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  1. jolly pumpkin artisanal ales presents another chapter in the baudelaire biere series io saison ale brewed with rose hips, rose petals, and hibiscus - bottle 1/03/2018, 6.8% abv. this pours a dark amber color that has a tiny bit of red in it and smells strongly of brett, which is great because jolly pumpkin's brett beer is almost always terrific and you  expect it to be pretty prominent in something this old. their brett really is magic, there's nothing harsh or unpleasant here and you can still taste the rose and hibiscus, even if the latter tastes like tea. this slightly tart in a very pleasant way, there's some cranberry and even a little bit of noble hop spice (they used tettinger and cascade) along with some sweet brett flavors and maybe some lime, blood orange, and a little bit of oak. this is delicious, but I'd really like to have their beer a lot closer to fresh one of these days. recommended.

  2. jester king grisette ale refermented with currants batch #1 december 2020 - 5.7% abv. this is a nice shade of dark purple that looks more or less like a light bodied red wine if you ignore the carbonation. this has a mildly tart mixture of currants, dark cherry, a tiny bit of oak, and some of the same bright brett I liked to much in femme sauvage I had recently. this is a lot sweeter than most lambics, and the sweetness shows through the currants at the same time the brett does. this is a really well made beer that’s pretty distinctive, but I prefer the other two jester king beers I’ve had recently to this. recommended.

  3. sierra nevada hoptimum triple ipa - 11% abv. sierra has been making a version of this beer for the last couple years, I haven't seen it before and I'm pretty sure this is the first time they've sent it to nyc. they've changed the abv at least once, this year's version has the same high abv as last year's version but uses amarillo, bru-1, pahto, and simcoe. (pahto is a new to me hop that is apparently neutral tasting and best used as a bittering hop.) these bottles are from early april, which makes them a lot older than almost any ipa I've had in years, but I've been curious about this for years and I can't imagine passing on something from sierra. this is basically the same shade of amber orange that torpedo is, and starts out with a bunch of sweet malt that really dominates whatever else is here, although there's some honey and some tropical fruit jam that's overly sweet in a bad way. this really makes you appreciate how good the similar three floyds beers are.

  4. maine beer company little whaleboat india pale ale - 6.5% abv. this is a brand new mbc ipa, which combines a bunch of older hops (citra, mosaic, columbus) with the newer talus. apparently talus is descended from sabro but has more of a focus on pine and citrus than the weird coconut like flavors you can get in sabro. this tastes more like a traditional ipa than the last few new mbc beers I've had, and there's no use pretending I'm going to do better than the commercial description that I read when looking up the hop bill, so... mango, grapefruit, and pineapple with notes of rose and chamomile. this is pretty big for the abv in a way that their beers usually aren't, but apart from that it's exactly the kind of excellent beer you expect from mbc. strongly recommended.


    the body - the basic sound, at least at this show, was a really incredible mixture of electronics with harsh bass & guitar, but there's no song writing and it's hard not to think it would be a lot more compelling with better drumming.

  5. kcbc taco friday pilsner brewed in collaboration with hop revolution and halleratau new zealand style pilsner riwaka, motueka, and saaz hops - 4.9% abv. I was pretty excited for this one, the previous beer in this series was excellent and I've had a couple of pretty good pilsners made with nz hops recently. this has the type of well done citrus notes you expect from these hops in a pilsner, along with some well done malt sweetness and a little bit of noble hop spice in the finish along with a bunch of the lychee/rambutan/hairy fruit you expect from these hops. this isn't perfect, everything is a little muddled and it's not crisp the way these kind of beers are supposed to be, but almost anything is going to be disappointing after those jester king beers blah blah blah. mildly recommended.

  6. jester king femme sauvage dry-hopped farmhouse ale femme sauvage is a dry hopped saison brewed with wild yeast and the 2019 pink boots society hop blend - batch #2, december 2020, 5.5% abv. the pink boots society was created to advance the role of women in the brewing world, their 2019 blend was a mixture of loral, glacier, mosaic, simcoe, and sabro. that's a pretty modern hop bill, and it really goes well with the mixture of brewer's yeast and wild yeast they used in this one. this has a terrific combination of white grape gummy candies, peach, melon, which is followed by some really terrific brett notes. the beer doesn't dry out the way that the best brett stuff usually does, there's some grassiness and there's some green apple, pear, and a ton of melon in the finish. the finish is pretty sweet for a brett beer, but this is really well put together and nothing seems out of place. this is even more impressive than the bitter death I had the other day, the brett notes are pretty distinctive, which isn't surprising because the ones I usually like are from much further north than austin, blah blah blah. my strongest recommendation.

