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  1. Seth Gordon


    So the staff are lovely. COMP DISCLOSURE: a lot. Easily three digits’ worth So that’s all I’ll say in an open forum with my name attached.
  2. Seth Gordon


    Hmm. I’m not getting a shitshow vibe (though I haven’t set foot inside yet) but which form of shitshow are we using? Are we talking Beauty & Essex shitshow or Shang shitshow?
  3. Seth Gordon


    And from what I gather the tasting counter won’t be an omakase (not really his forte) but a kaiseki/kappo. The Bros don’t really go for that. We’ll be there tomorrow (or I suppose technically “tonight” as I write this) - as we were regulars at Kyo Ya this has been something we’ve been looking forward to awhile, with both eagerness and admittedly some trepidation.
  4. We'll be at the former Friday. Might try doing a walk-in at the latter Saturday lunch before our farmer's market run.
  5. Yeah, true. These were like, size-of-cherries unripe, fully green, with a gelatinous edible pit. I guess the idea was to use then the way you’d use green almonds. Or to cash in on that unripe strawberry fever from a few years ago. I sliced one up in a salad with dandelion greens, burrata, and (ripe) strawberries. They weren’t offensive but not terribly interesting either. I have a vague memory of seeing some preserved unripe apricots in an Italian market, and being curious but not trying them because there was “truffle” something in it. I think it was at Falai’s coffee shop
  6. Haha. Those guys. They’re nice. Sometimes they’ll have interesting things that you won’t find anywhere else in the market. Like, bergamots or castelfranco or unripe apricots or fresh carob pods or whatever. Or caraflex cabbage I imagine. But the $8.99/lb fennel bulbs or $7 onions, nah.
  7. We did Chef Collective early on. That was fun, just getting whatever was in each week’s mixed veg box. Like a CSA without the commitment. And Mercato a few times. Only done Regalis for gigs where I wasn’t paying (but took a fair share of leftovers home) The Baldor Home Edition was a bit frustrating, as half the catalog still had minimum sizes more suited for restaurants. They may have fixed that by now, if they’re still doing it. Once we finally felt comfortable going to the market though, we went back to Essex and a couple weekly walks to USQ for everything. (Also got some rabbits
  8. I’m a bit mystified as to why an entire separate crew needs to be brought in for a braised rabbit.
  9. Seth Gordon


    Exactly. (Also I’m acquainted with one of the principals so I won’t dis them publicly, not that they’d ever see this.)
  10. Oddly, it had the opposite effect for me. While in The Before Times I made regular - once or twice a month - trips to far-flung neighborhoods to go ingredient hunting, my reticence to take the subway anywhere besides the one stop between my and the SO’s apartments led me to make do with what was within walking distance from either of our places. There was an early flirtation with online ordering from specialty places, but that fizzled. Buying apple blossoms from Baldor isn’t quite the same as the joyful surprise of stumbling onto a jar of fermented durian clam sambal in the back of an Indones
  11. Seth Gordon


    Been a couple times now, once for snacks & cocktails at the bar and the other night for a full dinner. Oddly, had a very similar lineup as Steve -eggplant, paneer tikka, lamb ribs, sweet peppers (also comped) and mutton. And that chicken mince Scotch egg looking thing I can’t remember the name of. I also appreciate how while much of it was spicy no two dishes read the same on the palate, they were all quite distinct. (Though in the case of the chicken n’ egg dish, that taste was a bit heavy on the raw garlic) So far the favorite has been the kidneys & testicles. Though I do wish i
  12. That’s all true. They probably shouldn’t have described themselves as “nose-to-tail” to FloFab. Anyway if you need brains, IIRC we got them from Ottomanelli’s (Bleecker St) for the Beard House dinner. Special order. They weren’t sourced from a family farm where the calves are raised on craft beer and spend their days foraging in an apple orchard, but higher quality than you’d get from C-Town.
  13. According to their website/Resy it’s the same prix fixe for either d̷i̷n̷n̷e̷r̷ experience. I’d bet after a month of not selling out some changes to that might be made.
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