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  1. omnipollo hilma double gulp! extra dry hopped extra vanilla and crispy fries burger bun triple india pale ale with natural flavors - 10% abv, brewed and packaged by twelve percent, north haven, ct for omnipollo - 10% abv. this triple ipa version is at least the third one I've posted about, and yes, as far as I know this is made with actual burger buns and fries (and whatever oils and other things that must also include) and while I won't pretend to taste any of that stuff directly there's some bread like malt followed by a bunch of vanilla sweetness, some bitterness that tastes like hops, and a hint of apparent alcohol. the use of vanilla is a lot more restrained than their collaboration with other half that I found so amusing, and this is pretty enjoyable. mildly recommended to idiots.

  2. omnipollo x evil twin brewing even more blanca raspberry maple pancake royal treatment lassi gose ale with raspberries, vanilla, milk sugar, marshmallow flavor & natural flavor added - 7% abv, brewed and packaged by twelve percent, north haven, ct for omnipollo. this isn’t just the american version of the heavily fruited sours that I found surprisingly enjoyable earlier in the year, it’s the evil twin “royal treatment” version which means they crammed even more adjuncts into this. the “beer” is a deep shade of red/purple that looks like slightly opaque cranberry juice and gives off a pretty solid bright pink head. the mouthfeel is the slightest tick less thick than some of the et nyc fruit beers, but is still thicker than most milkshake ipas and some types of jamba juice. the thing that really struck me about the de proef version of the omnipollo beer that this was based on was how well put together the flavors were despite the absurd list of ingredients, and the way that the maple kept things from being cloying. this definitely has a lot more stuff in it, the raspberry and vanilla are a lot more pronounced this time around, which makes it both sweeter and tarter than the previous version, but the transition between all the flavors is still pretty smooth, there’s real depth of (silly) flavor here, the sour finish is pretty well done, and this still works for me. strongly recommended to idiots.

  3. king’s county brewers collective superhero sidekicks ipa india pale ale citra, mosaic, idaho 7, cenntenial & cascade hops - 6.9% abv. kcbc is one of the local brewers that I never bother to drink for no real reason, but they bothered to put a sign in the window of my local supermarket and I haven’t gone to finback recently... apparently this is the pride edition of superhero sidekicks, but I don’t know what’s different from the regular version apart from the packaging, which looks like it’s been redone across most of their line. I picked this one because it has a mixture of the now standard ne ipa hops and the older cascade and cenntenial, but this just tastes like a typical ne ipa to me. the distinctive lychee/bubble tea flavor you get from idaho 7 is pretty prominent, but the rest of it is the usual citrus/tropical fruit mixture that so many of these beers have, but having read the side of the can I guess I can maybe say that the mixture of orange and grapefruit in the finish could only come from c hops or something, except for there’s also some nectarine. this is a lot better than I thought it would be, there’s an impressive amount of detail here and I’m sure I’ll be trying their stuff more regularly.

  4. frost brewing lush double ipa imperial india pale ale - 8% abv. frost is a hinesburg, vermont brewery that’s been sending beer down here for a while now. I haven’t had their beer before for whatever reason, which was probably a mistake. this is one of their year round offerings and uses an undisclosed mixture of hops from both hemispheres. this is a classic example of a north east ipa, it’s got a great mixture of citrus and tropical fruit, a mouthfeel that’s fuller than usual, and a little bit of malt presence. the hops are really well done (orange, mango, a little resin, and that weird peanut butter jelly belly flavor some of the old other half beers had, apricot, quince jelly, etc and the beer is slightly sweet the way the all the other half stuff is. this is very well put together and I’ll definitely start buying their stuff when I see it. recommended plus.

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  5. evil twin x dolly’s swing & dive chicken bus lager light lager - 4.5% abv. this is a guatemalan style lager, which I guess means it’s a copy of famosa or gallo, which is a 125 year old beer that I’ve never had. this is an extremely light lager, both in color and taste, there’s a small amount of malt and a little bit of lime with even less noble hop spice, and a little bit more sweetness in the finish. this is pretty well made, as the saying goes there’s nothing to hide any flaws here and this is very, very clean, and I actually prefer it to the industrial arts rice lager I had last night, but it’s hard not to think the german styles are better. recommended.

  6. trve brewing spirit ritual mixed culture golden ale aged on colorado plums - 6% abv. trve is a denver brewery that probably has the most sophisticated metal focused packaging that I’ve seen on beer bottles. I’ve enjoyed every beer I’ve had from them, and I’m almost positive I’ve posted about this before but the search function and so on... this is a really nice shade of orange pink and smells strongly of plums and brett. this is exactly my kind of brett, it’s clean, bright, and the beer has a nice combination of bright plum flavors and champagne with very little acidity or funk, and there’s more fruit in the finish. this is one of the better brett beers I’ve had in a while. recommended.

