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  1. I Had it wrong, just confirmed: Blood pudding m wells Rest of courses collab between Ignacio and turks
  2. What a random coincidence, 100 people event in 4 large tables and we are sitted next the the one and only Sneakeater. I don't need to say that we had so much fun talking about how much we both like Frannys! I'm not sure who did what. The other guy sitting next to us, mentioned that the polenta on the duck gizzards was something similar to what Ignacio used to make, so not sure where each plate goes. My guess is Isaac McHale and James Lowe, the nomadic Young Turks (Spitalfields, London); -> Blood pudding Ignacio Mattos, the rebel formerly of Isa (Brooklyn, NY);-> Duck and Hugue Duf
  3. Yes, best kept secret! Excellent place for oysters and sunset over Manhattan
  4. jmoranmoya

    La Vara

    Agree with Daniel. Muy caro!
  5. For that price it better be better than going to Chicago
  6. Agree on the location, it is a weird area, he should have open in Brooklyn It will be interesting to look at these comments in 12 months. Cheers
  7. Totally disagree with your note about Manzanilla, I think you are missing the point - but who knows! This is a modern cuisines tapas place, that is having a big success in Spain. Dani Garcia is teaming up with the Boqueria guys in his NY restaurant. Some more details, in Spanish. http://www.gastroeconomy.com/2012/06/12743/
  8. Franny's is hands down one of my top 5 restaurants in NY, great small plates, cocktail, Service, Pizza and pasta... it is just the perfect restaurant
  9. jmoranmoya


    Indeed, reservations are taken for the Spontaneous tasting menu. You only need to send an email to erika@battersbybrooklyn.com Info about the tasting: Chef tasting menus are very similar to the menu you can find on our website, and additionally, dishes the chefs are working on as we speak, new ingredients they are experimenting with, etc. It really is quite spontaneous. Our five course menu is $65/person, our seven course is $85. Beverage pairings are $45 for the five course, $65/seven. We went Friday night 8:30 pm, making the reservation over email on Wednesday. The place is very small
  10. Went to Governor and I think it was more than decent food. The expectations are quite high for a chef with that background, but at least it is a different type of menu ( ie: the ISA standard menu ) The beef tartare with mussels juice was outstanding, along with the beef tongue. I would go back!
  11. Some pictures of the dinner below. Dessert I have to say it was memorable, it was similar to some to stuff from Blanca.
  12. Do you mean the rats or the banker?
  13. Yes former Sous Chef of ISA had a pop up veggie dinner at Whirlybird, not sure if he is still doing it. See in this post the info. It was worth the visit! http://mouthfulsfood.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25670-chez-jose-whirlybird-dinner/ I believe he is doing some sort of pig roast in July, each Sunday.
  14. Spot on Orik. I went to the Fruit de Mare dinner and in the garden there were some small rats. The food was good, but could have been better, specially at that price. I liked better the previous Pork Roast or the Lamb roast dinners. For the record, I was wearing # too. Where did you sit?
  15. Uhockey and I went to Roberta's tasting last Friday ( it was Elise's and I second time ) and we loved! Great ingredients and execution. Some pictures:
  16. Gastro-burgois vs gastro-hipster.. pick your team
  17. I'm sure they will at Blanca. :lmfao again: Just FYI, they server wine in Blanca in proper glasses and they even change the glasses for each wine in the wine pairing. BTW their wine pairing was really good and very extensive. I don't remember waking up with such a headache after a tasting.
  18. "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which." Wilfrid, welcome to new "fine dinning" world.
  19. Yeah! Congratulations! Would you have also special Beers from Roosevelt Island
  20. jmoranmoya


    It's my half-serious prediction that as live HD video streaming from cameras and phones becomes popular, you'll see the emergence of dynamic cuisine - dishes will move, change color, explode, and offer a variety of sound effects! I'm not sure if you have seen it, but Arzak has special plates that light up in reaction to the food. http://www.jaapknoester.com/Arzak%20Plates.html That being said, in real life they don't look as cool as expected.
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    At least we can put a price on padded stools and projected michelin stars - the tasting menu is exactly twice as expensive as it was 18 months ago (all in). To be consistent with ORik's signature: New Nordic - a cuisine that is highly compatible with DSLRs... See below my pictures from the last visit to Atera Looks better than it tastes I have to say...
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    I have to say that the Blanca stools are more comfortable than the Atera ones.
  23. jmoranmoya


    I failed to live up to the challenge. In fact, I think the entire tapas portion of the meal was an unmitigated disaster - poor and sometimes repetitive textures, inconvenient presentations - bigger than a single bite but messy to eat as more than one bite, multiple elements that tend to stick to your teeth... the main portion of the meal was much better, with a couple of very good dishes (fluke tartare, squab, the pork was okay too), but also a couple of duds (yogurt - supposedly with shad roe, rhubarb, licorice - so acidic it made the quail egg and meyer lemon rock seem moderate), and on
  24. Some pictures of the Lamb dinner at the Roberta's Garden: The next one will be about Frutti Di Mare Garden Dinner on Jun 18, 2012 7:00 PM.
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