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  1. ridgeway brewing imperial barleywine 2015 vintage - 10% abv. ridgeway brewing is a roughly twenty year old oxfordshire brewery that I'm not familiar with, but their mad elf series were often on the shelf with the euro craft stuff about fifteen years ago. they call this an imperial barley wine because it's abv is higher than the 8 or 9% you see in the traditional english version of the style, and the label says that it's excessive bitterness brings it closer to a traditional russian imperial stout. this isn't as thick and sweet as the jw lees harvest ales are at this age, and it definitely star
  2. so there's a bunch of mediocre places? my experience is much like steve's. I'm surprised the szechuan place lex liked hasn't been mentioned. I do know about tanoreen and am actually looking to go to schnitzel haus soonish. I'll try the mexican place sneak recommends.
  3. põhjala cellar series pime öö islay ba ba imperial stout an imperial stout, aged in scotch whisky barrels from islay - 14% abv. this is about as strongly barrel flavored as a beer can get. there's a little bit of roast malt at first, which is immediately drowned in honey and a ton of peat. it's been a long time since I've had a whisky, but this is very much how I remember a good example of the super peaty kind. this is a delicious beverage that has a lot of well defined flavors, and while it doesn't really taste like beer anymore than your average "almond joy in a glass" pastry stout does it d
  4. the chinese restaurants in chinatown are the only worth while restaurants anywhere near there as far as I know. the best brooklyn thai restaurant I’m aware of is ugly baby, which is closer than the ones in queens but not anywhere near there. if she’s looking for a butcher ends meat in industry city is an easy drive from there I guess. the dry aged meat and charcuterie are both very good. there’s a japanese market in the same complex and a neighborhood level thai restaurant that has some rudimentary cooking stuff for sale a couple stalls down from ends meat. good bbq at hometown bbq t
  5. jolly pumpkin artisan ales aquamarine dream saison with blueberries, blackberries, lime peel, & salt added - released 2/2017, 7.8% abv. this is a great example of why jolly pumpkin's brett beers have always been among my very favorites, and how their brett makes beer indestructible, which is nice if your distributor takes almost five years to get things to market. this is as bretty as you'd expect it to be, but it's not "funky" at all, probably because there's a lot of salt in the finish where the less pleasant yeast notes always end up. this is mostly slightly sweet berry flavors with lim
  6. to øl sur citra dry hopped sour pale ale - 5.5% abv. I remember liking the de proef version of this series a lot, and this smells like it's gonna be just as good as the original version. there's a bunch of lemon and gooseberry up front, which gives way to some sweetness and a very mildly tart set of lacto flavors and some malt. this is a really nicely balanced beer - there's more bitter citrus than anything else until you get to the finish, and there's a ton of detail here for the abv - grapefruit, lychee, some berry, japanese white grape candy, etc etc. recommended.
  7. to øl 45 days pilsner - 4.7% abv. to øl started out as one of the gypsy brands making beer at de proef in belgium, which is also where mikkeller was making all their beer at the time. to øl opened their own brewery in 2019 and stopped sending their beer here shorty thereafter, I'm pretty sure today was the first time I'd seen new stuff here since christmas 2019 and these are definitely the first beers brewed at to øl city I've had. does the local lager scene make drinking a lager brewed outside copenhagen silly? this wasn't that much more than cans of suarez would be if I could find them, and
  8. three floyds crushing mass barrel aged coffee stout - 15.1% abv. google tells me that this is the first release of this one, which was made with dark matter coffee, which google tells me is from chicago, and aged in willet barrels for more than a year in indiana. this is jet black, has almost no head, and smells mostly of bourbon. this has a pretty incredible mixture of really rich coffee, fudge like malt, caramel, vanilla, and there's some floral coffee stuff in the finish. there's a lot more coffee than bourbon until you get to the finish, which isn't a problem, but it's also pretty sweet an
  9. my kids want mango sorbet. the best mango sorbet I’ve had was at indian accent, where they probably roasted the mangos. roasting them seems like the best way to go, given the kinds of mangos I’m gonna be able to find. do I just roast them at 300 until they brown and then proceed with a normal recipe? sprinkle with sugar before they go in the oven? will roasting less than perfectly ripe mangos be counter productive? anyone happen to have the indian accent book?
