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  1. I'm a sucker for secret pizza places, so I'll have to give that one a try when I'm in town in December. I'll second the lunch at Milos. It's exactly the kind of meal that Steve P would love yet abhor; simple, been there/done that Greek food, done as it's always been done, yet done exceedingly well, with very high quality ingredients. Great space too.
  2. I'd like to say first of all, most of all, that coming to Chicago in the middle of winter, does not mean you cannot eat local, and I'd like to plug my web site, the Local Beet as a place to keep up with eating local in the Chicago area, even in the darkest days. Think about places like Mado, Vie (Iron Cheftestant Paul Virant), Lula, and Carnivale for examples of how chef's can cope in the cold. You will eat exceedingly well at any of these places too! I'd echo sentiment to consider some of the Not Frontera for unique and special Mexican fare. Maxwell Street Market on Sunday is no bette
  3. FWIW, I would not pass up on a chance to eat at Paradise Pup, but I would not necessarily go out of my way to eat there either. Daniel, have you ever tried Gene and Judes?
  4. Illinois's Prairie Fruit farm now has a goat milk style romano cheese (Caprino Romano). I just hope I can save the rest of my hunk until local favas come into season.
  5. My gullet is loving, if not my pocketbook, that Illinois cheesemaker, Prairie Fruit Farm, is at the Oak Park Farmer's Market each week. I cannot resist a small vat of their 2 day old fresh goat cheese. There is nothing so good as really fresh goat cheese.
  6. Two current faves are Saxon's Big Ed, an alpine style raw milk cheese from WI (Saxon is now coming to Chicago's Green City Market) and Holland Family Farm's "Marieke" raw milk gouda also from WI. It will make you re-think gouda's for sure.
  7. If you want to enjoy local food in the Chicago area, but do not know where to shop, the Local Beet has built a map based market finder. It's on the top right side of our home page. We know there's a few kinks to be worked out in the application, but comments and feedback are always appreciated. In addition, we have Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois pretty covered, but we will also soon have market data for parts of WI and IN. We believe we have the most complete and current farmer's markets in the Chicago area.
  8. Eve in Ann Arbor is good in a fancy but not too fancy kinda way. When I'm in AA, I like to eat at least once at Zingermans and once at Zingerman's Roadhouse. It's highly worthwhile also to visit Zingerman's Creamery and Zingerman's Bakehouse. Oddly enough, one of the best smoked fish places in the US is in Ann Arbor. Tracklements does some very good stuff. When we are in Dearborn, my family and I love to eat Middle Eastern food. I would say just cruise Warren Blvd to see what looks good and crowded, but also find time, especially breakfast, for the New Yassem Bakery. I'm
  9. You know in that same mall, is one of my favorite restaurants, Omega. I highly doubt it's a place you'd want to visit from outta town, but if you ever have the need to eat a lot of marginal food with older folks, this is your place! I know, I know. Still, call me crazy, but there is something about this time-warp, slighly Vegas-y place (think Peppermill), that attracts me. I don't love a lot on the menu, but the Athenian skirt steak dinner, with the works, must have the side Grecian salad, can so hit the spot. If you're a freak like me, you might enjoy this classic. In this same mall
  10. Have you all tried the "fish bait" from Love Tree. It's a work around over the raw cheese 60 day thing. Heard it's pretty incredible.
  11. Interesting that you would put Blackbird at only 2 stars. To me, it is the epitome of the 3 star (NYTimes) place. That is, I find the food, the cooking to be some of the best in Chicago. Blackbird is mostly about the ingredients, but there's some creativity too. What I think Blackbird is sorely lacking, hugely, is any of the comforts or luxuries that would equal fine dining. The place is about as loud as OHare and half as comfortable. The servers, I've found are very knowledgeable and friendly, but the staff to eater ratio is absurdly low. But here's the thing, the cost of a dinner at B
  12. I believe a visit to the Maxwell Street market is a must for any food hugry tourist to Chicago. Sunday's only, from 7 AM to about 2 PM; it's all for Mexican food (and tchotchkes). Get an Italian beef. I believe John T. Edge just covered it for Gourmet. My favorite remains Al's on Taylor Street in the old Little Italy area (great fries too). Visit the two 24 hour polish sausage stands from the original Maxwell Street (on Union just south of Roosevelt) for classic Chicago street food. You cannot go wrong with nearly any of the places designated "Great Neighborhood Restaurants" at L
  13. You're talking the place in Niles right? I've had some excellent food there, but I've found compared to a few other places like Thai Avenue or Spoon Thai, the menu, the real food, is a bit harder to access. Right down the street from Siam House in Niles, on Milwaukee, is an outstanding old tyme German style butchery called Schmeissers. If you're in that area, Schmeissers is really worth the visit.
  14. Hey, thanks for that link! I had bought yestedays NYTimes, but then dropped the Travel mag and it got soaked. The article gets a lot of my favorites.
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