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  1. Some new things happening down Two Bridges way... L'Itos (or L'ito's?) - cute little soup n' sandwich takeout place in the shadow of the bridge on Henry St. A collaboration between the owner of Leisir Wine next door and the chef-partner from Sorella that wasn't the Hearst scion. Unfancy, straightforward. We only tried two sandwiches - the "Ash" (ham, pickles & mustard) and the "Stevie" (pastrami and slaw in a pita) and they were both solid, though the pita didn't travel well and had kind of dissolved from the dressing by the time it got home. It said Russian dressing but I swear I tas
  2. Ha, I ate there that night! I was walking South on 5th with a few friends, and about half a block after passing them it suddenly hit me their lights were on. I think they’d borrowed a couple generators from a nearby film set. IIRC there were many oysters, and that steak for two “special” that was a special literally every night since they’d opened. And that hot bread. Speaking of BRPS, dunno if it’s been noted in this thread yet but they closed up shop earlier this year. I hadn’t been in some time but I felt an emptiness nonetheless. It was nice knowing that -if- I needed bone marrow at
  3. I (mostly) like MFG but god, I hope not. I don’t want a $65 pan roast.
  4. Seth Gordon


    .... and it opens next Friday 10/2.
  5. Dunno. I guess like anime it's just stuck.
  6. Well, speaking specifically of the strip mall Chinese when I was a wee 'un. It may be worse now, but I'd probably still have a nostalgic attachment to some of it. In the area I grew up (Southeast CT) the game has actually been raised in recent years due to the influx of Chinese immigrants after the casinos opened. Visiting my folks now, there are some really good options. (None in strip malls that I know of, though we had surprisingly good strip mall Vietnamese last I visited.)
  7. They do. It was definitely a bad waiter situation. I was pointing to and saying “Number 5, triple dumpling with bone broth “ and he kept asking “noodles or no noodles?” - To which we were, “huh? Uh... no?” So I guess that’s what we got. Not recommended.
  8. Dining out update for the week: Wu’s: simple lunch. Wonton soup, spring rolls, steamed spare riblets & taro. Something got lost in translation because the soup we got was -not- NY’s #1 Wonton / Triple Dumpling with Bone Broth, but rather one kind of dumpling (shrimp) in a wan chicken stock that brought to mind the broths of the Connecticut strip-mall Chinese restaurants of my youth Did they change the broth? No, other tables I could see had the good stuff. It was boring. I don’t know what got misordered for us our why it’s even on the menu. Spring rolls were oil sponges. Not a good l
  9. That's a little different. You'd think at least the Aperol Spritzes and G&Ts would be made fresh, since they don't involve much work. (Granted, 4/5ths of either of those drinks, even made "fresh" likely came from a can.) For some drinks - those with fresh fruit juice, especially citrus - yeah, sure, I'll give you that packaging or even pre-batching can make a difference. For a typical stirred drink, though, there's no reason a can would affect the contents. And for anything carbonated, a can or bottle could be better. The only problem I see with serving only cans is that in my e
  10. I understand that. I'm just saying there's nothing on paper that's inherently wrong with a canned cocktail. Though any given one could be shit, surely. And not all of Oxalis' offerings are canned, correct? There were other options, I assume.
  11. I don't have a problem with that, in theory. Short of water, coffee, and tea, every other beverage you might get at a restaurant arrived at their door prepackaged. If it's good it's good, if not it's not. (Though from the sound of it, the latter seems to have been the case)
  12. I'm not sure they actually have editors there anymore. There's people they call editors but what they do doesn't appear to be editing. And it's gotten worse over the last year or so.
  13. Another place in the hood - Ernesto’s. Not sure what the scene is like at night, but we popped by around 2PM yesterday, had the whole outdoor area by the cafe to ourselves. Just a nice spot to relax with snacks & sangria. Though I do prefer Despaña for that stuff (just compared to the cafe, not the main restaurant) as their menu is more extensive.
  14. Oh, I actively avoid even walking on Orchard at night. It’s one of the biggest shitshows in the city. I cheered when that one place (Las Lap?) was shut down temporarily, but the mass of places open and packing them in just makes it all unpleasant, even if they’re all -technically- following the rules. There was one night when Boys Don’t Cry and (I think) Regina’s threw a block party complete with DJ... oy vey. Our block of Ludlow had some problems - there was one night we actually had to shove our way through a crowd of revelers just to get to our door. Luckily the offending business (SE
  15. At same point in the late 70s (maybe 1980) my father happened to be in Kansas City on business and brought back a bottle of Bryant’s sauce. He treated it like it was a bottle of liquid gold and wouldn’t let anyone - even himself - use it. Because in those days, who knew when he’d be able to get more? Then Bryant died and it only exacerbated the problem. I’m 90% sure it’s still in my parents’ basement, and I’m 90% sure it’d still be good.
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