  10. if places like gold star and tørst have their stuff regularly it's not strange to me at all. I've definitely had some barrel aged stuff on tap at tørst but I usually don't post about tap beer. speaking of tørst I had a bunch of the barrel aged beers from the bruery they were featuring this weekend. there was a pilsner made using the krausen method, which was really nice, a very bretty barrel aged sour that you could get from a lot of breweries, and I had three of the huge abv beers that you can't get most places. they were all impressively easy to drink for their abv and hid their abv sho
  11. bellwood brewing jelly king raspberry & meyer lemon dry hopped sour ale with fruit - 5.6% abv. I haven't had one of these fruited lacto sours in a long time, but this is frequently featured on tørst's by the glass menu and that's enough for me to buy something. this is my first beer from bellwood, a toronto brewery that sends a little bit of beer down here. this is a little older ideal for a hoppy beer, but it is bright and simple and tastes like real fruit and there's even some hops (beer flavor!) in the finish. this is pleasant enough but I have no idea how it compares to all the similar
  12. sierra nevada barrel-aged narwhal imperial stout - 11.9% abv. this has been one of sierra's year round releases for a while now but I haven't come across it before, the base beer has the kind of huge roasted malt notes you look for in a stout, there are no adjuncts in this, the barrel aged bigfoot I had a few years ago was pretty wonderful, this is relatively inexpensive, etc etc. this is jet black and has a decent coffee colored head at first, bourbon really dominates the smell, and there's a big set of roasted chocolate and coffee that give way to a nice mixture of vanilla and bourbon with s
  13. evil twin brewing el dorado double dry-hopped ipa with el dorado, citra, halleratu blanc - 6.5% abv. this is another solid ne ipa from etny - there's a nice mixture of citrus, some dankness, and a nice mixture of stone fruit. I don't really know why I keep buying their beer over places like finback or other half, but they released a barley wine so I'm sure I'll be drinking one of their ipas next week to justify the trip and so on.
  14. I can't stand that coffee-chicory combo either.
  15. I’ve had a few very good meals from chuan yue on 64th street in sunset park over the last few months. not as good as my best meals at guan fu but as good as the way I remember say spicy and tasty. (from because I get delivery from there sometimes.) the menu is broad enough that it would probably work for my kids.
  16. great notion double stack imperial stout with coffee and maple syrup - 11% abv. great notion is a portland, oregon brewery that sends beer here quarterly, I think these cans were probably sent here with whatever stuff they were pouring at other half’s stout festival last weekend. they’re about six months old, which isn’t great, which is something I noticed after I got them home. I can’t tell you how they would have been fresh, of course, but these are pretty pleasant and have a nice combination of maple, coffee, licorice, and roasted malt flavor that’s pretty easy to drink. there’s some appar
  17. AaronS


    I used the amazon deal blondie mentioned above and the one I got seemed like a new one to me.
  18. hoof hearted dragonsaddle triple ipa - on tap! 11.5% abv. this is another who farted beer actually made in ohio, which may not be a good thing. this is the beer their yearly festival is named after and apparently this is the first time that they’ve distributed any of it. this is a huge, all citra triple that looks like any number of similar local beers. it smells great, there’s a marmalade version the usual mixture of citrus and tropical fruit citra stuff, and it’s definitely as rich as it smells. there’s a fair amount of apparent alcohol here too, which isn’t any more welcome here than it is
  19. evil twin brewing new york city I'm in a coconut state of mind double dry-hopped double ipa with mandarina bavaria, sabro, and citra hops. conditioned on fresh coconut - 8% abv. this is exactly what I wanted from it - a pleasant, easy to drink double ipa that has a nice mixture of hops and coconut that's well made without being at all challenging. bright citrus, coconut, a little bit of tropical fruit, no malt or apparent alcohol, blah blah blah. very nice for what it is.
  20. stone xocoveza imperial stout inspired by mexican hot chocolate & tres leches stout brewed w/chocolate, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, rice & oats - contains lactose, 8.5% abv. this is this year's version of one of the most widely available copies of mexican cake, which was introduced in 2014. it always had nutmeg, and I think lactose, but the rice and oats (and a slightly higher abv) are new this year. this is mostly coffee and lactose with a very mild set of chili flavors in the finish. I haven't had the original version in a long time, but this is cloying and it
  21. westbrook brewing co. mexican cake imperial stout malt beverage with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon, and habanero peppers added - bottled 5/21, 10.5% abv. when the firestone website says that the beer above this was inspired by mexican hot cocoa it's hard to believe they weren't thinking about this beer at least a little bit. first brewed in 2011 as westbrook's first anniversary beer, this was the first mexican chocolate inspired stout that I came across. the other widely available ones, prairies's bomb and stone's xocaveza, didn't come along until 2014, and while I'm sure I'm missing a
  22. AaronS


    it's at gotham, just like chambo said. I thought they'd closed.
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