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  1. ellenost


    Yes, thank you for returning us to our previously scheduled program: Corton. It was an excellent dinner!
  2. I find that confusing. As an attorney you think they're not allowed to moderate you whichever way they please? (provided their "censorship" isn't against some specifically protected group) What an odd response: you might have forgotten but the Constitution of the United States specifically protects freedom of speech. The CH moderators should not be limiting my (or anyone's) ability from writing about a restaurant (good or bad). I reminded the CH moderators that I am not known to David Chang at all; and that regardless of the number of times that I have dined at Ko, nothing has ever been
  3. That isn't true at all. Regardless, the moderation is still hilarious. You obviously don't know what you're talking about with regard to banning. There are plenty of regulars able to post about their meals on CH, e.g. ellenost posts about Má Pêche and Momofuku Ko without any issues. If the CH moderators actually banned you from excessively posting about EMP in unrelated threads, I don't blame them. It was becoming insufferable. The CH moderators tried to ban me from posting about Ko and Ma Peche. I sent them a response that their threatened banning me about posting about
  4. I think I'll give it a go - they have an egg dish, they have foie gras, they have gnocchi, and they have bread pudding - if you do those right you're a winner in my book. I'll be interested in your opinion since Rouge Tomate is around the corner from my office; I've never tried it.
  5. uhockey: Did you contact Seasonal as to whether they could accomodate your interest is some of their dinner menu items at lunch? BTW, I think Sneakeater did a brilliant job of explaining the differences between what a visitor to NYC vs. a native NYer looks for in a restaurant. Of course, we natives also enjoy the "wow" restaurants every now and again.
  6. ellenost


    I don't think we did, and if we did I don't know - the reservation was made via Opentable and I merely wrote in advance to be sure photos were allowed. No more, no less. It might have nothing whatsoever to do with blogging or picture taking. If uhockey uses OT a lot, he is in their system as a "VIP member." So Corton knew that he dines out frequently, at the very least. That might not be enough to cause a restaurant to offer comps, but it does let them know to be nice (or nicer) to you. How cool! I do use OpenTable a lot (especially when I travel), and I just checked, and I
  7. ellenost


    I'm sure that the smart restaurants are continuing/starting to treat all their guests well since they don't know who is blogging (with or without camera).
  8. ellenost


    I missed that blog post, but point well taken - I don't, however. The blogger site is linked to a g-mail account because it forced me to do so while I use my yahoo and/or work mail to send most communications to restaurants. I know Per Se googled me when I visited them - so did Citronelle in DC, so I guess that is a possibility. Um, you asked if you could take pictures. "Normal" people don't do that. Judging from the table next to us it has become more "normal" - except they were using flash and were asked to stop. I'm still trying to sort out what special treatment I go
  9. ellenost


    Never knew this (of course why would I since I've only gone to Per Se a half dozen times). This is great news for uhockey since maybe next time he's in NYC, we can go to Per Se and I can have my Oysters and Pearls and he can have the alternate caviar dish.
  10. My sister feels the same way as you. When we travel together, she doesn't want more than half of the meals to be "haute cuisine"; the others need to be more casual (walk-in or nothing fancy). She once threw a tantrum when we were in SF, and on our final night of haute cuisine dining at La Folie, she almost cried that she wanted something "simple"; I think she ended up with a salad and the simplest main dish she could find on the menu. Which is why when I travel solo, I'll go for all "haute cuisine" restaurants.
  11. When I travel to a city that I've been to before, I'll always include a past favorite restaurant as well as some new restaurants. I like the "safety net" of a past favorite to hopefully ensure that at least one of my meals will be wonderful. For example, when I used to regularly travel to Paris (which was almost 10 years ago), I always included Taillevent (knew I was going to have at least one brilliant meal).
  12. ellenost


    I LOVE the Oyster and Pearls at Per Se. That dish is one of the reasons why I return to Per Se. It is delicious - but been there/done that. I guess that's where we differ (respectfully, of course): If I find a dish that I love, I can have the same dish repeatedly and always be happy. I told you about the first time I had lunch at Ko by which I was so amazed. Ended up returning for the lunch the following weekend to repeat the same meal, and was in heaven two weeks in a row!
  13. ellenost


    It was available when I wrote about it, protected only by the fear of rejection as far as I can tell. They're still only doing one table a night though. So, call and get uhockey that table. Uhockey already secured the table. Too bad I'm so swamped at work that I can't join him :-(. I'll have to live vicariously through his wonderfully detailed reviews.
  14. I had a wonderful dinner at Bouley last night. (Actually, in more than 12 years of dining at Bouley, I've only had wonderful dinners at Bouley). My sister and I had the tasting menu, and for $125, it's a wonderful value--okay not as great a value as their $45 five course tasting menu at lunch). I started with the sea urchin terrine. I love sea urchin, and this was a real "wow!" experience for me. Sometimes when I've had sea urchin dishes, it gets "lost" in the dish. This is a dish for sea urchin lovers since it is the main flavor. Sea urchin was incredibly fresh. The dish was sea urchi
  15. ellenost


    I LOVE the Oyster and Pearls at Per Se. That dish is one of the reasons why I return to Per Se.
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