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  1. I met someone who ran a steakhouse (not one that anyone here would willing go to) and apparently he used it all the time. he was pretty adamant that no one could tell the difference between his results and actual dry aging. I think he made his own using a recipe in the noma fermentation book.
  2. I think it's the only widely distributed beer I'm still excited about. and three floyds I guess.
  3. I've always loved their beer. do you not like it?
  4. sierra nevada hop bullet double ipa - 8% abv. this one goes back to 2017 and if memory serves their press release claimed it was the first mass produced beer to use lupulin powder, which breweries like other half were going nuts with at the time. this beer used the cryo form of magnum, which is found in stone ipa, sierra nevada pale ale (iirc), a lot of the classic west coast ipas, and exactly none of the beers the smaller breweries using cryo were making at the time. this is a lot lighter than the typical sierra beer but doesn't really have any less sweet malt flavor than the beer above it, a
  5. so my best friend has to spend a lot of money on a meal in vegas but wants to eat well. does anyone have an opinion about robuchon vs. guy savoy? is there something else he should consider? it has to be kind of vulgar to win the pissing contest he's in. I don't think he'd enjoy carbone. apart from that he's gonna go to raku. is lotus of siam still good? are any of the fancy chinese restaurants in the casinos actually good? @Evelyn
  6. sierra nevada ruthless rye ipa - 6.6% abv. I drank this one a lot just before other half opened, I don't remember if it was a seasonal or a part of their regular lineup at that point but the bravo at bedford and kosciuzko had it reasonably fresh for 9.99 and I was excited to find it in a variety pack at costco. this is about as far as you can get from the other half beer above it on the ipa spectrum in a lot of ways, but it did feature citra and eukanot back then as well as the chinook and nugget that are found in a lot of the older sierra beers. maybe they changed the recipe, yadda yadda yadd
  7. AaronS

    Foul Witch

    link doesn't work in slightly different ways in chrome and safari on my laptop.
  8. AaronS

    Foul Witch

    pretty easy to see the menu on their instagram.
  9. I really like that book. does anyone know if they have a new project?
  10. other half brewing 9th anniversary triple india pale ale - brewed at other half on okie street in dc, 10% abv. I've posted about a lot of their previous anniversary beers over the years, mostly when I was drinking a ton more other half stuff and I almost always thought that they managed to save their best recipes for the anniversary releases. they rebrewed the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th anniversary beers for this release, and I was really surprised how little I enjoyed the taster of each I had when I picked these cans up. it's hard to know what changed, of course, but I'm pretty sure the previous b
  11. to øl yule mælk rum barrel aged 2019 imperial milk stout - brewed at de proef in belgium, 15.1% abv. this is probably the best example of the post shelton brothers new old stock that I've had, while the few to øl city beers I've had have been excellent it's hard to believe that they'll make a better version of something like this. this has a really nice mixture of beer flavors (albeit ones I don't normally associate with stouts) and rum flavors, it starts out with a nice mixture of raisin and dried fig with some oak and a tiny amount of apparent alcohol in the finish. this tastes more like a b
  12. is that the place that used to have a much nicer, older looking bar? I tried to go there the other day and wondered if I went to the wrong hotel on that strip.
  13. lawson’s mad river maple amber ale - 8% abv. I picked this up because it was a part of their year round line up for a while, which made me curious enough to overlook my dislike of amber ales. there’s something about the taste of malty beer this shade of brown that I really don’t like, and while I guess I’ve enjoyed a lot of older double ipas that are more or less this color they usually taste like hops and caramel malt. this smells strongly of the malt taste I dislike so much, but that taste works surprisingly well with the maple syrup and the small amount of piney american hops I get in the
  14. I saw grohl play drums for scream once.
  15. do you use the place on garfield? I haven’t seen zampone but everything I’ve had has been excellent. apart from the pastries I guess.
  16. I got gout in my early forties and the doctor laughed at me when I didn’t react and muttered something about a bad diet. I find that I can feel it coming on and moderating my diet prevents full on flare ups. shit sucks.
  17. no english fine dining after 9/11? I had the version that didn’t give you food poisoning and liked it.
  18. rip off of a fat duck dish. don’t know who they took it from.
  19. I ate at his bed stuy spot a few times when I lived down the street.
  20. finback bqe vietnamese coffee imperial stout with cocoa beans, mostra vietnam lotus coffee, vanilla bean and condensed milk. aged in bourbon barrels. 2022 - 14.8% abv. this is from the newest release of finback's oldest stout, I picked this one over the base chocolate and coffee version as well as the double banana coconut and double nut caramel that completed last years variants. the bqe variants are usually my favorite finback stouts, but this is a little bit hotter and sweeter than the way I remember previous versions and while you can clearly taste all the adjuncts the usual depth is missi
  21. the evil twin location in dumbo has the original great northern sign on the wall.
  22. someone told me that the overheating was a deliberate response to the early twentieth century influenza outbreak and was meant to insure people would keep their windows open.
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