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    Well that’s a bit of a bummer. But then we’re kind of used to it. There isn’t a single Tijuanan restaurant in this town that I know of but I can probably think of half a dozen off the top of my head with “Tijuana” in their name. After our only Sinaloan restaurant closed within a few weeks another place changed their name to include Sinaloa and quickly figured out half-assed versions of two or three dishes to wedge into their otherwise typical Pueblan menu. I may check them out, regardless. Though the wine list is somewhat confounding. A lot that I wouldn’t pair with Mexican flavors. And a
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    I’m kind of fascinated by the fact that their website tells us the interior designer, who made the plates, and the DJ that curated the “soundtrack” - but unless I’m missing something (entirely possible) it doesn’t appear they feel any need to tell us who the chef is.
  3. There's a 9:15 table open tonight. At least as of this writing. I won't be going until they put a menu on their website. And even then maybe not, since I'm not always the biggest DB fan... but no menu is my non-starter. ETA: found the menu, Would be nice if there was a link right to it at the top and you didn't have to scroll to stumble on it, but okay.
  4. If you mean individual restaurants that are still broke, sure, let's be nice. If you mean as a whole, and we're not criticizing any places until the industry as a whole rises - then nah, I'm ready to start criticizing. If a restaurant managed to put more seats on the sidewalk and in the street than they ever had indoors and filled them to capacity every night, and now that indoor dining is open they've got double their old capacity and are still packing them in, then yeah, they're open to criticism if they put out shit. I can think of one I'm ready to start with.
  5. That’s all I stumbled across. On one of the above vids, the account that posted it has a couple of newer short vids with a much older Alan. Might even be his account.
  6. There’re a few episodes floating around on Vimeo:
  7. The view is pretty nice for sure. Even on the second floor from one of the far side tables i have to imagine the more seasoned staff are on the dinner shift. Brunch always gets the B-team.
  8. Popped in over the weekend for brunch. The food (what we had) was still mostly quite good. Snapper ceviche could’ve used a touch of sugar to make the strawberries (which were surprisingly not popping) pop, but otherwise very solid. The service was still a bit off a mess though I got the impression about 80% of the FOH staff were new to the industry as maybe all the old crew are working at an Amazon warehouse by now. For some reason four different people in the span of three minutes needed to ask us if we were waiting on others to join our party. Hey, they’re the ones who seated a deuce at a f
  9. Seth Gordon


    My body only lets me eat there about once a year. I took a friend for the famous-ish burgers over the winter. It’s a heartattack on a plate even when it’s not 90° out.
  10. 1/2 cup could be just right for a pan sauce, along with some stock or water. With enough maillardy bits in there and some Dijon mustard emulsified in, the sweetness will be fine, even welcome.
  11. Not this place, but out in Flushing. There were a half-dozen or so places loudly advertising them last time I was out on that further stretch of Northern Blvd. That was... Summer 2019? I recall musing at the time they’d be the next fish-cone or soufflé pancake. I imagine there are probably thirty or forty places down that strip hawking them now, but I haven’t been out that way since The Before Times. Anyway, the couple I had (at Basac, IIRC) were nothing to write home about. One was cheesy and goopy, with the potato cubes, and we did the traditional(?) sugar sprinkle. If I were thirteen
  12. With Bar Verde and Jajaja within walking distance, vegan Mexican may be an official EV/LES trend. If someone can just combine that with Korean rice dogs they’ll be sitting on a gold mine.
  13. I guess this iteration must be Humm’s version of Miles’ shitty late-80s pop period, then.
  14. I enjoyed ABCV well enough, though it ranked third place among the ABC restaurants. i think the best vegan meals I’ve had in town were at Kajitsu, probably, and they’re the upper limit price point I can imagine paying for such. (Not that it’s something I ever sought out, but the SO went through a semi-vegan phase for a bit some years ago)
  15. I’m as cynical as the next guy, but I actually find Humm pretty guileless. Like every other middle-aged dad trying to be cool, he’s totally off-base on where the Zeitgeist actually is. But then his target demo is mostly middle-aged dads trying to be cool so maybe it doesn’t matter?
