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  1. 5 hours ago, AaronS said:

    where should I go?

    At least once a year we catch a flick at the Alpine ($7 matinees! And still only $10 after 4PM) and then do dinner at Tanoreen. Though the last time we went I think someone forgot to salt the food. Easily fixed but surprising. 

    Polonica, for old-school Polish comfort food and five different kinds of Borscht.

    Leo’s Casa Calamari, because sometimes a plate of fried galamah and a chicken parm is just right. Peppino’s wasn’t terrible either, as I recall, for It-Am eats. The Peppinos also own a reasonably-priced liquor store in the neighborhood (also named “Peppino’s”) with some surprising selections  

    Le Sajj, Ayat, Iraqi House.

    Balady for Middle Eastern groceries.

    Coszcal de Allende was decent Mexican when I went, though not terribly different than many places in Sunset Park.

    if you’re into trendy natural wines and such, Cellary is a nice well-curated shop with friendly staff.

  2. D. Collucio & Sons (a block or so front LaPera) is a decent Italian (with a Calabrian focus) specialty store. Nothing earth-shaking but a more interesting selection than probably anything else in the neighborhood. I used to trek out there just for their neonata, which is among my top ten condiments.

    There are a couple decent Central/South American places. Sol de Quito (Ecuadoran) and Progreso (Honduran) - neither are destination restaurants but they’re solid neighborhood restaurants. 

    To the East there’s a little patch of Albanian places - along 65th there’s a few, in the 20s cross-streets. And to the West there’s Bay Ridge with lots of good Middle Eastern options, of course. 


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  3. Like Aaron I’ve had some good meals at Chuan Yue. Is it world-changing? No, but it’s pretty solid, with a few atypical dishes. Bonus: if you’re going for Xmas, it’s not too far a walk (maybe twenty minutes) to go see the famous Dyker Heights Xmas lights before/after. 

  4. On 11/14/2021 at 10:42 PM, small h said:

    Resurrecting this ancient thread because it's one of the only places Lil Frankie's is mentioned, and we've eaten there twice recently. I discussed the first time without revealing the restaurant's name, because we waited so long to get our check that we gave up and left. The waiter chased us down, we went back and paid, and the manager gave us a gift certificate as an apology. Which we used tonight. Spoiler alert: we got the check in a timely fashion.

    The food was uneven. I had the fava bean and dandelion green soup, which was excellent. I wasn't expecting a puree, but I absolutely love pea soup, and this was quite similar. The bread's good, the olive oil is better. My spinach ravioli was less successful: mushy, and drowned under a too-acidic red sauce and that awful beaded parmesan. H's pizza margherita was okay - good crust, mediocre cheese, not enough basil. We had the bufala mozzarella pizza and the gnocchi last time, and both of those were superior to what we had tonight.

    I also had a glass of orange wine which I liked enough to order a bottle when we got home. I would've ordered more, but one bottle was all Bowery and Vine had in stock. This, if you're interested.


    One neat thing about the restaurant is that their by-the-glass list is actually twice as long as it appears, because there's also a "by consumption" page of wines they're willing to open for you. I'm not sure why this is different from by-the-glass, but I thought it was a fine idea. Oh, and it was packed. There were a couple of empty tables when we arrived that filled up in ten or so minutes. And apropos of nothing, the woman seated nearest me was wearing a strapless romper and had wedding hair (reminiscent of Phyllis on The Mary Tyler Moore Show), which I think is worth mentioning.


    Oddly I was recently at LF’s for the first time since… heck, maybe since this topic was last active.

    Meatball pizza was everything I’d expect from a meatball pizza. Some fried ga-la-mah to start, a simple, bitter tricolore salad and a cheap gluggable chianti made for a meal I certainly couldn’t complain about.

  5. On 11/14/2021 at 5:49 PM, Wilfrid said:

    Anyone familiar with Hound's Tree Wines on Bedford. I passed it walking down to Francie and looked in to see what it was about. It's a very large tasting room for (the many) wines from the eponymous estate, plus many other New York State wines. I only had time for a swift drink. I tried the Hound's Tree "En Rama," a Chardonnay aged under flor. More like an Arbois white than a sherry, but good I thought.

    I had never heard of the estate or the bar.

    I got a pet-nat from them recently (Slope Cellars, IIRC) that was a bit bonkers in a good way  - a blend of cab sauv with skin-fermented muscat. I get the impression they’re a funky hipster “let’s just try every kooky idea we think of!” kind of outfit (cf Uncouth Vermouth, Matchbook Distilling, etc.) - which I very much appreciate. 

  6. With the cheapest buy-in at $250 it’s an easy way to get $75-$150 off dinner for two at GT or The Modern, with no long-term loyalty commitment. 

    I wonder if he’s been out to Flushing recently  A lot of the higher end places out there have been doing this for years, in a slightly different format. 

  7. On 10/21/2021 at 3:35 PM, Wilfrid said:

    I don't know why I am not coming up with great ideas (perhaps so many places closed). Looking for East Village or LES bar (full bar not just beer and wine) which also has small plates and which will be tolerable early-ish on a Friday evening.

