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  1. I'm a VERY amateur mushroom hunter and chanterelles are one of the few that I'm comfortable foraging. Hen of the woods are another and given all the rain, I'm crossing my fingers for a big harvest.
  2. I've been to Schilling, it's a great brewery and lovely to visit, they are located in Littleton, right on the river. They also put out the Resilience beers that they do, I've only had the IPAs but they are excellent.
  3. Abbylovi


    Agree with Joe on those flour types. If my starter is sluggish, rye especially helps to jump start it. I use a 50/50 blend of WW and AP flour. Regarding the temperatures, the 80+F ones above are incorrect and way too hot. Just think about the SF temps and the "famous" SF sourdough. Cooler temps just mean slower fermentation and the development of better flavor. 75F is just fine. What method are you using and how long have you been doing it? I'd recommend regular feedings, perhaps 1-2 times a day at the same time. Google Chad Robertson, Tartine Bakery. That's what I use.
  4. Abbylovi


    Behemoth and Stone: am I understanding correctly that you are cleaning out your sourdough starter vessel? I have been using the same crock for years -- unwashed -- to better grow the yeast beasties. No need to wash it every time, or ever!
  5. 🤣we've all become homesteaders.
  6. I roasted it first but now that you mention it, could've probably skipped that step.
  7. I was weeding my garden when a lightbulb went off. Dandelion greens are fantastic wilted with a warm anchovy garlic dressing and a couple of fried eggs plopped on top. And snow yesterday had me craving a hearty soup so I made a (rancho) black bean soup. Vegetarian except for the fact that I used bacon fat to sauté the bacon and onions. Somebody left about a pound of rhubarb on the free table of my community garden so I made a rhubarb clafoutis which was simple and excellent.
  8. This year I tried winter seed sowing, you basically cut a milk jug in half, punch holes in the bottom, add dirt, plant seeds, tape the two halves back together and put outside where the whole contraption acts like a greenhouse. Low and behold, I have kale, broccoli and cauliflower seedlings that were planted in February.
  9. I've never made coq au vin so last night a friend and I FaceTime cooked together. Really a lot of fun and what a great dish.
  10. Put some cookies in to bake but forgot to set the timer. Still came out great.
  11. Tried sewing my own mask. That's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.
  12. Abbylovi


    LOVE sourdough discard crackers. I might've already posted the recipe I use, but just in case this is it. I use Everything Bagel seasoning and it is *chef air kiss.* https://littlespoonfarm.com/sourdough-discard-crackers/#wprm-recipe-container-585
  13. Spatchcocked a chicken and marinated it in soy, scallions, garlic, pepper flakes, evoo. Roasted with chunked up cauliflower that I gave a swirl in the marinade too. Cucumber salad (red onion, lemon, tahini dressing) to go with. Up on deck: NY Times Recipe for Breton tuna and white bean gratin. Question: what stops the dreaded salmon white ooze? Google says to brine. Is the quality of the salmon also a factor?
  14. Lunch was leftover salad: tofu tossed in soy, sesame, pepper flakes; crispy potatoes; smoked trout. On kale that had been wilted in a lemony tahini dressing.
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