  7. evil twin brewing nyc x monkish how about one of your pug-type beer names? triple ipa double dry hopped with mosaic, motueka, and galaxy - 11% abv. monkish is an la brewery that's as sought after in the secondary market as any brewery I can think of, I haven't loved the stuff I've had on tap (or the other half collabs) but I liked the last triple they made with etny. this is a pretty solid triple ne style ipa, there's that weird flavor that people call berry that you get with mosaic and a decent amount of galaxy like tropical fruit, so it tastes like any number of other beers, but I'd be hard pressed to guess the abv from the taste. mildly recommended.

  8. braisserie bfm abbaye de saint bon-chein grand cru sot terne 2 barrel aged sour ale aged in sweet frenchy wine barrels brewed in 2019 bottled in 2020 - 11% abv. the regular version of this is a blend of a begian strong dark ale aged in various wine, gin, and grappa barrels and was one of the first beer as bretty wine beers I really enjoyed. the grand cru version of this was aged in a single barrel. the sauternes doesn’t make as much of a difference as I thought it would at first, the initial taste is still dark cherry, oxidized port, and a decent amount of tartness. once you get used to the acidity the sauternes becomes more and more apparent, and you start to get some brett in the finish that’s not that funky. using a single barrel has hardly resulted in a simple beverage, but the blended versions are a lot more accessible and this is mildly disappointing, especially at $20 for 375ml.

  9. equilibrium harvester of science dipa - 8.5% abv. equilibrium quickly became one of the most hyped breweries in the area, which I always found odd because I managed to drink a bunch of their stuff on tap without really liking it. the stuff I've had more recently, especially their vulgar display of flower, has been a lot better, and this is pretty nice. this is made with an undisclosed mixture of hops that probably includes simcoe, and it's got a nice mixture of passion fruit, pineapple, guava, and maybe apricot that tastes a lot more like actual juice than the hops, and I'm actually surprised this wasn't made with fruit. this isn't quite as exciting as the last one, but this is definitely towards the top of the huge pile of identical north east style dipas, which is really all you can ask for. recommended.

  10. resilience the american pale ale project of schilling brewing whilom west coast style american pale ale - 5.2% abv. schilling, which has been mentioned here a few times, is a new hampshire brewery that makes a really impressive assortment of old school european style beer. the few things I've had from resilience have been a lot more modern, but apparently nostalgia really permeates things over there and this is a tribute to ken grossman, founder of sierra nevada. this has centennial and cascade, and the end result is a lot closer to sierra nevada pale ale with centennial than celebration without chinook and the big malt presence. (that's the old school sierra beer that uses centennial.) so this is a really nice example of what sierra's stuff would be if it were the way I remember it being twenty years ago - there's some grapefruit, pine, a little bit of malt, and it's insanely quaffable the way the old sierra stuff is. recommended plus or something.

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  11. hunky dory has a $20 grilled cheese, which is probably a sign of something extraordinary. the chef worked at torst when the food was better. (not the luksus dude.)

  12. 3 floyds brewing apocalypse cow double india pale ale with lactose - 8.6% abv. this is a classic 3 floyds dipa with lactose added, as opposed to the kind of thing you get when a local brewery uses lactose, which is probably what you should expect. this has the strong malt presence you'd expect in something this shade of orange, and the hop profile is a mixture of old school citrus, peach, and a little bit of melon with a little bit of creaminess in the background. this works the same way that all the good 3 floyds stuff does despite the lactose - there's a lot of bitterness at first, but once you get past that there's a surprising amount of detail and it has the basic combination of simplicity and detail that makes a lot of the old style beer so easy to drink blah blah blah and also blah and a bonus blah. recommended.

  13. 3 floyds pear bear american wild ale brewed with pears - 8% abv. this was fermented with both brett and lacto and aged for 11 months in both wine and bourbon barrels, and really smells strongly of pear, brett, and oak. pear is actually a pretty natural adjunct to use with a lot of brett strains, and it's definitely well integrated with the brett here. there's some oaky character that tastes like white wine at first, a fair amount of lacto bitterness, and there's some a really pleasant mixture of pear, brett, vanilla, chardonnay, and bourbon that really lingers in the finish. this isn't as well put together as the best sours, it's a little bit too sour for me and all the big flavors aren't quite in balance, but this is still pretty enjoyable and I may pick up the other two barrel aged 3 floyds beers on nyc shelves.

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