    +1 for Sakamai & Bar Goto. Though last time I went to Goto the food menu felt kind of incidental and thrown together just because they had to. Might have changed since. 

    Bar seats at Dhamaka are no-rez.

    i wasn’t crazy about them, but everyone else here who’d been seemed to like BBF well enough. 


  8. 7 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

    Finally, Resy texts me all the time to tell me about my upcoming reservations. But if I select the Notify option, what I get is an email telling me a table is available, and by the time I have checked my emails the table has gone. I cannot figure that out.


    I had that problem as well. You need to have the app if you don’t, and make sure all notifications are activated for it in your phone’s settings. Then it’ll pop up a message which will take you right to the reservation page when tables open. 

  9. On 10/15/2021 at 7:33 PM, StephanieL said:

    Another oldie: Felidia.  I'm sorry I never got to go there.

    I was there twice over the years. The second time under duress. Found the food just kind of boring both times. It felt like more of a museum than a restaurant. 

    On a related note, we went to Babbo during the pandy when they first started outdoor dining. We got there to find that Fortunato Nicotra, who'd been running Felidia for the last 80 years, had been put in charge. So we prepared ourselves for a boring let-down. And damned if it wasn't some of the best food that kitchen had put out in years. We went back two more times during the sidewalk era and he was killing it. Made me wonder if we needed to go back to Felidia? Guess not. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

    The lamb chops at Iris didn't taste anything like woody.

    Mastic is kind of sweet.  (Their Mastic Martini is pretty great.)

    I bought a bottle of mastic a couple months ago when we were having a Greek-ish dinner with friends. Thought I’d improvise a cocktail for the evening. 

    It (at least the one I got) tastes a bit like cologne - specifically, Comme des Garçons’ Monocle Scent One - but in a surprisingly not-terrible way. I hadn’t even considered cooking with it, but maybe that’ll make it to my agenda next time there’s some lamb here. 

  11. File under not so curious, after further investigation. I had hoped that Hakka Cuisine, in the old Fuleen space, might actually feature Hakka cuisine, or at least some notable Hakka dishes. You know, what with the name being “Hakka Cuisine” and all. 

    What I wasn’t quite expecting was just the Hwa Yuan menu, right down to not even bothering to take Tang’s name off the signature dishes. Oh well. 

  12. 1 hour ago, joethefoodie said:

    How is Hwa Yuan - we've never been?

    And I see from one of her posts, that Pig & Khao has been open something like 9years. Wow.

    I liked it all right. It’s not a destination place, but the times we’ve been I didn’t have any major complaints. I don’t know that there’s a particular stand-out dish a la Wu’s “NY #1 Wonton” - I guess the sesame noodles would be the signature, and they’re good, sure. I remember liking the spicy wine chicken and hot bean curd fish a lot. But that said it’s been some time since we’ve been. 

    Though yeah, you’re paying a tablecloth tax.

  13. On 9/30/2021 at 11:50 AM, Wilfrid said:

    Any idea for something open Sunday evenings, easy to get to from the LES (or on the LES)? The places I've looked at so far don't open Sundays.

    Considering Dhamaka but my guest has limited spice tolerance, so perhaps not a good idea.

    Kimika has a couple later (9:00+) tables. 

    Seeing some openings at IBA&V, Dirty French, Wayan, Pig & Khao. 

    Always tables at Wu’s or Hwa Yuan.


  14. On 9/30/2021 at 11:50 AM, Wilfrid said:

    Any idea for something open Sunday evenings, easy to get to from the LES (or on the LES)? The places I've looked at so far don't open Sundays.

    Considering Dhamaka but my guest has limited spice tolerance, so perhaps not a good idea.

    Kimika has a couple later (9:00+) tables. 

    Seeing some openings at IBA&V, Dirty French, Wayan, Pig & Khao. 

    Always tables at Wu’s or Hwa Yuan.


  15. I met a friend at Red Hook Tavern for dinner, back when it was no rez. First time there. It was full, so they took my number and said they’d text. Thirty minutes later we’re back and they’re “Hi, Mr. Gordon” - except I’d never told them my name. We figured out quickly it was Resy, which they had just installed but weren’t actively using yet. Creeped me the eff out though. (The burger soon quelled any residual nerves)

  16. 5 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

    Right - and it even looks like...a bar!

    Do you recall if there was bar food on a separate menu? Because I remember eating a couple of dishes at the bar, but possibly they were just sent out comped due to the company I was keeping.

    I closed that bar many a night. It kind of became my “regular” for a couple years. Often after doing dinner elsewhere (or even dinner at home) we’d hit the WD bar for dessert and/or (many) nightcaps.

    For most of their run it was the same menu as the dining room. Towards the end when they went tasting-menu-only, you could still order a la carte at the bar. They also got rid of those awkwardly placed bar tables at some point, too. 

  17. 15 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

    Hawksmoor. In that gorgeous building.

    Going tomorrow. Lots of mains. Lots o' meat. Probably lots o' money.

