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  1. Not deluxe. Fries are $10. According to one of the bartenders, the standard $17 Minetta burger comes with fries. Blame the confusing menu descriptions.
  2. I mean, you can get the standard burger at Minetta for $17...
  3. Wells previews EMP's latest flight of fancy in a Critic's Notebook piece. Some highlights:
  4. Not if I register the user name "Sneakeater" on Stormfront first. I wonder if they wield a bigger banhammer than CH. Probably not.
  5. I voted "yes" because it seemed like the fun thing to do.
  6. hcbk0702

    Burgers in NY

    Do you think the Roquefort adds anything? (Or maybe detracts from a good burger?) Personally, I think the Roquefort overwhelms the beef a bit. I'll take Minetta's version.
  7. DC is lucky to have Little Serow.
  8. That's pretty much why I use OpenTable.
  9. hcbk0702

    The NoMad

    Visually, I liked the "Atrium" the most of the three, though I'd imagine it'll be the noisiest space. "The Parlour" should be quieter.
  10. Will that push more people towards aged Mosel Riesling?
  11. hcbk0702

    Gwynnett St.

    Grant Achatz apparently cooks turkey sous-vide, but I don't think that even he could make turkey interesting.
  12. hcbk0702

    The NoMad

    This place is nothing like Ad Hoc; there's no straightforward, craveable food in sight. If anything, most of the menu feels like an adaptation of EMP's simplified lunch menu, pre-"dining dialogue" grid. Instead, this is the restaurant Hotel Griffou dreams of being. Three completely incongruous dining areas lie just past the hostess stand: the center one ("Atrium") is attractively bathed in natural light, courtesy of a large pyramidal glass roof; the right one is fussier, dominated by an ornate fireplace (called the "Fireplace", duh); the left one does its best impression of a velvet-swathe
  13. I'm sure listing the LSE first (or at all), which doesn't grant degrees to US students studying abroad for a summer or a single academic year, instead of the actual degree-granting university was purely by chance.
  14. Artful indeed. I think Dr. Johnson can handle it from here.
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