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  1. lawson’s finest liquids hazy rays ipa hazy & juicy - brewed at lawson’s in waitsfield, vt, 5.3 abv. this is the first hazy beer that lawson’s has sent down here, and smells and looks like a typical ne ipa. I’m usually drawn to their beers because their seasonals are usually among the better easy to find examples of old style ipas around here, but this is a nice example of what every one has been doing for years. it’s got citra and mandarina bavaria and has a nice mixture of the kind of citrus that suggests, with some peach and pineapple underneath, as well as a mild amount of bitterness an
  2. maine beer company thank you 2023 india pale ale - 6.1% abv. this is about as good as this kind of beer is going to get. there’s a big set of the kind of tropical fruit you usually get with citra with some green lychee like stuff in the background, along with a little bit of bitterness and some malt sweetness. this is a really well made beer - it’s clean, the flavors are well defined, it’s balanced, blah blah blah. strongly recommended.
  3. lawson's finest sip of sunshine ipa india pale ale - 8% abv, brewed at two roads in connecticut. there was a time where I was pretty excited about this, which seems odder and odder as time goes by and I was happy to find two week old cans of this at the store today. (I was there to pick up their newest ipa, which will probably be the next thing I post about.) my initial impression of tonight's can is all the things it's not - juicy, soft, a northeast ipa in any real way, well made in the way the beer brewed by lawson's in vermont is, etc. this pours a semi opaque amber that looks like an unfil
  4. what did you think of the passenger?
  5. but wasn’t at the time.
  6. I bet that’s better than what you get from pasta louise. the one I had was almost sadistically spicy for something they know is going to be fed to children, which is funny now I guess.
  7. finback smooth beats miami india pale ale with coconut (collaboration with j wakefield) - 6.2% abv. this is one of the beers that I've posted about the most, but I read that they dry hopped this batch with sabro, which made it even harder to pass up. sabro tastes a lot like coconut, and this batch has swapped the fake coconut flavor I find so appealing for something a little bit closer to hops. there's some sweetness and a little bit of hop burn in the background, and it's a lot more beerish than the way I remember it. finback continues to be my pick of the local breweries that make this kind
  8. siestema seems to have scooped superiority’s instagram in this instance.
  9. I used to get lard bread from mazzola.
  10. have you tried the new fradei sneak? has wilfrid been to foul witch?
  11. AaronS


    it was a pretty vibrant green. I only had it during the day. there's no shortage of other weird flavors to try.
  12. AaronS


    not sure either of these will help you but the one in coney island has a nice selection of german and polish beer and I like the frozen dumplings for quick, no effort meals. the cheese and sausage I bought weren't great. don't get the tarragon soda.
  13. lawson's finest liquids little sip ipa - 6.2% abv, brewed at two roads in stratford ct. I just looked up my first post about this and apparently I really hated it, which is consitent with the way I remember it was on draft at my local (which doesn't have the cleanest tap lines), but I liked their double sunshine with grapefruit a lot and thought this would probably taste better to me now that I'm not drinking dipas all the time. and... this is a little better than the way I remembered it. this is as citra focused as the other similarly named beers from lawson's, and has the same mixture of cit
  14. the rehersal on hbo. one of the strangest, most unique comedies I’ve seen. it’s a lot better than nathan for you.
  15. three floyd’s zombie ice double pale ale - 8.5% abv. as the name suggests this is the bigger version of 3f’s zombie dust, an all citra “pale ale” that’s gone from one of the best beers I’ve had to a solid option at the grocery store that doesn’t really sell that quickly over the last ten years. it’s hard to say what’s changed more over that time, of course, but the pilsner that came in the same variety pack was excellent and it’s hard not to be a little disappointed by this. it’s about the same color of slightly amber yellow as zombie dust, and isn’t really any maltier. this has a big set of o
  16. three floyds jinx proof lager -5.7% abv. this is exactly what I want from three floyds - a well made, super clean, very american beer that's extremely hoppy and stronger than it tastes but still quaffable. this was a part of their year round lineup a while ago (beer advocate says 2009) and is back as part of their new sampler. it's named for a dc tattoo shop that I never liked that much, but this is a lot cooler than all the lame branding stuff hardy was doing back then and so on. this has a fairly sweet malt presence and a ton of grassy noble hop spice that has a little bit of tea and a fruit
  17. that's what I was thinking was the problem. you can roast the shit out of a hepworth farms carrot and it's not gonna taste like what they serve there.
  18. the st john instagram says that those are the only dishes they'll be offering.
  19. I think the food at st john is especially poorly suited to replication elsewhere.
  20. you’re hardly alone in liking their stuff, I picked them up because I keep seeing positive things about them online. I’m sure the backdrop and being on vacation didn’t hurt either. I guess it’s possible these were made in north carolina.
  21. here are four (hopefully brief) reviews of ipas from new belgium - I don't normally knowingly drink beers owned by large conglomerates, but I keep coming across stuff on the web that says that these are by far the best mass produced hazy ipas and my curiosity got the better of me. as you'll see I was under the mistaken impression that the entire voodoo ranger series is hazy, which is why you read the can before you purchase I guess. new belgium voodoo ranger ipa - 7% abv. this one has amaraillo, cascade, mosiac, chinook, hbc 522, mosaic (they list it twice), citra, and strata - this is a
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