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  1. unfortunately blanca is strictly in the multiverse at this point.
  2. that’s a fabio trabocchi restaurant. he had a place called fiamma(sp?) in soho for a few years. he’s always had the highest prices in the dc area.
  3. AaronS


    a cast iron dutch oven makes a great fryer.
  4. rockwell doesn't allow negative comments about anywhere he cares about and I find the board hard to trust. a friend ate at little serrow over the summer and said it wasn't what it was, maybe because he did take out and the food sat in his car. my dad loves macarthur beverages.
  5. une année le seul xviii american wild ale fermented with blueberry and passionfruit - 6.5% abv. this is the label that the brewery that made the two hubbard's cave pastry stouts I liked so much releases their european style beer under. this is an opaque purple color and smells mostly of brett, which is also the way it tastes. it's pretty tart at first, which gives way to some blueberry and some well done dry brett, but the finish is tart in way that tastes more like lacto than brett and there's a little bit of passionfruit underneath everything. this is pleasant and very easy to drink for some
  6. torst has a nice dessert that combines almond sorbet, caramel, and a really boozy barrel aged imperial stout.
  7. hubbard’s cave double chocolate brownie 2021-1 imperial stout with mega amounts of cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and vanilla beans - brewed at une annee brewery llc, niles, il, 12% abv. I picked this up because I liked the one I had above, which was made with coconut and vanilla, so much. this one is a little less enjoyable, there’s more apparent alcohol and some bitterness, and the result is that it’s not nearly as drinkable as the other one. there are the expectedly huge notes of chocolate and roasted malt, with some coffee, vanilla, and imperial stout underneath, and the finish has some im
  8. deciduous brewing company kooperatíon festbier collaboration unfiltered german style lager collaboration with schilling beer company - brewed at deciduous in newmarket, nh, 5.5% abv. schilling makes some of the better lagers you can get around here, and this can features their logo prominently enough that you might think they made this beer if you were in a hurry. it turns out that's not a problem, this is a nice example of a festbier and has some well done malt notes followed by some straw and hay with a little lemon and tastes like it should be a more amber shade of yellow. mildly recommende
  9. industrial arts brewing company state of the art series bro-1 west coast ipa/american ipa - 6.8% abv. their website and instagram accounts call this a west coast ipa, the side of the can says american, and whatever that means (or doesn't) this isn't the lower abv ne ipa single hopped with bru-1 they released at the same time. bro-1 is a newish hop from the yakima valley that's supposed to taste like pineapple and be ideal for newer style ipas. this has a ton of the pineapple that you're supposed to get with bru-1, and the orange marmalade that the commercial description promises, but the way t
  10. blackberry farm brewery ipa - 7.1% abv. this is the second beer I've had from the brewery associated with the famous resort in tennessee, I wasn't that into the saison I had from them a few years ago but this is pretty nice. it's unfiltered, which gives it a cloudy, golden yellow appearance that makes it look like it was made with older style malts. it tastes like that too, there's a nice mixture of peach and tea that has some citrus and resin in the background. this is a pretty neat take on the west coast ipa. this is a pretty good example of the exact kind of beer I personally want to drink
  11. AaronS


    dying fetus, stabbed, and oxalate.
  12. ordinem ecentrici coctores (oec brewing) triskel oak fermented country style lager triskel is a pale lager brewed using a traditional german double decoction mash. brewed using czech pilsner malt and hopped with german tettnang. triskel's fermentation starts in open tanks for one week and finishes three weeks later in oak. after lagering it is dry hopped using french triskel hops - 4.6% abv. apparently triskel hops were developed in 2006 as part of an initiative to cultivate new hop varieties in alsace and are related to several varieties of english, french, and german noble hops. this is a pr
  13. AaronS


    blood incantation with funeral leech and morbid sphere. blood incantation continues to completely blow me away. the records sound even better live.
  14. hubbard’s cave coco van 2021-3 imperial stout with toasted coconut and vanilla beans - brewed by une annee brewery in niles, illinois, 12% abv. une annee is a brewery just west of chicago that specializes in belgian style beer, hubbard’s cave is their brand they release their american style beer under. I’m not getting much beer flavor here, but what is here is really well put together and extremely easy to drink. there’s huge coconut and vanilla notes, along with some fudge with a little bit of anise and a small amount of roasted malt and coffee underneath. this is as good or better than any p
  15. reddit nflbite works again. you can also stream in market nbc games for free on their app.
  16. industrial arts brewing state of the art zappa/triumph/074 hazy ipa - 6.7% abv. state of the art is ia’s rotating new beer series, I think the is it’s number in the series, which has always jumped number-wise and stylistically. zappa and triumph are the name of two new hops that I’m not that familiar with. google tells me zappa is a wild hop someone found in new mexico that’s now grown in the yakima valley, and triumph is also grown in the us but is descended from a mixture of english and german noble hops. this is more or less everything that a ne ipa should be - it’s a hazy shade of yellow,
  17. wilfrid- I just read your thing on mackie on your blog. I'd call bridge street books in dc about his chapbooks - they have an incredible collection of that kind of poetry and rod, the owner, will be able to answer any of your questions. don't tell him I sent you.
  18. I almost don’t want to drink the west coast pale ale they have on their website. three’s brewing far between oak-aged festbier - 5.6% abv. threes is no suarez, but they probably have the best set of lagers of any new york city brewery. they’re also within walking distance of my apartment. this is a hazy yellow, which is strange because these kind of lagers are usually pretty clear, but it did spend thirty days in a foudre. this has a really nice set of lightly roasted malt notes, which are followed by the kind of weird detail you get in threes other foudre aged lagers. it’s not quite bre
  19. suarez family brewing while helles - 5% abv. this is every bit as terrific as you'd expect anything from suarez to be. this is a clear white yellow, has a really nice set of bready malt notes, a little bit of lime, some grassy hops, and is insanely quaffable. I really wish suarez was easier to find in my part of brooklyn.
  20. bell’s octoberfest beer märzen - 5.5% abv. this is as dark as the two roads or sierra beers but has more toasted/doughy malt and less caramel and honey than either of those beers, plus a lot more hops than the way I remember the way this has been the last few years. this is the least enjoyable fest beer I’ve had this year and so on. still mildly recommended.
  21. can’t see that picture on my phone.
  22. I couldn’t get my kids to take theirs off at the beach either. we were the only people there too.
  23. ayinger privatbrauerei oktober fest-märzen authentic bavarian festival lager - 5.8% abv. this is the shade of amber orange that a lot of the fest beer that’s made and drank in the us is. this has a really well done set of the same honey and caramel flavors that all these beers have, and there’s some floral hops and a little lemon in the very long finish. this is definitely the best one of these I’ve had this year. recommended.
  24. evil twin brewing nyc this bodega needs a bigger marshmallow section double dry hopped india pale ale with marshmallow - 7% abv. evil twin is probably the most adjunct focused local brewery at this point, but the majority of their beers don't have enough beer flavor to taste like beer, as pleasant as their carrot cake "sour" may be. this one is a lot closer to the kind of stuff that made me enjoy the old mikkeller stuff so much - it still more or less drinks like a north east ipa. this is an opaque pale yellow and tastes like it was made with hops, only the finish is sweet and has marshmallows
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