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  1. to øl yule mælk rum barrel aged 2019 imperial milk stout - brewed at de proef in belgium, 15.1% abv. this is probably the best example of the post shelton brothers new old stock that I've had, while the few to øl city beers I've had have been excellent it's hard to believe that they'll make a better version of something like this. this has a really nice mixture of beer flavors (albeit ones I don't normally associate with stouts) and rum flavors, it starts out with a nice mixture of raisin and dried fig with some oak and a tiny amount of apparent alcohol in the finish. this tastes more like a barrel aged quad than a stout, but it's delicious. mildly recommended.

  2. lawson’s mad river maple amber ale - 8% abv. I picked this up because it was a part of their year round line up for a while, which  made me curious enough to overlook my dislike of amber ales. there’s something about the taste of malty beer this shade of brown that I really don’t like, and while I guess I’ve enjoyed a lot of older double ipas that are more or less this color they usually taste like hops and caramel malt. this smells strongly of the malt taste I dislike so much, but that taste works surprisingly well with the maple syrup and the small amount of piney american hops I get in the finish. this is pretty well put together - it’s not as sweet as real maple syrup or a lot of stouts, it tastes like really good maple syrup, there’s no apparent alcohol, the finish has a nice mixture of honey, grapefruit, and mint tea, and so on, but if you’re only gonna have a beer every once in a while you should like it more than this and so on.

  3. finback bqe vietnamese coffee imperial stout with cocoa beans, mostra vietnam lotus coffee, vanilla bean and condensed milk. aged in bourbon barrels. 2022 - 14.8% abv. this is from the newest release of finback's oldest stout, I picked this one over the base chocolate and coffee version as well as the double banana coconut and double nut caramel that completed last years variants. the bqe variants are usually my favorite finback stouts, but this is a little bit hotter and sweeter than the way I remember previous versions and while you can clearly taste all the adjuncts the usual depth is missing and the booze overshadows everything else. I'm disappointed enough I'll probably pick up another variant for the next time I drink blah blah blah.

  4. sierra nevada celebration fresh hop ipa - 6.8% abv. this is the fortieth release of sierra’s malty, centennial focused winter seasonal, which was the first real ipa I had from them. this has the usual bitter mix of pine, citrus, and actual malt flavor. it’s hard to say why, but I remember liking previous vintages a little more. my strongest recommendation.

  5. lawson's finest liquids fayston maple imperial stout aged in mad river distillers rum barrels - 10.5% abv. the only other dark beer I've had from lawson's is the black ipa that they released in the fall. that's a style that I was convinced shouldn't exist - even maine beer co can't make a good one - but theirs really blew me away, and I was really happy to finally come across a lawson's stout. apparently the base beer is made with made with maple syrup, and while the rum is local to the brewery they don't make one with maple sugar, which could be impossible or otherwise unwanted for all I know... whatever they used didn't impart the kind of depth the rum barrels to øl and prairie use, the initial set of flavors are an oaky sweetness that's well integrated with the maple flavors but doesn't have much depth. there's some roasted malt underneath that's got some nice mild chocolate and coffee notes along with the maple and some flavors that I recognize as rum. this is a lot better put together than most of the hoppy beer I've had from them and actually exceeds my expectations. recommended.

  6. to øl goliat maple beacon edition smokey imperial coffee stout matured with bourbon barrel chips - brewed at de proef, lochristi, belgium, 10.2% abv. this is probably more new old stock left over from the shelton brothers bankruptcy, but I’m not sure how old it is. this was first released in 2018 but tastes like it’s about a year old to me. this starts out with a great mixture of peat, roast coffee, and vanilla, which is followed by some really well done bourbon and a mixture of milk chocolate, fig, raisins, and a hint of anise and maple. there’s a lot of detail here despite the relatively low number of adjuncts, and this comes off as subtle and demure compared to the finback stouts that I’ve had so many of over the last few winters, and a lot of these roasted notes even taste like beer. recommended.


  7. three floyds x pig destroyer permanent funeral imperial ipa - 10.5% abv. this is one of those old school beers I’ve been so into recently. the recipe goes back to 2013, but it actually seems older even though it’s all citra. this is a huge, bitter beer that’s also fairly sweet, which gives the pineapple and citrus the carmelized or marmalade character I like so much in these kind of beers, and there’s a mixture of honey, pine, and resinous mango in the finish. these cans are a little older than usual, and this isn’t as good as the way I remember previous years versions, and so on. recommended to someone looking for this kind of beer.

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