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  1. Apparently he’s back in a restaurant again, running one of Brian Malarkey’s 8,000 places on the West Coast. I give it a month before he’s replaced by Ryan Skeen, who will leave two months later himself to open a B&B in Salinas. By then Nate will be the head of chicken sandwich development at Burger King corporate.
  2. Haha. I’d had some Tribe Called Quest going earlier. I’ll blame it on that.
  3. I won’t be terribly surprised if “in the future” we find Sammy’s Roumanian, name and logo having been purchased by a group of investors, is re-opening at the Wynn Las Vegas serving avocado flatbreads and Romanian tenderloin spring rolls with shiitake pesto dipping sauce on a menu by consulting chef Nate Applebaum.
  4. Yeah... sigh. Ayano (the GM) had told me but I didn’t want to accept it. I’m guessing the Yoshida family will do something else in the space, since I believe they own the building. I think business never quite bounced back after chef Sono left, though the food remained just as good. In related news, chef Sono’s new place will be opening... whenever things can open. Tasting menu joint on Ludlow St., on-trend counter a la Ko/Atomix.
  5. Wonder if they’re just dumping some old stock with the takeout list, making room? It looks like those bottles (except the Eyries) from a cursory glance have been removed from the dine-in list. The Eyrie 2-pack is probably well below retail, if you could even find those bottles. Not a bad deal if you can spend $750 on two bottles of wine to begin with.
  6. I didn’t get past the fact that he thinks 26th St is “Downtown” to begin with.
  7. Always. We were actually going to Sobaya just to mix it up, since we usually do Cocoran. Sobaya arguably has better noods, more buckwheaty. Better for a “pure” sobasperience. Cocoran is more about just getting a big hearty bowl with twenty things in it.
  8. We found that out a couple weeks ago the hard way. Walked up specifically to satisfy a lunch soba craving. The folks at Hi-Collar tried to woo us over but I was in the soba zone so we wound up walking all the way back down to Cocoron.
  9. With the caveat that “comfortable” is subjective... Wayla, Sobaya, Kaikagetsu, Saigon Social, Hanoi House, Bessou, Peking Duck House... Kimika for Italiasian. Jungsik for a budget-buster fancy outing.
  10. Raw tails. With something snappy and bitter, like diced green apple and radicchio. Make a little stock from the heads to pour around or sip on the side.
  11. Yeah... the moment a shuttle bus is the only public transportation option is the moment I get a cab.
  12. Market update: Fresh yuzu at Essex Farm. Cheaper than Sunrise Mart, IIRC, and without the ton of single-use plastic all the fruit at SM comes lovingly packed in.
  13. Some new things happening down Two Bridges way... L'Itos (or L'ito's?) - cute little soup n' sandwich takeout place in the shadow of the bridge on Henry St. A collaboration between the owner of Leisir Wine next door and the chef-partner from Sorella that wasn't the Hearst scion. Unfancy, straightforward. We only tried two sandwiches - the "Ash" (ham, pickles & mustard) and the "Stevie" (pastrami and slaw in a pita) and they were both solid, though the pita didn't travel well and had kind of dissolved from the dressing by the time it got home. It said Russian dressing but I swear I tas
  14. Ha, I ate there that night! I was walking South on 5th with a few friends, and about half a block after passing them it suddenly hit me their lights were on. I think they’d borrowed a couple generators from a nearby film set. IIRC there were many oysters, and that steak for two “special” that was a special literally every night since they’d opened. And that hot bread. Speaking of BRPS, dunno if it’s been noted in this thread yet but they closed up shop earlier this year. I hadn’t been in some time but I felt an emptiness nonetheless. It was nice knowing that -if- I needed bone marrow at
  15. I (mostly) like MFG but god, I hope not. I don’t want a $65 pan roast.
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