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  1. And now it’s open. Is it a destination? No. Would I go again if I had other things to do in Williamsburg? Sure. Maybe. If someone else suggested it I wouldn’t be mad at the idea. It was reminiscent of a neighborhood place we used to hit now and then when we didn’t feel like cooking, Chou Chou - minus the supernaturally attractive waitstaff, but with much cheffier attention to preparation and seasoning. Good, sure, happy we went. Far better than Chou Chou in the food regard. But are we thinking of going back? Nah. Side note: the lobby of the Hoxton is weirdly very,
  2. I was wondering what happened to them. That’s too bad. I liked those guys. Their squid ink pasta was excellent. Fancy Fruit Bro was a joke. Dude had no idea how to operate a business. The product was often not very good, just esoteric. He didn’t really care for it - a day or two after arrival it would all be desiccated and nasty. Many days they wouldn’t be open, and I guess they just hoped the guys at Ends Meat would stop people from stealing shit. After awhile I began to wonder if it was just a bad installation art piece and not a store.
  3. While one COULD drop a ludicrous amount of money at the Bea, it wasn’t always necessary. We had meals for $500 (a couple) all in with drinks, tax, and tip - and meals for $200. (Still ludicrous to some, fine.) At LTC you’re looking at close to $500 a couple, minimum, before you’ve even touched a drop of wine. For two courses and a fruit plate. Though I’ve heard she actually has a rudimentary dessert program now. The Bea we could go to on a (splurgy) whim. Chevaux is a “special occasion” joint. They’re not in the same price category at all, really. Which is part of the reason why we h
  4. Man, the price has gone up. I think it was like 19 when I first had it. But I guess that’s the case everywhere with everything… i like their pho, it’s inconsistent but always good. Not as good as Hanoi House, but up there. The burger is also pretty decent, but a little much. Disappointed that they’ve stopped take-out. Sometimes I want a chicken sandwich while watching pro wrestling on my couch, not sitting in a restaurant. The got a new CDC recently, and the first time we went with her at the helm her salt levels were pretty inconsistent. The crepe we had didn’t have a s
  5. Exactly. Even if the general QPR in NYC isn’t where it was in the Before Times, there’s still far better value for one’s dollar out there. Even if it is the best pizza dough on the planet - is flour, water, and time ever worth their price? Not for me, personally - not unless it was zhuzhed up more. Or at least had toppings that managed to cross the radius’ halfway point.
  6. Those beans are terrible. We left the other other night really feeling the fact that we’d spent $150 on two flatbreads, four glasses of gallery wine, and a bowl of shitty bean salad. I think I’m done trying to let that place win me over it’s just not happening i hate to use the term “overpriced” as things rarely truly are. Most people calling something “overpriced” don’t know the cost of ingredients, labor, rent, etc that all go into what a restaurant charges for a particular dish. But this place is fucking overpriced. $6 extra to scatter four anchovies around your $24 tomato brea
  7. Seth Gordon


    Well, for the time being they’re a little cheaper than Ko, Atomix, Atera… which I guess puts them in the mid-range of evening-length tasting menus? Plus the reasonable wine markups, and a surprising number of decent sub-$100 bottles for a place in their price range, if one wants to keep the cost down. And it includes a cocktail, so sure. There were fewer courses than at those places, though we didn’t leave hungry or anything Whether it’s worth a revisit… that’ll depend on how much the menu eventually changes. If you just want to go for the view you could go to the cocktail bar upstairs
  8. Seth Gordon


    Based on our dinner last night, it appears they’ve dialed down the “culty” elements of the dinesperience. In fact there wasn’t any mention of the chef at all. Maybe they picked up on the fact that we were jaded diners who’d laugh at the storytelling, I dunno. But I didn’t hear any extraneous spiel at other tables either. Solid - occasionally great - food. It’s not, say, an Atomix. Buuuuut… it’s like The River Cafe. The view is part of the cost. That’s fine. The food is certainly a lot better than TRC. Reasonably priced wine list - some bottles not even 2X retail, including the Paul
  9. Wasn’t it another BR before? Blue Ribbon Federal Grill, I think?
  10. Seth Gordon

    Cha Kee

    I was reticent to write about Cha Kee here because - caveat - I’m friends with the chef. Not a close friend, but we’ve worked a couple gigs together and enjoyed a few drinks. But the current Lunar New Year’s specials are something worth noting before they disappear. And the kitchen is way more on point than when they first opened, in general. Our first couple meals there were solid enough, but I knew she was capable of more. I don’t know what precipitated the changes, but that more is happening. Standouts from the other night were miso Oysters Rockefeller, some surprisingly gamy (in
  11. Every Martin Shkreli wannabe would totally do that.
  12. The latest from the Quality Branded group, a Middle Eastern / North African joint helmed by someone who doesn’t hail from anywhere remotely near either region. Which is fine, I don’t care - but clearly they’re being culturally sensitive to the point they don’t even serve “hummus” but rather “chickpea dip” - the intent being thus no one can accuse them of inauthenticity or cultural appropriation I suppose? I dunno. Not the biggest fan of the QB portfolio, but the SO likes MENA cuisine so we figured we’d try the new place. Anyway, the food was fine. Some quite good. We didn’t have to
  13. Maybe Good World? Fun little barstaurant. Skal came along a bit later.
  14. I found the chicken sandwiches strangely mushy texturally. Flavor… ok but they both read more exciting on paper than they actually wound up being. Didn’t come close to Saigon Social, as far as new chicken sandwiches from young hipster Asian restaurants go.
  15. My last couple visits to The Islands did not compare to my meals at their old location. Not sure if there was a Chef Shuffle but it all seemed a bit… bland? No longer the destination it used to be. (Nor is there the fun of climbing the rickety staircase to the 5’7” dining attic anymore.) +1 for Rangoon. couple other places perhaps of interest: Ix isn’t too far, for something a little different - Guatemalan. The appropriately named for this thread Mitchell’s Soul Food (Though I haven’t been in awhile. Can’t imagine it’s changed much.) Alta Calidad isn’t nearly as
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