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  1. if you look at their instagram you can see why those are priced that way.
  2. oec brewing obscura baltic porter obscure is a baltic porter brewed with debittered dark malts and hopped with fine european noble hops. a warmer fermentation starts in open tanks for one & a half weeks using a traditional lager yeast. finally it is layered cold prior to packaging. - 8% abv. this is the kind of simple beer that really benefits from the open fermentation that oec uses. there's one basic flavor - dark malt - but there's all kinds of detail here. you get dark malt, mocha, mint, dark cherry, raisin and a little bit of anise. there's a little brightness at the end that reminds
  3. is this better than the angie mar place?
  4. finback eight year triple india pale ale triple india pale ale dry hopped with simcoe, citra, and talus cryo - 10.7% abv. talus is another newish hop from yakima hops, which is apparently descended from sabro. this is a pretty solid ne ipa that has some interesting herbal stuff on top of the usual citrus. it's also the first beer I've had in a long time that has the cryo hop buzz you used to see before people figured out how to use it. other half's anniversary beers tend to be among their best, that's not true of this or the way I remember the sixth year. the stout they made for their annivers
  5. of course, but the fact that they’re comfortable cooking their spoon on someone’s steps means the cops are still on vacation.
  6. there's people cooking and shooting heroin in the open a few blocks from where I live in brooklyn, which is something I had never seen before.
  7. finback nelson drip double india pale ale dipa dry hopped with nelson and cryo pop - 9% abv. google tells me cryo pop is a hop pellet developed by yakima chief using some kind of advanced technology that identifies the specific chemical elements that survive the brewing process and selecting hops that are rich in them. apparently it's been around since last year and I'm surprised that this is the first time I've come across a beer made with it. the yakima website ways that these pellets will give the beer an intense set of peach, pineapple, and lemon flavors, which is very much how this smells
  8. does that mean the paper menu is $33? am I missing something?
  9. my kid: what did they give elmo on his way out of the factory? me: I dunno same kid: two test tickles me: hahahhaha same kid: I forget how immature you are
  10. I bet you’d have a lot to say if you were comparing it to l’abielle.
  11. three floyds brewing dreadnaught imperial india pale ale - 9.4% abv. I’ve posted about this one a few times, it was the first really juicy beer I ever had and I remember it flooring me the first time I had it in 2005 blah blah blah. this couldn’t be more different from the newer beers above it, it’s a clear share of orange and has a huge set of orange and pine flavors that turn into something like caramelIzed peach. thats more or less what you’d expect from simcoe, warrior, centennial, and columbus, and the way that the amount of residual sugar in this makes it tastes better is genius or somet
  12. omnipollo fatamorgana nelson sauvin edition - brewed by the twelve percent brewing project in north haven, 8.5% abv. I’ve posted about the various versions of this beer many times. the original version was the first north east ipa I had, and the second batch to reach nyc was probably the best beer I had had at that point. the original version was made with a bunch of c hops, and while this one doesn’t really taste like the usual nelson flavor profile this is one of the better hoppy beers I’ve had in a while. the primary flavor is the gooseberry part of the nelson flavor profile without the nz
  13. you’ll be happy to hear the new season is the third.
  14. finback oscillation 29 double india pale ale - 8.5% abv. each batch of this uses a different hop bill, but as the can notes each one is different, each one is the same, and the fact that simcoe, meridian, zappa, and lotus sounds different and this doesn’t taste like every other dipa despite the presence of simcoe. apparently meridian is an accidental growth from oregon, zappa is a wild neo-mexicanus hop found in new mexico and grown in the yakima valley, and lotus is a new product made by combining older hops with a different neo-mexicanus hop. the tasting notes for most of these hops list b
  15. AaronS

    Orrin Hatch

    admin post: cmon.
  16. finback premium ipa dry hopped with citra and mosaic - 7.6% abv. this is one of the classic ne ipa hop bills at this point, we’ve all had focal banger, wrench, and any number of ipas with this hop hill, a lot of which came out before this one did in 2019. this has a higher abv than wrench, which is smaller and softer than this, but it’s got the same basic orange and mango flavor profile with a little bit more bitterness. I don’t know if there’s a causal relationship between the bitterness and a lack of the complexity that you get in wrench or focal banger, but I’d recommend either of those bee
  17. thanks, it’s behind a paywall.
  18. where is that? I couldn’t get an address from their social media the one time I looked.
  19. evil twin brewing nyc it’d be nice if you could pull me back into town triple ipa double dry hopped with comet, mosaic, & strata - 10% abv. this has a pretty light body for something with this abv but is otherwise more or less exactly like you’d expect it to be. it’s pretty mosaic forward, there’s the usual berry and citrus with some stone fruit underneath, and the light body makes this pretty easy to drink despite the small amount of apparent alcohol here. the draft version is a lot better, blah blah blah. mildly recommended.
  20. finback everyday spirits 3 double india pale ale with peach DIPA with peach and milk sugar. dry hopped with citra, strata, and belma. brewed with our friends at hudson valley brewing - 8% abv. I was pretty curious about this, finback has been making some decent wild yeast/open fermentation beers recently and I thought they may have made a beer the way hudson valley does by blending some of their stranger wild ales with a freshly brewed fruited ipa. I don't know how they made this, but this has a decent combination of peach and hops. this definitely seems like it was made with lactose, it's lig
  21. finback smooth beats miami india pale ale with coconut a collaboration with our friends at j. wakefield brewing - 6.2% abv. I'm really not sure why I like this so much. they've made it a few times since it first came out in 2016, it always has the same well done set of coconut flavors with a little bit of hops (equinox, el dorado, and zythos) underneath that add some a peach and citrus to pineapple they're obviously shooting for. I guess this reminds me of the original mikkeler beers, it's well made, the adjunct goes with the basic ipa flavor profile in a way that allows it to taste like the b
  22. I got shingles when I was nineteen and it hurt like hell. and I had a quarter sized piece of freddy kruger on my ribs for a long time.
  23. grimm side ponytail india pale ale strata, simcoe, cashmere, idaho 7 - 6.7% abv. it’s been a long time since grimm opened their own brewery I went from religiously following the union truck around the neighborhood to ensure that I got as many cans as the fresh drop as I needed to mildly annoyed that my bodega in a not very hip part of brooklyn charges so much for beer that should be better, but I liked last nights and I still haven’t got to the store yadda yadda yadda. it seems like this is the first batch of this one, and while it’s not any more clear than last nights beer it’s a lot lighter
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