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  1. I see. (FWIW, I'm your age, just not as oblivious). I see. There's really no need to engage with insults. You sabotage your own arguments with aplomb. Ahhh using big words now. Must make you feel very smart. It seems like I have struck a nerve with some of the people on this board. Looks like they can dish it but can't take it. Unfortunately, that's how it usually goes. isn't it ironic?
  2. Nah, he's really that oblivious. I've suffered through read a couple of his other "reviews." I haven't checked back here since I originally asked questions in this thread about LB. However, a good friend of mine informed me that I was getting ripped up pretty bad here. Eh, no big deal. Should I be scared because of a bunch of pompous idiots think they are superior to me and trashed my review because their opinion differs from mine? Not at all. Unfortunately, it seems like there is no such thing as an opinion anymore. If someone has a disappointing experience at LB (God forbid) or anywhere else clearly they must be stupid, immature, inferior to you right? It's a stupid food forum for Christ sakes. Some of you need to chill out and get a life. People are entitled to their opinions. If you disagree that's fine, but obviously you can get your point across without being a total moron. The funniest thing about the responses was everyone talking about how "tough" the people are on this board. And those pictures of people in a conference room surrounded by sharks. Really? Should I be intimidated to post now on here? Laughable actually. I'm really shaking in my boots because a bunch of people are attacking me on a food forum behind a computer screen. If you don't like my reviews then don't read them. Because ya know- someone did mentioned they've "suffered" through my other reviews. I guess they were entertaining enough to make you read my other MANY torturing reviews. How about instead of all the crap everyone posted you actually try to offer your opinion with some class. I may be young (which some of you seem jealous of) but at least I'm not "immature" enough to respond the way some of you have chosen to. And in defense of ellenost, perhaps she isn't "scared" off by your nonsense. Maybe she realized she doesn't need to waste her time with the kind of rude people on this board. She is a very classy woman and I value her opinions greatly. To those individuals who actually offer up great information and provide their opinion in a civil way I apologize. There are some quality posters here who I appreciate (one who is a great friend of mine in fact). It's clear which posters my response was directed towards.
  3. How are the portion sizes for the tastingim wondering
  4. steakrules85


    Between Roz' pics and your review Roberta's has vaulted to the top of my list. It sounds like a truly amazing place and a wonderful experience. Glad you liked the Wagyu Beef! Everything looks terrific all around.
  5. steakrules85


    Nice to see that you managed to get some more pizza during your visit Their pizza was good - but not Lucali or Paulie Gee's good. Better crust than DiFara's slice or Motorino, IMO, though. Next visit we need a 5-stop Manhattan Pizza crawl. Co, Keste, Donatella, the Pizzeria at Eataly, and - eh, I'm sure something will pop up. As I mentioned to you, this was the first time I'd ever had a pizza that was not topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella. It was a revelation! I'm all for a Manhattan pizza crawl. Obviously, no need for Motorino (which I liked). Perhaps Pulino's should be included? I've never been there, and iirc, the pizza didn't get great reviews when they opened. But according to this interview with McNally on Eater, they've made some changes, so it might be much better. . Roz you also have to try a white pie! Mozzarella ricotta garlic and oil. It's delicious.
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