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  1. I tried some rose coconut burfi and chocolate burfi from Tagmo - really delicious. Ordered another box. They now have a restaurant on Front Street, too. No idea what their savory food is like.
  2. Any recs for outdoor dining in lower Manhattan/Brooklyn? Friend coming in town - not very particular about food - but I’m curious what you all have been loving. Don’t need an extensive list, just passing ideas. I floated Dr. Clark a while ago based on the thread here, and they were into it, if that gives you a vague sense of their preferences. I’m very out of touch / don’t eat out much anymore.
  3. Why do you all care so much about Daniel's sudden change to a vegan diet? You're not going to persuade him to start eating meat. And I doubt any of you are going over to his house these days for dinner. Too long without a good squabble? (I don't follow as many threads as I used to since the forum interface changed. Maybe there are ongoing fights about sushi or something, too.) When I lived in Harlem, I enjoyed eating at the Seasoned Vegan. They had a tasty barbecued "crawfish" po-boy (I think the crawfish were made out of burdock). eta: (I know he split this thread off from the Supp
  4. It’s a bar where wine drinking is encouraged—they have a natural, orange, etc focused list. I think they describe themselves as such. But unless they’ve changed direction, they emphasize tinned fish, mostly Portuguese and Spanish.
  5. The only thing we had that I felt I couldn’t approximate (out of ~8 things) (albeit at 70-80% quality) was the fritter dish—because I’m bad at frying.
  6. I’ve been meaning to go to Sumiao, but since I just returned from China, will wait a bit. Sarma is fine for what it is, but I think one can do nearly as well cooking at home.
  7. Book Culture is great. Check out the discount tables on the second floor. I heard that they’re struggling though... In that neighborhood, Shiny Tea has pretty good bubble tea. Absolute Bagel. Oasis Juice. The Fairway by the river. If you go to Harlem, you should stop at Sidestreet for coffee. They use East One beans, good espresso. Better than Lenox Coffee or Harlem Coffee. Double Dutch is an okay alternative, I think they use counter culture beans. Same with Kurokuma. The ice cream at Sugar Hill is hit or miss.
  8. good tinned fish at tinned fish restaurant haley.henry, though needlessly expensive. per that other thread, wherever it is, i also recommend himalayan kitchen in somerville.
  9. Springdale Pearly Wit: This is some sort of Jack's Abbey collab. 4.8%. Pretty good, really strong green banana flavor I think. But thin. I wouldn't buy it again.
  10. In Somerville. Love this place. Never had a less than excellent meal. Good (but not best) momos, mustard greens, chyoila (a kind of room temperate chicken in chili sauce dish), sukuti (buffalo jerky), thali. Check it out if you're hanging out around Harvard/MIT.
  11. thanks! for next saturday. I did think about kyo ya but wasn't sure either...
  12. 4 people on a saturday night west village, gramercy, east village, looking for a prime time reservation. oof. anything goes though as long as the food is good.
  13. Surprised to find I started this thread what feels like a very long time ago.
  14. The Wedding Present: Ukrainian John Peel Sessions — There are some good tracks but overall, disappointing.
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