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  1. aek

    Racines NY

    My friend asked to see the kitchen and they refused so that project may have been underway.
  2. aek

    Racines NY

    The food in the pictures looks pretty mediocre. The scale is way off and just looks like some stuff warmed up with leaves plopped on top. But my meal at Corton was pretty bad so what do I know (FWIW they closed the next day).
  3. aek

    Le Cinq

    He ordered wrong. That said, the food in the pictures looks pretty bad.
  4. From the restaurant threads, you would think many here would consider something that gets "bros" out of restaurants and into their kitchens to be a positive development.
  5. aek


    Maybe Burgundy Truffle at that price? Pretty good deal if you enjoy it. Right around wholesale cost. Current wholesale for melanosporum from my guy is ~40/oz.
  6. Best two: Suetomi and Le Cinq. For pure fun, Amass Copenhagen.
  7. There's certainly stuff that looks great, but others not so much, and some of those popped up right around when I was making reservations. Like I said, extremely scientific... I'm not working with evgeny's bankroll, so have to narrow things down somehow.😎 https://instagram.com/p/BLlyw7mh_JE/ https://instagram.com/p/BLqQlcABAUY/
  8. My profit margin for an unsigned, somewhat grease-splattered copy was roughly 1500% (not a typo). I couldn't really believe it, but I think the original Pacaud book was going for even more before the 2012 one came out. I'd assume that there will be another printing soon. I went looking for more at Librarie Gourmand, but they didn't have it and were aware of the situation ("it's VERY sold out. Look online--insane prices!").
  9. Looped through on the way back from a trip to London. Trying to stay awake in a CDG hotel rom to catch an early flight, so a few notes. I recently sold my Ambroisie book for an absurd profit, and the exchange rate is quite friendly, so I splurged a bit. My first thought was to throw it back to Ambroisie, but based on my extremely scientific review of some recent photos on instagram, things look a bit iffy there at the moment. So for the extremely expensive gamble, i went with Gagnaire instead.* Didn't quite hit the jackpot, but had an extremely good meal--a blackjack at a 6:5 odds table, I'd say. Had a very good starter of crayfish steamed with linden leaves that came with a side of sweetbreads, and some polenta, and then a doe saddle and its sauce with cepes and pear, which came with a civet of wild boar as a principal side dish, along with some other stuff. The cooking and ingredients in each of the individual plates was uniformly excellent. What I didn't quite get is how the sets of dishes were really supposed to work together, particularly the doe/boar. A lot of meat with two pretty rich and similar sauces. Since I get to eat this stuff like once a year I'm not complaining, but others might find it overkill. The a la carte prices are hilarious. They are of course extraordinarily high, but there does not seem to be much rhyme or reason as to why one thing is 125 euros while another is 175. Wine prices are pretty reasonable, and given the quantity of food, the dessert menu is delivered and taken away in one swoop with something to the effect of: "you probably don't have room but..." So in the end the damage is about the same as George V/Epicure/Alleno and a decent bit less than l'Ambroisie. Taillevent. Everything was basically correct. Was hoping that lievre a la royale would be on the menu (had been the past few weeks), but it was not. Instead had the lievre a la cuillere (basically the Senator Couteaux version I think?), which was great but probably too rustic for the environment. Oh well. *In the not-a-gamble department, Le Cinq remains fantastic. I don't have anything to add to my past comments. Hard to beat that grouse a la royale this time of year.
  10. aek

    Le Coucou

    I love the curation of the main photo. Makes lots of sense to put a plastic-handled knife on top of a "hot" copper dish.
  11. aek


    He seems to have fully bought into the fawning foodie social media circle jerk at this point. Why not cash in. A lot of the food now looks sloppy, ill-conceived, or both. A frankenchicken. What an intellectual . . .
  12. Have 2 days in November. Any good options for game? Probably don't want to deal with Hedone for various reasons.
  13. aek

    eating in Japan

    Elevage sounds right/looks right on tabelog.
  14. aek

    eating in Japan

    I really enjoyed this in February. They made good use of an iPad or other tablet to get around some the language issues/show some additional stuff about the ingredients. A pretty funny situation after the meal, as I got off the elevator to check out the wine bar a floor below, but noticed that Suetomi had already sprinted down the stairs to the street to see me off. I didn't end up going back up, but it looked like it could have been pretty good. I forget the name.
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