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  1. Wow, that sounds really interesting. Who is this Ramsay fellow? Chef Ramsey is known around the globe for his many successful (14 Michelin-starred) restaurants, as a consultant in turning around the fortunes of struggling restaurants, and, yes, for his fiery temper. On Kitchen Nightmares, we focus on Chef Ramsey’s skills as a restaurant consultant, and we watch as he helps to transform beleaguered restaurants back into profitable enterprises. He does what needs to be done in order for a restaurant to regain its footing. This might include a readjustment of unruly staff, or ins
  2. Restaurant Nominations Wanted!!! For the first time we’re turning to the experts of the restaurant industry seeking your nominations to be considered for FOX’s hit show Kitchen Nightmares. Have you seen a great place take a turn for the worse? Is your favorite eatery disappointing you? In these troubling economic times, small businesses such as restaurants need all the help they can get. Do you know a restaurant owner who might appreciate expert advice and the chance at saving their business from closing its doors forever? You can respond to this post with the names and reaso
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