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    there's a lot of hardcore vegans who make a point of buying used leather shoes and wallets to make sure nothing goes to waste. there was a little while where all the cool kids at shows were wearing business shoes from the 60s or whatever.
  2. industrial arts brewing co state of the art series 44/55 oat to wheat northeast pale ale - 6.1% abv. this is another really nice single ipa/pale ale from industrial arts. this one was made with strygian wolf, galaxy, amarillo, and mosaic. this is another beer that exemplifies what you want from IA - a clean, hoppy version of the stated style that’s interesting without being weird. this is definitely a ne ipa (or pale ale I guess) - even if there’s a lot of bitterness for the style. there’s a nice set of soft hop flavors that have some stone fruit, papaya, and maybe tea flavors, and some really
  3. two roads ok2berfest mazren style lager - 5.8% abv. I’ve bought this for the last few years, and it’s unsurprising that my reaction has gone from “it’s so nice that this isn’t a neipa” to “this is a pretty well made but kind of boring beer” given how much my lager intake has increased. this is the dark amber color that most american oktoberfest beers are, and there’s a nice and simple mixture of breads malts and caramel, with a little bit of bitter pine on top of the sweet finish.
  4. allagash moselle farmhouse-style lager - 6% abv. a few years ago there were a lot of breweries who only distributed in their home markets and nyc, which is less and less true as the local options improve, which is great for some things but lessens our options for others. allagash still sells beer here, of course, but there special products are getting harder and harder to find and it’s been a few years since I was able to buy all of their special releases. things like confluence haven’t come back, but this is the second lager with weird yeast from allagash that’s come around recently. this was
  5. looks more like taco bell than a taco.
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    my parents had to keep some in the fridge for my babysitter when I was a kid and I always enjoyed how much it pained my father.
  7. evil twin brewing westbrook brewing co. ofymd maple bourbon barrel aged imperial maple stout pina colada style stout with pineapple and coconut aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels - brewed at westbrook in north carolina, 12.8% abv. I like this kind of beer at this point I guess, although it's hard to say if I'd still prefer the westbrook/evil twin version of these kind of silly stouts if I'd had more of the ones that the beer trading community value. anyways... this is very much as described - you get all the adjuncts at first and then it's mostly smokey bourbon flavors with the maple undernea
  8. logsdon mikkeller san diego stems & stones oak aged wild ale - 7.3% abv, bottled 8/9/2019. this is a mixture of 18 month old spontaneously fermented beer, half of which was aged in oak with second use syrah grapes in it, while the oak used on the other half had yummy beaut plums. (I think that's a kind of plum, not their descriptor.) the beer was made by logdson outside portland, but was selected by someone from mikkeller sd. the difference between this and last night's beer is pretty striking - the extra time that this spent in barrels really paid off and this is both a lot more approacha
  9. oec brewing aether dry hopped sour ale - 6% abv. oec is the connecticut based brewery run by b-united, who import the euro craft stuff that the shelton brothers don't. this one has a base of wheat and oats, was lightly hopped in the boil and then dry hopped as it fermented in oak. the side of the can says that this is supposed to decrease the amount of acid given off by the yeast, and it also says to drink fresh. these cans are about two months old, which is really old for something that I haven't aged on purpose, so I don't know how hoppy this was when it was meant to be drunk. as it is now t
  10. three floyd's permanent funeral pale ale - 10.5% abv. I think my initial reaction to three floyd's arrival in new york was probably overly negative. I've developed a renewed appreciation for their stuff over the last few weeks, and I can't think of any other brewery available in this market that can make big beers that tastes like both malt and hops at this level. the internet tells me this is all citra, which is in some ways surprising because their other all citra pale ale, zombie dust, has some of the tropical fruit/pineapple you associate with citra that's totally absent here. this is a hu
  11. I’m almost finished with gass’s tunnel, which is very much as advertised. new phil klay and karen russel books next.
  12. what small h said. I hear the book is good.
  13. there's a couple pre-made juice and pils or juice and hefe mixes sold as radlers in the us. the schofferhoffer one they have at the place in fort greene (and many grocery stores) is tasty.