  16. I look forward to the next iteration, when he transforms it into the first NFT restaurant, with menus of Non-Food Tokens for 500 Ethereum. You sit at a table and look at pictures of food and wine bottles you now “own” on an iPad.
  17. I figure whatever they do, they'll keep their stars from NYT and Mich, because neither will want to be seen demoting them for eco-consciousness. I could even imagine Wells giving them a glorious four-star reappraisal for his return to starred reviews. They'll do good business for a year or so, between curious returners and the usual tourist star-collectors. And I imagine if (when) they find there aren't as many repeat customers as in the past, because people just aren't quite willing to throw down $350/pp for garden-variety (har har) ingredients, they'll start offering a couple non-plant
  18. They say that each meal purchased will also send five meals to people in need in NYC. Which raises the question, can one write off part of their bill from their taxable income? Will it be akin to buying a ticket to a charity event?
  19. Ah. I hadn’t been in probably twenty years but that kind of bums me out. There was a time it was the place to hang for a (at that time in my life) “fancy” but downtown-cool dinner, before or after a show at The Knit or some scuzzy squat party. I think they were my first experience with “traditional French service” where customers were actively ignored by the waitstaff. Like, they went far out of their way to avoid even brief eye contact. You had to respect the level of game displayed.
  20. We’re in, Thursday the 13th. With the (personal #1 pet peeve) no-price menus I’m dreading that ordering a la carte might approach nearly the same cost as the currently unavailable tasting. But it’s stimulus check season so whatever.
  21. Most recent new try was Migrant Kitchen, a Middle Eastern / Mexican mashup on Stone St. After some difficulty finding them (only to find after getting there you can only order online for pickup) I declare them not bad but not destination food. Actually, the “fawaffles” - falafel waffles - were straight up bad. But everything else we tried (fried chicken, carnitas, elote with labneh) was decent, if some of it was a smidge underseasoned for my taste. The chicken was the best of the lot, though it comes with the terrible fawaffles, so it’s a wash. If one’s in the area it could be an okay pl
  22. There are only two dishes I return to Kopitiam for... the oyster omelette and the pan mee. And the latter is only good if you eat it there, it doesn’t travel well. Other stuff ranges from mostly fine, if nothing earth-shattering, to occasionally bad - a recent menu addition of sesame noodles came across like overcooked spaghetti in some kind of flavorless, unseasoned oil. I get the impression that if I liked sweets I might like them more, since that seems to be their main jam, NPI. They are cheap, though. Which may explain some of the popularity Public Village, I mostly like what I
  23. Finally tried this week. No wait, walked right in on Friday afternoon. Only tried two things. A bread with someone’s name - Max? Marv? Mel? - anyway, I asked what was in it and they started rattling off ingredients and when they got to “chicken fat” I said “stop, sold.” It was solid. Not chicken-y. Good crumb. Tart. Excellent delivery vehicle for good butter, or the ridiculous Moulin Cornille olive oil we recently picked up at Formaggio. Would I wait in line for it? No. But I’ll pop in again if there’s no wait and try more. Also had some cookies. Rye chocolate chip. They’d ma
  24. I’ve never not been able to walk right up and get a table. Though we haven’t gone terribly often over the last year, admittedly. I get that they’re allowed to... I just think it’s shady to call those tables “outdoors” when they’re not. I’m not the only person to have walked away from a reservation listening to mumbled apologies when faced with such a situation, I’m sure.
  25. In other LES news, for those curious about these places: having now had every new fried chicken thigh sandwich in the vicinity - Wildair, Double Chicken Please, and Saigon Social - I can declare Saigon Social’s to be the unequivocal winner, and perhaps the best fried chicken sandwich in the city. DCP was a bit of a let-down for all the hype. Wildair was fine but they weren’t really trying much with it. And SS’s comes with tater tots which is just gilding the lily.
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