve double oaked aging time: 21m in sine qua non, the 12m in henry mckenna 12 yr. 8m in buffalo trace, 9m in woodford reserve double oaked - this one is a mixture of the anchorage barleywine I had the other night and some evil twin barley wine that spent a lot of time in the sine qua non red wine b
  14. I think the ownership is the same as smiling pizza on top of the 7th ave F/G stop. luigi’s is my favorite in that area too, although pda is solid if you have to actually be in park slope.
  15. never heard of it. I guess they make their own beer?
  16. anchorage brewing company a deal with the devil double oaked barleywine aged for 7 months in heaven hill bourbon barrels then transferred to freshly emptied woodford reserve double oaked barrel for an additional 9 months - 17% abv. this is the second version of this I've come across, the other one spent 11 months in cognac bottles and I remember really enjoying it. this is a pretty odd beer, there are huge fruit notes that you don't normally get in barley wines (grape, cherry) and a lot of the flavors you get in bourbon (toffee, vanilla), along with a little bit of the fig and raisin you get i
  17. I wish their place in park slope was better.
  18. AaronS

    Julie Powell

    that's scary as shit.
  19. an old friend is spending a week in jerusalem and tel-aviv. he's open to anything that doesn't require him to dress up, will eat anything but really likes meat, only speaks english (and spanish I guess) and doesn't drink. where should he go? I sent him Jessika's post from august.
  20. isn’t there already a casino in queens? and there are at least a dozen places openly selling weed in brooklyn.
  21. de molen hel & verdiememis ale bottled 7/2017 - 10% abv. de molen is a dutch brewery that excels at this kind of huge, rich beer, and apparently this russian imperial stout is their flagship beer. this starts out with a huge set of roasted coffee flavors, like a pleasant combination of burnt coffee that’s been sitting on the heat all morning and chocolate, with a little bit of sweet anise and peat underneath. the malt notes here are extremely well done - there’s a lot of detail for something this bitter and it has the smoothness that well aged beer does. most beers this old wouldn’t be thi
  22. omnipollo noa pecan mud cake 2022 bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with natural flavors added - brewed at dugges bryggeri in sweden, 14.5% abv. noa is one of the older omnipollo beers, and while the version brewed by the 12% brewing is better than a lot of their american made stouts it really pales in comparison to most of the european made ones I’ve had. this is a pretty nice example of a barrel aged pastry stout - the primary flavor is probably bourbon, but there’s a lot of detail underneath (caramel, pecan, vanilla) that gives the bourbon flavors more depth. this isn’t that sweet for a pa
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