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    How sad. I lurk here mostly, and always loved the quirkiness and the warmth of her posts, those two things shone through and were so lovely. It is a strange new thing, this sort of "virtual loss."
  2. **I have some sweet pastry dough in the freezer and was thinking of making an apricot paste filling for it. I have dried apricots. I suppose I'd cook it with some other stuff and make a nice paste to fill the pastry dough. What's the "other stuff" in your apricot paste? The pastry dough is nothing to make, you can do that and then just fill it.
  3. I always do this (no garbage disposal) because I was told (not by a member here) that wet coffee grounds are very heavy, and so they not only go down the drain fine and dandy on their own, they also drag other things down the drain with them. I usually make a cup of coffee every morning in the French press before I go to work; I always dump the coffee grounds into the sink. It has never caused a problem. But I have to admit when I have a lot of people over and use the 30-cup electric percolator, I don't dump those grounds down the sink, I throw them out.
  4. Myths? These are myths? What about tasting while you're cooking? That really has no calories, right?
  5. nope. i've often looked for it and not found it. (in colorado and minnesota.) I can't find it either, and I live in Manhattan. Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places, but I've looked a lot. I order it from King Arthur now; I got tired of looking for it. Where do you get it?
  6. Over the weekend I made: peanut butter cookies (seriously good, and I'm not even that crazy about peanut butter), cafe latte cookies (seriously coffee, and very good), nutmeg buttermilk cookies (so-so), chocolate pistachio checkerboards (good, but no discernible pistachio flavor), gingerbread (CI recipe, delicious, especially with extra ginger), and something else but I can't remember what. It's such a kick to see these mounds of cookies. I still want to make some biscotti. The cookie websites you all posted are amazing!
  7. Machine gun. You can get more of them at one time. But then you run the risk of getting some innocent bystanders. Quite the dilemma.
  8. Me neither, but I was ashamed to admit it. I admire your courage.
  9. all three of them at the same place? where in the world? No, not in the same place, sorry about the lack of clarity. (Although if you believe the article, yes, and that "same place" is the States!)
  10. Hmmm. Kimchi, halvah, and quinoa already are staples in different parts of the world, no? Mmmm, halvah. Probably the most fattening food in the world.
  11. I vote in my building (huge building), there were seven people ahead of me at 7 this morning; I've never seen that before, and I'm living here eight years, there're usually just one or two people. When I left there were too many people on line to count. They set up the polling booth in one of the rooms off the gym, where the pool tables are. I wonder if people will start playing pool while they wait?
  12. Fortune


    Sauted chicken breasts with broccoli, scallions, ginger, garlic. And then my neighbor popped in with her two-year-old, so we all ate. I like when that kind of thing happens.
  13. Sorry, couldn't help but be reminded of this great poem. I'm sure y'all know it. (This is just the first stanza.) The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered by Clive James The book of my enemy has been remaindered And I am pleased. In vast quantities it has been remaindered. Like a van-load of counterfeit that has been seized And sits in piles in a police warehouse, My enemy's much-praised effort sits in piles In the kind of bookshop where remaindering occurs. Great, square stacks of rejected books and, between them, aisles One passes down reflecting on life's vanities, Pausing to remember all those thoughtful reviews Lavished to no avail upon one's enemy's book— For behold, here is that book Among these ranks and the banks of duds, These ponderous and seemingly irreducible cairns Of complete stiffs.
  14. God bless you - now help the ones who are experiencing a difference. How can I raise someone's taxes? No need. Give the wealthy whatever they want, and they will take care of the rest of us! It trickles down like manna from heaven. That's making two assumptions - there will still be enough wealthy and there will be something left to trickle down. Oh, there will be enough wealthy. Problem is they tend to be on the tight-fisted side, so I'm not sure about the trickle-down. This is not new. But the whole thing becomes too crazy. I can eat out less, even in just the local diners and smaller restaurants. But then the restaurants will cut back on waitstaff. And then the food lines, already noticeably longer, will get longer still. So maybe those who can should be eating out more, not less? I don't really know how bad things are, but things are obviously worse than they once were, not even so long ago. At what point does this demand a change in my behavior? Does cutting back help someone else? Should I walk barefoot? I want to just tend my garden. But really.
  15. Fortune


    They look so sad (But dinner looks great.)
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