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  1. maine beer company spring india pale ale - 6.5% abv. they’ve made this the last couple of springs, but it really seems older than that in many ways. it’s roughly the same color orange that something like two hearted it, but it’s less malty and has a great combination of grapefruit and pine with some peach, strawberry, and some lime and maybe eucalyptus. they used cascade, amarillo, simcoe, and eukanot, which is a little bit surprising because this tastes they used more new hops and it lacks the harshness that you sometimes get with eukanot. maine does what it does really well, and this is a gr
  2. tired hands brewing modern gulpie premium lager - 4% abv. what’s a premium lager? it’s not a style or commonly used term, is it just a nice lager? did I ask myself this when I purchased this? not really, I noted the odd word choice, but tired hands makes an excellent helles and they only sent a few types of beer down here and I was happy to pick this up. the proper term for this beer was immediately apparent when I poured the first can - it’s an american light lager, which is what budweiser and it’s competitors are. this is a really, really well made example - it’s got a mixture of domestic an
  3. foam brewers pavement double india pale ale - 8.2% abv. this one has citra and mosaic, which is one of the classic ne ipa hops bills because of beers like wrench and focal banger. this is more bitter and lighter than those beers, so there’s more tangelo and less tropical fruit than you expect from those hops, but this has great depth of flavor without being rich (like good food without butter, if that makes sense) and foam continues to be one of the few brewers that consistently floats to the top of the ne ipa pile.
  4. foam brewers think I’m in love double india pale ale - 8% abv. this is another nice one from foam - it’s all mosaic and has a soft version of the of the papaya, orange, and melon that’s sweeter than the more balanced approach I expect from foam. there’s still a lot of detail despite the sweetness, blah blah blah. foam rules. recommended.
  5. AaronS


    the sandwiches ends meat makes are almost always terrific. there’s a few places with decent beer in that building too. I believe sandwiches are saturday only for now.
  6. I think I read something similar, I’ll give it another try but really didn’t like what I read. I’m about halfway through the committed, which is pretty enjoyable and has a lot of funny philosophy jokes. the characters from his first novel end up in paris in the early eighties, deal drugs, talk politics, things get existential.
  7. tired hands hop hands out american pale ale - 5.5% abv. this is tired hands flagship ale, which is kind of quaint at this point, and if I have it right it’s the one thing they make that’s always available and is probably one of their older beers. this has oats, along with simcoe, cenntenial, and amarillo, and now that I’ve had a few there’s a really nice combination of citrus and creaminess from the oats. the hop profile always tasted great, but oats/grainy notes were a little too prominent at first. the hops notes are really well done and very nuanced, there’s a nice mixture of creamsicle, pi
  8. AaronS


    I am a big fan of the dry aged stuff at ends meat. my kids won’t finish their burgers if I use anything else. I’ve tried most of the charcuterie too and I really like the coppa, the chorizo is probably my second favorite.
  9. tired hands brewing company alien church india pale ale - 7% abv. I’ve posted about this beer a few times, before the pandemic tired hands was one of the few breweries within driving distance of here that didn’t have to distribute their beer, and while I haven’t had that many of their cans the stuff I have had in draft was consistent with their reputation as one of the really elite breweries in the north east. this is part of their regular rotation, which is of course what they’re going to have to send to distribution, but IIRC this is the first time I’ve had this in cans instead of on draft.
  10. omnipollo fatamorgana galaxy edition imperial india pale ale - brewed at the twelve percent beer project, 8% abv. this is another update of the great fatamorgana, only this time they used the cutting edge galaxy hop. all kidding aside it’s been a few years since I’ve had a really great ipa with galaxy, other parts of the internet think that there’s just been a lot of bad crops of galaxy, and I guess I have no reason not to think that’s true. I guess there’s some confirmation bias there, I quit picking galaxy when I had a choice so of course I haven’t had a good one and so on... this is nice en
  11. omnipollo fatamorgana nelson sauvin edition imperial india pale ale - brewed by the twelve percent beer project in north haven, 8% abv. I've posted rave reviews of the various previous incarnations of this beer over the years, the original version (especially the second batch that reached nyc) really floored me and was probably the best beer I'd had at that point, and while I didn't know it at the time it was also the first north east ipa I had and so on... omnipollo has put out a bunch of versions of this over the last few years, but as far as I know this is the first one to update the four
  12. evil twin brewing nyc fructus danica 17 sour ale with apricot, blackberry, and passion fruit - brewed at et nyc in ridgewood, 6.5% abv. I liked the omnipollo fruited sours enough to make me curious about the style in general. et nyc isn’t as well regarded as 450 north or burley oak, but I can buy their beer in a shop here and their milkshakes are really nice. this is somewhere between red and purple, too opaque to be wine, and carbonated enough that you can tell it’s not juice. this is pretty similar to those omnipollo beers in mouthfeel, but it really only tastes like juice with some lacto in
  13. I tried reading dog soldiers, which is first up in his recent library of america volume and came to a similar conclusion without bothering to read very much.
  14. thanks, I ordered a copy.
  15. I think there’s gonna be a lot more places like that closing over the next few years.
  16. if you look at her instagram she's clearly seeking attention.
  17. AaronS

    James Levine

    I was surprised no one else posted about his death.
  18. finback something sabro india pale ale - 7% abv. sabro hops have been around for a few years, and they're notable for combining a nice version of the ubiquitous tropical fruit with coconut in a really distinctive way. the latter part of that flavor profile is pretty far in the background here, probably because this is really pretty bitter. the tropical fruit that you're left with is pleasant enough, and the coconut/creaminess you expect from sabro does start to appear once you get used to the bitterness. I feel like there's a larger point about the unpredictability of finback to be made here,
  19. I had a similar experience at torst after my first shot.
  20. cherry on apple+ what a shitty version of one of the better novels I’ve read in a while.
  21. I haven’t seen back east in nyc.
  22. omnipollo diadalos double almond double chocolate double coffee imperial stout with lactose sugar, chocolate, coffee, & almonds added - brewed by the twelve percent beer project, 12% abv. the omnipollo fruited sours that I had over the winter were enjoyable enough that it will be a while before I pass on one of their beers, which means that I’ll probably be drinking stuff like this more than I should. this one is pretty much as described, it’s a sweetish stout that clearly displays all of the listed adjuncts. there’s a bit of warmth in the finish that goes well with the almonds but is the
  23. lawson’s little sip ipa - brewed by lawson’s in vt, 6.2% abv. these cans are just over a month old, which is pretty old by my standards, but as they are now this is a real mess. there’s some unpleasant malt notes, the beer smells like hops but tastes like the kind of nasty apple juice that’s fobbed off on children and onions, blah blah blah. worst ipa in a while, thank god.
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