  7. kcbc beverly hills croc india pale ale simcoe, amarillo, idaho 7, mosaic, falconer's flight & warrior hops, malted barley - 6.9% abv. one of the things that I tend to forget when thinking about how uniform the ne ipas available to me are is how much better they are than the ipas that preceded them - finding a great ipa was exciting because it was my favorite beer style and because they weren't in every bodega and so on and on. so it's exciting that the variability of these new west coast ipas is a feature not a bug or whatever. this is pretty decent, it's got a pretty old school hop bill with one new hop (idaho 7) and two things that were around when everything changed (falconer's flight & mosaic) and has the clear, slightly amber color that these beers are supposed to have. this is surprisingly well done, there's a nice combination of malt, pine, resin, and a little bit of newer hop stuff. this is a lot better than the other west coast ipa they released recently, although the internet tells me the first batch of the came out last summer.

  8. how will kim die?

    how will lalo die? (I bet the gun gus put in the tractor is key)

    will howard’s pi get picked up by mike & gus’s outfit?

    howard, like kim and lalo, isn’t in breaking bad. will he die too?


  9. jester king bitter death extra hoppy belgian style pale ale batch #1 april 2021 - 5.4% abv. jester king is an austin, texas known for their open fermented wild ales, which are as good as any similar american beers I've had. this isn't one of those, it was apparently made with antwerp ale yeast and nothing else. I was pretty bummed to see that, because I expect beer to need brett to be good more than a year after bottling, but this is terrific. there's a really nice mixture of slightly bready malt, tea, a lot of fairly gentle noble hop spice and the accompanying bitterness, and tiny bit of citrus and sweetness in the finish. this is as hoppy as any ne-ipa in it's own way, but very few beers have this level of detail and this is one of the few american versions of a classic european style that's clearly better than the european versions I've had and so on. my strongest recommendation.

  10. the covid that I caught in early april was pretty unpleasant, I never had trouble breathing (or was scared for my life) but there were liquids pouring out of my head for about 72 hours and I've never had a flu/cold/stomach bug that was that physically uncomfortable. the person I probably got it from, who had a slightly milder set of the same symptoms a few days before I did, never tested positive with at home tests.

    hope splinky and sig eater feel better soon.

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  11. maybe it was in one of their stories but the pate looks like it probably serves two. eta: I just sent you a different picture of it and it’s not as big as I thought.

  12. oec brewing obscura baltic porter obscure is a baltic porter brewed with debittered dark malts and hopped with fine european noble hops. a warmer fermentation starts in open tanks for one & a half weeks using a traditional lager yeast. finally it is layered cold prior to packaging. - 8% abv. this is the kind of simple beer that really benefits from the open fermentation that oec uses. there's one basic flavor - dark malt - but there's all kinds of detail here. you get dark malt, mocha, mint, dark cherry, raisin and a little bit of anise. there's a little brightness at the end that reminds me of champagne yeast the way that brett does sometimes, but other than that it doesn't really taste like wild yeast, although it's really rare to find this kind of detail without it blah blah blah. recommended plus.

  13. finback eight year triple india pale ale triple india pale ale dry hopped with simcoe, citra, and talus cryo - 10.7% abv. talus is another newish hop from yakima hops, which is apparently descended from sabro. this is a pretty solid ne ipa that has some interesting herbal stuff on top of the usual citrus. it's also the first beer I've had in a long time that has the cryo hop buzz you used to see before people figured out how to use it. other half's anniversary beers tend to be among their best, that's not true of this or the way I remember the sixth year. the stout they made for their anniversary was made with breakfast cereal so I probably won't test whether or not their anniversary stouts are better than their usual ones.

  14. 9 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

    Also - once someone shoots up - they're pretty useless.

    of course, but the fact that they’re comfortable cooking their spoon on someone’s steps means the cops are still on vacation.

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  15. there's people cooking and shooting heroin in the open a few blocks from where I live in brooklyn, which is something I had never seen before.

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