    Oysters with bone marrow, bone marrow app, bone marrow side, bone marrow steak sauce, halibut with (differen) bone marrow sauce, bone marrow skirlie…

    I have to say I’m a little disappointed they don’t have a bone marrow dessert or a bone marrow cocktail. 

  18. 2 hours ago, small h said:

    Curious, if not exactly hopeful. In the Suffolk Arms space.


    I looked at the website for another bar owned by the same group, and it appears unlikely the cocktails at this new one will be very good. But maybe?

    Judging by their other two bars (Juke Bar and Trinity Pub) I can’t say I’m even curious. They seem to have formula working for them that involves trivia nights, mozzarella stix, and frozen strawberry margaritas. 

  19. 16 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

    Anyone tried...


    Nuan Xin?  Corner (NW) of Eldridge and Hester Sts.( @Seth Gordon?? ) Looks like there are 4 locations scattered between Brooklyn and Manhattan.  

    I actually enjoyed Joe's Steam Rice Roll (which apparently is still open), when I tried it a few years ago.

    And they (like the soba noodle place) also have a story about their raw materials...


    I tried some purple rice rolls in the Before Times in Sunset Park. Can’t remember if it was Nuan Xin, though. A few places hawking them sprang up like mushrooms overnight, as seems to happen with This Year’s Taiwanese Food Fad restaurants. As I recall, the one we popped into had replaced one of the Last Year’s Taiwanese Food Fad joints - squid-on-a-stick or neon blue lightbulb drinks or braised eel in waffle cones or something. 

    Anyway, the ones we tried I just found to be carb bombs, and the fillings a bit greasy. There was duck with too much mayo and eel with “cheese” of some sort. I imagine were I 22 and coked up at 3AM I’d have loved that shit. As a rational adult, eh. (But I have no memory which place it was. It may not have been NX.)

  20. On 8/29/2021 at 6:37 AM, Orik said:

    What I thought they explained in Tokyo was that the sarashina noodles came with sweet mentsuyu and all the other noodles with dry mentsuyu.

    It was mix-n-match here. Though that said, it’s not like the two were notably different. I honestly think with eyes closed most wouldn’t be able to pick one from the other. Though perhaps my palate isn’t sensitive enough. Maybe too much kasha as a child dulled it to subtler expressions of buckwheat. 

    On 8/29/2021 at 7:56 AM, joethefoodie said:

    Well, this sucks.  I was invited to a preview dinner (quite a few months ago) and not that I can remember much about it, but I thought there were 4 to 6 different types of soba noodles. And we enjoyed it - I think the big machers from Japan were probably here and in the kitchen. Back to Sobaya I guess. (But don't think the noodles they (Sobaya) sell to take home and deal with are anywhere near as good as what's served in the restaurant).


    I mean, as with all things, YMMV. I don’t know if having the principals around would make a difference. I’m sure it’s one of their top people in the kitchen, and this is every bit the food they intend to put out. Nothing we ate was BAD - just some of it was a little bland. Had we been able to order any non-soba dishes we might have had a more complete picture. And admittedly the service shitshow was going to cast a pall on whatever we had. 

  21. New soba place across the street from Gramercy Tavern. Branch of a two-century-old restaurant in Japan  Lots of hype.

    Service was non-existent. We sat for well over twenty minutes being ignored before someone took our order. The table next to us appeared to be having the same problem. It was around the forty-five minute mark after our reservation that the first food hit the table. Oddly, this was one of the same major problems at the last new Japanese restaurant we tried. Though this wasn’t nearly as bad as that place. 

    And much like that other place, the food when it finally arrived didn’t redeem it. Soba was… eh. Tried both types, the regular (mori) and the “core only” (sarashina) - they tasted the same to us. Both kind of bland. I’d take Cocoron’s or Sobaya’s over these. The sarashina were a little stickier, that was the only notable difference. Waitress overheard us commenting and said we should “keep chewing” the sarashina and they become sweet or something. Which breaks one of my cardinal rules: noodles should not require instructions. 

    Also, just no. I’m not going to sit there masticating the buckwheat into mush between my molars just to elicit an inevitably uninteresting and underwhelming placebo of sweetness. If I want something sweet, the correct answer is not “chew something bland for forty seconds and convince yourself that the end result was worth your time.”

    Veggie tempura was kind of flavorless. 

    The walnut dipping sauce was great. I’ll give ‘em that. Not, like, “make a reservation a month out just to have it” great. More “if I was walking by and saw an empty seat at the bar and I was hungry I might consider getting it again” great.




  22. 1 hour ago, small h said:

    Just curious what your objection is, 'cause it looks like a nice Chinese restaurant to me.

    I’m not seeing reason for the trepidation either. It looks… fine. Maybe a little generic, at worst. 

    French 37 is from Golden Age Hospitality … they’re kind of all over the place (Le Crocodile, Acme, Tijuana Picnic, Ray’s…) so who knows what we’re in for with that. Nobody’s solved 37 Canal yet, good luck to ‘em… 

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