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  1. +1 for Sakamai & Bar Goto. Though last time I went to Goto the food menu felt kind of incidental and thrown together just because they had to. Might have changed since. Bar seats at Dhamaka are no-rez. i wasn’t crazy about them, but everyone else here who’d been seemed to like BBF well enough.
  2. I had that problem as well. You need to have the app if you don’t, and make sure all notifications are activated for it in your phone’s settings. Then it’ll pop up a message which will take you right to the reservation page when tables open.
  3. I was there twice over the years. The second time under duress. Found the food just kind of boring both times. It felt like more of a museum than a restaurant. On a related note, we went to Babbo during the pandy when they first started outdoor dining. We got there to find that Fortunato Nicotra, who'd been running Felidia for the last 80 years, had been put in charge. So we prepared ourselves for a boring let-down. And damned if it wasn't some of the best food that kitchen had put out in years. We went back two more times during the sidewalk era and he was killing it. Made me wonder if
  4. I bought a bottle of mastic a couple months ago when we were having a Greek-ish dinner with friends. Thought I’d improvise a cocktail for the evening. It (at least the one I got) tastes a bit like cologne - specifically, Comme des Garçons’ Monocle Scent One - but in a surprisingly not-terrible way. I hadn’t even considered cooking with it, but maybe that’ll make it to my agenda next time there’s some lamb here.
  5. File under not so curious, after further investigation. I had hoped that Hakka Cuisine, in the old Fuleen space, might actually feature Hakka cuisine, or at least some notable Hakka dishes. You know, what with the name being “Hakka Cuisine” and all. What I wasn’t quite expecting was just the Hwa Yuan menu, right down to not even bothering to take Tang’s name off the signature dishes. Oh well.
  6. I liked it all right. It’s not a destination place, but the times we’ve been I didn’t have any major complaints. I don’t know that there’s a particular stand-out dish a la Wu’s “NY #1 Wonton” - I guess the sesame noodles would be the signature, and they’re good, sure. I remember liking the spicy wine chicken and hot bean curd fish a lot. But that said it’s been some time since we’ve been. Though yeah, you’re paying a tablecloth tax.
  7. Kimika has a couple later (9:00+) tables. Seeing some openings at IBA&V, Dirty French, Wayan, Pig & Khao. Always tables at Wu’s or Hwa Yuan.
  8. Kimika has a couple later (9:00+) tables. Seeing some openings at IBA&V, Dirty French, Wayan, Pig & Khao. Always tables at Wu’s or Hwa Yuan.
  9. The 11 Howard site says Le Coucou is reopening in October.
  10. I met a friend at Red Hook Tavern for dinner, back when it was no rez. First time there. It was full, so they took my number and said they’d text. Thirty minutes later we’re back and they’re “Hi, Mr. Gordon” - except I’d never told them my name. We figured out quickly it was Resy, which they had just installed but weren’t actively using yet. Creeped me the eff out though. (The burger soon quelled any residual nerves)
  11. Seth Gordon


    I closed that bar many a night. It kind of became my “regular” for a couple years. Often after doing dinner elsewhere (or even dinner at home) we’d hit the WD bar for dessert and/or (many) nightcaps. For most of their run it was the same menu as the dining room. Towards the end when they went tasting-menu-only, you could still order a la carte at the bar. They also got rid of those awkwardly placed bar tables at some point, too.
  12. Oysters with bone marrow, bone marrow app, bone marrow side, bone marrow steak sauce, halibut with (differen) bone marrow sauce, bone marrow skirlie… I have to say I’m a little disappointed they don’t have a bone marrow dessert or a bone marrow cocktail.
  13. Judging by their other two bars (Juke Bar and Trinity Pub) I can’t say I’m even curious. They seem to have formula working for them that involves trivia nights, mozzarella stix, and frozen strawberry margaritas.
  14. Seth Gordon


    Potatoes, rice, lentils, and two kinds of bread. i really like the joint but I’m still not seeing any justification for the price point on that. Or why you couldn’t just order the rabbit without the carb-fest.
  15. I tried some purple rice rolls in the Before Times in Sunset Park. Can’t remember if it was Nuan Xin, though. A few places hawking them sprang up like mushrooms overnight, as seems to happen with This Year’s Taiwanese Food Fad restaurants. As I recall, the one we popped into had replaced one of the Last Year’s Taiwanese Food Fad joints - squid-on-a-stick or neon blue lightbulb drinks or braised eel in waffle cones or something. Anyway, the ones we tried I just found to be carb bombs, and the fillings a bit greasy. There was duck with too much mayo and eel with “cheese” of some sort.
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