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  1. We’re in, Thursday the 13th. With the (personal #1 pet peeve) no-price menus I’m dreading that ordering a la carte might approach nearly the same cost as the currently unavailable tasting. But it’s stimulus check season so whatever.
  2. Most recent new try was Migrant Kitchen, a Middle Eastern / Mexican mashup on Stone St. After some difficulty finding them (only to find after getting there you can only order online for pickup) I declare them not bad but not destination food. Actually, the “fawaffles” - falafel waffles - were straight up bad. But everything else we tried (fried chicken, carnitas, elote with labneh) was decent, if some of it was a smidge underseasoned for my taste. The chicken was the best of the lot, though it comes with the terrible fawaffles, so it’s a wash. If one’s in the area it could be an okay pl
  3. There are only two dishes I return to Kopitiam for... the oyster omelette and the pan mee. And the latter is only good if you eat it there, it doesn’t travel well. Other stuff ranges from mostly fine, if nothing earth-shattering, to occasionally bad - a recent menu addition of sesame noodles came across like overcooked spaghetti in some kind of flavorless, unseasoned oil. I get the impression that if I liked sweets I might like them more, since that seems to be their main jam, NPI. They are cheap, though. Which may explain some of the popularity Public Village, I mostly like what I
  4. Finally tried this week. No wait, walked right in on Friday afternoon. Only tried two things. A bread with someone’s name - Max? Marv? Mel? - anyway, I asked what was in it and they started rattling off ingredients and when they got to “chicken fat” I said “stop, sold.” It was solid. Not chicken-y. Good crumb. Tart. Excellent delivery vehicle for good butter, or the ridiculous Moulin Cornille olive oil we recently picked up at Formaggio. Would I wait in line for it? No. But I’ll pop in again if there’s no wait and try more. Also had some cookies. Rye chocolate chip. They’d ma
  5. I’ve never not been able to walk right up and get a table. Though we haven’t gone terribly often over the last year, admittedly. I get that they’re allowed to... I just think it’s shady to call those tables “outdoors” when they’re not. I’m not the only person to have walked away from a reservation listening to mumbled apologies when faced with such a situation, I’m sure.
  6. In other LES news, for those curious about these places: having now had every new fried chicken thigh sandwich in the vicinity - Wildair, Double Chicken Please, and Saigon Social - I can declare Saigon Social’s to be the unequivocal winner, and perhaps the best fried chicken sandwich in the city. DCP was a bit of a let-down for all the hype. Wildair was fine but they weren’t really trying much with it. And SS’s comes with tater tots which is just gilding the lily.
  7. There’s a barrier, but all the seating is in a sort of tent. It’s “outdoor seating” in name only. Your table is on the sidewalk, yes, but you’re fully enclosed with six to ten other parties. The windows are clear plastic, none of them are open, there’s no air flow. I’m not sure why some restaurateurs don’t understand that if you build something with four walls and a ceiling and put people inside it... they’re inside. Not outside. Or they understand and just don’t give a crap... whatever, that’s their business. But don’t bullshit customers. After walking away from a rez at the su
  8. You’ll need to find something else to live for. Their “outdoor” part... isn’t.
  9. Chistorra, morcilla, stewed white beans, Idiazábal cheese and membrillo. (Not all mixed together.) Braised rabbit, perhaps.
  10. Apparently he’s back in a restaurant again, running one of Brian Malarkey’s 8,000 places on the West Coast. I give it a month before he’s replaced by Ryan Skeen, who will leave two months later himself to open a B&B in Salinas. By then Nate will be the head of chicken sandwich development at Burger King corporate.
  11. Haha. I’d had some Tribe Called Quest going earlier. I’ll blame it on that.
  12. I won’t be terribly surprised if “in the future” we find Sammy’s Roumanian, name and logo having been purchased by a group of investors, is re-opening at the Wynn Las Vegas serving avocado flatbreads and Romanian tenderloin spring rolls with shiitake pesto dipping sauce on a menu by consulting chef Nate Applebaum.
  13. Yeah... sigh. Ayano (the GM) had told me but I didn’t want to accept it. I’m guessing the Yoshida family will do something else in the space, since I believe they own the building. I think business never quite bounced back after chef Sono left, though the food remained just as good. In related news, chef Sono’s new place will be opening... whenever things can open. Tasting menu joint on Ludlow St., on-trend counter a la Ko/Atomix.
  14. Wonder if they’re just dumping some old stock with the takeout list, making room? It looks like those bottles (except the Eyries) from a cursory glance have been removed from the dine-in list. The Eyrie 2-pack is probably well below retail, if you could even find those bottles. Not a bad deal if you can spend $750 on two bottles of wine to begin with.
  15. I didn’t get past the fact that he thinks 26th St is “Downtown” to begin with.
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