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  1. I guess, but it’s more likely they’re making things simpler and cheaper.
  2. hence my post. the burger is better than what I had at the double windsor recently, fwiw. they also have a fancy stouffer's french bread pizza that my friend disliked.
  3. they were serving the cozy royale menu in gowanus. it's all gone, not just the burger.
  4. the meat hook hired the guy from fritzl’s lunch box to open their restaurant, and briefly changed the food at their gowanus location to what he was doing in williamsburg. this was briefly my favorite burger in walking distance, but they changed back to what they were doing before. and the one I had yesterday was overcooked.
  5. threes brewing creature comforts brewing company guilty by association double ipa brewed with guava, pineapple, passionfruit, and tangerine - 8% abv. creature comforts is a georgia brewery that doesn't distribute here, but I picked this up because I've had a number of fruited ipa collabs from threes in the past. this is pretty nice, it has citra and strata in addition the aforementioned juices and this is pretty well put together. you get the fruit first, but the finish tastes like hops and tangerine and this is the kind of enjoyable, easy to drink beer I was looking for blah blah and also bla
  6. I kind of assumed bras was doing the same given how much that meal at wd-50 was.
  7. three floyds brewing barrel-aged behemoth barleywine ale - 13.6% abv. this is their hoppy american style barley wine that's spent 12 to 16 months in bourbon barrels. I haven't had the base beer, although I guess I can see why they sent this version here. this is an absolutely terrific example of barrel aging. this tastes like a big barleywine, it's got a big set of raisin and caramel notes, like you'd expect, as well as some huge vanilla, pear, coconut, chocolate, and maybe cinnamon flavors on top of a little bit of smoke and some oak and a small amount of apparent alcohol. the praise worthy t
  8. big mff presence on the 13th.
  9. the retail part of three's gowanus location. eta: I should have mentioned that they will deliver to your apartment. they've only had suarez a few times but you'd probably like their lagers.
  10. comics are always a terrible value.
  11. westbrook gates of s'mordor a s'mores inspired imperial stout brewed with marshmallows, graham crackers, coca nibs, and cinnamon - 11% abv. what's the point of releasing a beer that's gonna bring us all back to our wonderful childhoods if you have to add cinnamon to it to hide the booze? maybe if this wasn't one percent stronger than their usual adjunct laden stouts I could be reliving my wonderful childhood... no not really, this is fine and I think I actually like this more than the stronger, even more in your face pastry stuff that's more popular now. still only recommended to nostalgists.
  12. I'll pick that up now before it's twice as much later.
  13. I like his stuff. I didn't know about that one, he also has a new book from fantagraphics that looks good.
  14. not many seats left for the tasting menu.
  15. I often wonder if the viejo yayo places sell old cocaine.
  16. AaronS


    It was more exciting than I hoped it would be.
  17. suarez family brewery palatine pils - 5.2% abv. this is another "hop accented german pilsner" from suarez. this is another beer that's about as close to perfect as you're gonna get, at least around here. (I suppose that's what the name is supposed to mean.) this has a slightly different arrangement of more or less the same set of flavors, there's some really pleasant grass and maybe lime hop notes, some straw, malt sweetness, and so on. this is a great example of how doing a simple set of flavors really, really well can make something unbelievably quaffable. I hate to think how much of this I
  18. suarez family brewery qualify pils - 5.5% abv. I don't think I've posted about suarez before, but as we all know by now they're a husband and wife team from livingston, ny who are known for making the best lagers you can get around here, among other things. this is their hop accented german style pilsner, which is hopped with tettnang halleratu and spaetler select. it is slightly hoppier than your typical pilsner, there's a nice mixture of straw, some sweet pilsner malt, honey, and a mildly bitter set of noble hop notes. anyone whose had this probably knows that I'm gonna say this is perfect,
  19. pipework brewing co. blood of the unicorn hoppy red ale - 6.5% abv. this was a part of pipework's year round line up when they first started sending beer to new york, but they've scrubbed any information about particular beers from their website and I would be surprised if the chicago beer market is different enough to sell a lot of this , or if they still have a regular line up at this point. I posted about this back then, but hoppy malty beer is even more of a rarity at this point and anyone upset to be reading a repeat review should know that I'm pretty sure they changed this. this is a haz
  20. I had the same experience as small h. I spent just under an hour at the hospital each time.
  21. that’s what was so bad about it - I felt bad well before I started drinking on the second day.
  22. it took about 36 hours for the negative effects of my second dose to show up, I was pretty relieved at how bad I felt.
  23. bissel brothers lux mosaic pale ale - 5.1% abv. bissel brothers is a portland, maine brewery that was one of the early purveyors of the north east pale ale. they don’t normally send beer down here but the few things I have had have been really good, especially substance, their flag ship ale. this one is all mosaic and uses rye, which is more commonly paired with nz hops. substance is a cross between a north east ipa and something like what maine beer co does, but this doesn’t really have much to do with a ne ipa. it’s a relatively clear shade of amber and has a clear malt presence, a little r
  24. dukes is great, of course. the best one at the coop is sir kensington. it has a lot of lemon in it.
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