  14. I think even places like union market have fresh curry leaves.
  15. finback compatible india pale ale ipa dry hopped with all the hops - 5% abv. drinking this back to back is with last night's industrial art's beer, this is definitely a newer style beer in some ways, there's more of the southern hemisphere/tropical fruit thing going on, but it's also surprisingly bitter for something with this low abv. there's nothing wrong with this I guess, but last night's beer was a lot more enjoyable, and shows why I'm increasingly drawn to older style beer.
  16. industrial arts brewing company yes farms, yes beer new york state grown hazy india pale ale - 6% abv. this is exactly what you hope you're gonna get when you buy industrial arts - a clean, well made hoppy beer that's easy to enjoy. they've made this a few times, and I think I remember seeing something about a more traditional hop bill, but I can't find it now, and... the lemon meringue and pineapple mentioned in the commercial description is dead on, and there's a moderate amount of bitterness and some stone fruit in the finish, along with some weird citrus. this is one of the better beers I'
  17. the cost of living calculus is very different over there.
  18. finback reaching skyward mixed culture sour ale with peaches - 9% abv. finback is towards the top of the local pile for most of the things they do, although I think the stouts are the only place that you'd put them first. this is pretty good given that it's only the second oak aged sour beer they've released. it starts out with a bright set of peach notes mixed with the champagne like end of the brett spectrum, which gives way to some oaky notes that are a little too astringent for me. this is a pretty high abv for the style, which probably makes it easier to sell at a fair price, but there's
  19. industrial arts brewing company state of the art orange dipa - 8.7% abv. this tastes like oranges I guess, but more like the rind than the juice you'd expect in a modern double ipa. there's some sweet malt notes, but if there are hop flavors here they're all bitter citrus. I thought I had figured out that the ideal age for a double ipa is about two weeks, which is precisely where this is, but maybe that rule doesn't apply to fruited one? I guess inconsistency has been a part of what IA is doing for a while now, but this is mildly disappointing. meh meh meh. eta: so I've drank another can
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  21. think about how different hume would look without kant.
  22. transmitter L3 italian pilsner - 4.8% abv. I'm not sure why I never drink transmitter, especially since their new location is walkable for me, but this is one of my favorite styles and I'm happy I picked this up. it's made with actual italian malt and unspecified noble hops. this isn't as hoppy as your typical italian pilsner, but this is a delicious well made beer that has a really nuanced set of malt notes and slightly sweet lemon notes in the finish. I can't find anything to confirm this but I'd be surprised if this was fermented with a typical lager yeast, or maybe something got into the t
  23. finback spaced in time ddh double india pale ale ddh dipa dry hopped with citra, blanc, azaaca, mosaic and amarillo - 8.3% abv. finback makes good double ipas. finback makes double ipas that are usually more bitter than ones you get from other half. other half makes good double ipas. other half makes double ipas that are sweeter than the finback ones. finback almost always has a well designed label. other half has a well designed label about half of the time. over time I have drank a lot more double ipas from other half than I have from finback and they are mostly the same. recently I have bee
  24. lawson's finest liquids hopzilla double ipa - 8.7% abv. I've post about this before, but all the three floyd's I've had recently rekindled my interest in older style hoppy beer and I was happy to see reasonably fresh cans of vermont made lawson's at the grocery store, which would have been remarkable not so long ago. anyways this is more or less the way I remember it, there's the classic combination of bitter pine and fruit, only you get some berry, stone fruit, and tea flavors. this tastes like a better made version of something you'd get from stone. recommended to myself.
  25. finback wellspring: meridian pilsner pilsner traditionally carbonated and dry hopped with meridian - 5.4% abv. this is another entry in finback's ongoing series of pilsners that combine traditional carbonation with new school hops. I chose to google the hops this time, and found a lovely story about a series of hops that were develop on behalf of ab because fuggles, which is used in a lot of truly old english beers, has a hard time growing in the us. apparently ab went with a different hop, and when they revived it in 2011 they found out it had turned into something completely different. so th
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