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  1. A lot of the dairy farms in our region are gone. Stone Mountain Creamery will deliver to our area. Like the old dairy companies that delivered, they offer more than just milk, but quite a bit more than the old dairies - meats, snacks and jams (made by other companies) and their own ice cream, butter, sour cream, eggs.
  2. Vegan diets, organic food shops, more big food chains, 'upscale' coffee shops, unique/creative food truck foods, cooking shows as entertainment, quinoa products, loads of choices in fresh produce in supermarkets - fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes, field greens, wild mushrooms, dozens of varieties of winter squash, GMO foods, fewer local farms, disappearance of milk delivery from local dairy farms, documenting meals out with photography on the internet, food forums, artisan bread shops, weekly local farm markets Some of these relate to living in the suburbs.
  3. Thanks everyone, you too Bolderite. I passed on these recommendations. Wish I were going to NOLA.
  4. A friend from Japan will be visiting New Orleans for the first time and would like your suggestions for restaurants. Mitchell's and Evelyn's recent suggestions and descriptions are great. Any other help would be greatly appreciated. They will only be in town for 4 days.
  5. Thanks AaronS. I realize Rocklands isn't in Georgetown and I agree, they're not great. I'll have a look a the Florida Avenue Grill, the bar and The Tombs. eta: Thanks Anthony Bonner. Will check out Martin's Tavern.
  6. Oh sorry! I meant to move or delete that sentence. I am pretty sure she meant soul food in D.C. I'll pass on your suggestion of Willie Mae's Scotch House and will go on the New Orleans thread after I ask her if she'd like more suggestions. She's very grateful for the advice. Thanks again from all of us.
  7. Ok, I'll suggest Oohs and Aahs. That sounds like a better idea. I'm glad you told me about Ben's Chili Bowl. I'll pass that on. Thanks very much. She tried Eatonville on her own last night and said she couldn't finish the fried chicken. eta: She is going to New Orleans. She's excited to eat as much soul food as possible. I have never been, but assume that the choices there will be outstanding.
  8. Where in D.C. is the best place for ribs and/or other good soul foods? My friend tried deep fried chicken last night, so I think we can skip over chicken and waffles. eta: We've decided on Rocklands since she loved seeing a glimpse of Georgetown, so maybe there's a good place to go after for a view of the canal and maybe dessert or a drinky. I'm still always on the lookout for good ribs.
  9. Sorry to double post here, but I just made the reservation. Thanks again!
  10. Oh thanks, that's a nice idea and perfect for her interests (House of Cards). The crab cakes can cover it if there're no soft-shells.
  11. A friend from Japan is visiting. She's got a pretty nice itinerary that includes good options for finding decent crab dishes like the Eastern Market and Annapolis. Still, she's asked if we can find a place that has crab on the menu for dinner out on Sunday. We'll be driving her around D.C. neighborhoods and will walk around in Georgetown and it's fine if we need to drive to another D.C. neighborhood for dinner. If soft shells are in season, that'd be a nice treat for her to try. I am allergic to shellfish, but I can eat fish. I'm not up for taking her for steamed crabs. I think that
  12. Just hit the pause button. Oh wait, did you mean going to the theater? I thought you meant watching on smaller electronics or big flat screen at home . . . I am not a kid, but I lurve watching films that I can pause and rewind. Oops, posted on the wrong thread.
  13. My favorites were those Swedish braided breads with a touch of cardamom and the pearl sugar on top. Would love to find a reliable gf recipe to recreate the ones they make at the bakery on Skansen.
  14. Our most commonly used set up is bluetooth speaker + computer.
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