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  1. Speaking of the 2005 vintage...do you know any retailers who might still have some good 2005 bordeaux deals?
  2. I find that actively offensive. It's really insulting to the Williamsburg Chasidic community. Except it's a great way to finish Passover and start eating chametz again
  3. Just ate at WurstKuche in downtown L.A., a hipster update on a german beerhall. Okay, yeah, it's overpriced but I have to admit the sausages, served american hotdog style with sauerkraut, were outstanding and their belgian style fries with a million dipping sauces were fab also. Let's not forget the great european beer selection. Nice option for a boisterous group of friends to get together.
  4. fundog

    NCAA Brackets

    how can you not get on the Butler bandwagon...great david and goliath matchup tonight
  5. I love that combo! Stilton cheese also works great...the tartness and the sharpness and the cream.....yum.
  6. just enjoyed a 'Trois Pistoles' at a pub in berkeley. It doesn't quite fire all three guns but very tasty. nice balance.
  7. yeah, that caused quite a stir in the bay area. Fortunately, the city of Berkeley and many other communities in the east bay offer safe easy public composting. For our garden we do our own so obviously we know that no toxins (or human waste) is in there.
  8. The bay area is kind of a unique situation. Not only are there many farmers markets but there are also a number of affordable, locally owned grocery stores carrying local organic produce. Most areas are happy to just have one weekly farmer's market in their area. I think that well managed CSA's (community supported agriculture) co-ops can take the place of some of the markets and continue to supply farmers with predictable cash flow
  9. I love the idea of French macaroons. Such a nice delicate alternative to the greasy coconut ones....you've inspired me.
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