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  1. Being of Cantonese ancestry myself, I would go for the Cambie location - however your mileage and ancestry may vary. If you've already got the car, I would make the trip to Cambie. It'll be less than 10 minutes and parking shouldn't be a problem, they will (most likely) validate the underground lot. Maybe ask in your reply. Oh and also ask for a table with a view, it is quite pretty from there.
  2. If you're worried about nibbling at your provisions, just buy twice as much and hide half! The corkage thing has been debated quite a bit over on eG, I think the conclusion was that it is still illegal to bring your own to a resto, but if you are in the know with the owner, which I assume will not be the case for you in Whistler, you might be able to bring something in in a discreet brown paper bag. But even this should be a very special bottle, ie not Woodbridge etc. Having said that, once you open a bottle at a resto, if you don't finish it you can recork it and take it home. I am
  3. Well, cutting it into exactly 100 pieces would've taken awhile, and then how are we supposed to sear to order on the roofdeck? I don't think the flavour was sacrificed...it was the best we could do for so many people. Henry ran the idea of mixing the foie into the meat with the chefs at Mistral before we did it, and they approved, so I guess it was OK. Everyone loved the burgers and had a good time, and that's what counts. Indeed - foie gras burgers sound great and I should be so lucky as to have someone make them for me! I don't mean to rain on your parade, Ling, all I'm saying is that
  4. Chambolle, I think you might be better off getting your provisions for the Whistler picnic in Vancouver, especially if the picnic is on the same day as when you leave Vancouver. The drive is only about 1.5 hrs so things should last, or if you're worried just pick up a cooler from Canadian Tire or some other store. (CT is similar to say a Wal-Mart, but with less human rights violations!! (I think.)) The last pit stop prior to heading up the Sea-to-Sky highway is West Vancouver - and the big mall there, Park Royal, has a great liquor store plus two private wine stores, a Whole Foods, a
  5. Seeing that full lobe of foie and then knowing that it got mixed into the meat instead of being used whole makes me sad!! I understand that time was a factor, it's just a bit of a shame that they didn't get seared off as medallions and then placed on top of the burgers a la Feenie - or even nuggets as tighe suggested, given that it had to go 100 ways. Ann: I haven't heard the veal debate for a while now, figured maybe it went to the wayside. Nevertheless I think you're right, people tend to pick their battles here; still, too bad even some of the handpicked battles tend to leave me shaki
  6. ^ Re: Cuban cigars - Fly you"re right, the sin taxes are spread on thick and you get two layers, federal and provincial. Pack of cigs here ~$9 CDN. Still at least you can get Cubans.
  7. Glad to hear you're enjoying your trip so far Omni; helped in no small part by a couple of the best culinary tour guides this city has to offer. If you like beer, there is definitely a good number of local breweries worth trying. My personal favourite is Shaftebury - I like their cream ale and their Rainforest, but neither of those necessarily jibes with the current weather. Perhaps try the honey ale instead. Easy to identify, their "logo" bears a striking resemblance to Will Ferrell. Granville Island is another good one (again the honey is a nice summer beer), likewise Bowen Island (b
  8. Yeah not only did the hometown boys (Canucks) not even make it, but now my actual favourite team is out too (Montreal). They really floated some hopes at the beginning - especially since they were not supposed to do anything at all - but that Ward kid in Carolina is playing unbelievable in net. Jersey be warned! Anyway, I am now going for a Senators / Sharks final. PS: Major shakeup in Detroit on the way I'm sure. Getting into the playoffs is just not good enough, Hockeytown fans demand deep runs if not Cups.
  9. BCinBC


    Agree, Nina was far and away the best villain. It is also a shame that Sherry is dead. My favourite season was probably 2 (nuke 1), but season 3 (virus) was also very good - case in point, Salizars were good co-villains. Jack in prison, Jack in Mexico, Jack with the monkey on his back that went away towards the end of the day... Re: cell phones, I think Jack just steals other peoples' phones all the time and uses them until he happens across another dead body. Which is often. Re: last night, the killing of the regulars and stars continued. Unless Heller survived the roof of his ca
  10. NHL playoffs round 1 is my favourite sports time of the year, even moreso than NFL playoffs and Superbowl. Because the battles are incredible, and sudden death overtime is the most suspenseful experience ever. Blov, if you get a chance try Rogers Sportsnet instead of TSN. Most/all of the TSN personalities grate on me to no end (Darren Dutyschen and Michael Walin or however you spell them, are the absoulte worst) but Sportsnet has some good personalities, particularly on Pacific. Oh yeah and Sportsnet is broken into 4 regions to make the coverage more, well, regional.
  11. BCinBC


    That's funny, plus you get the added benefit of the clock counting down your workout time.
  12. Good point about ferry food - do not do it. Plan ahead. I would caution Butchart's for a day trip, only because that in itself is a day trip from "downtown" Victoria without your own set of wheels. It is possible to stop by on your way either into town from the ferry or on your way back to the ferry, depending on which order you sail and fly in. When you look at the map provided by tighe, Butchart's is in Brentwood Bay (where I grew up). The public transit service frankly sucks outside of downtown Victoria. We're talking one trip an hour type thing, so if you go that route, again plan
  13. BCinBC

    Small Faces

    Please, no more talk of Jefferson Airplane / J Starship / Starship. Every Picture Tells a Story is IMO Rod's peak. Also the Brits sure were producing some amazing drummers in that era. Drum track for I'm Losing You is phenomenal (Mick Waller? I think?).
  14. BCinBC


    Actually I thought Kim was looking pretty good, but then again maybe I'm just glad she doesn't have that 'do from Season 3. Or maybe it's the fact that she's back in my TV in any cute way shape or form. Am currently waiting for Jack to beat the living shit out of her new boyfriend. Death of Edgar - sad! I actually liked the character. But a good death scene, one of the better ones I've seen for a while. Aaron and Mrs Logan - creepy! But when Aaron had to try to explain to Mike, that was funny ha ha. After a great opening, then a lull, I think this season is finally starting to
  15. BCinBC


    Indeed, I saw the lovely and talented Elisha Cuthbert aka Kim Bauer in the previews for next week's double header. I don't know if it was on purpose or not, but they showed her running around trying to get out of danger as per Seasons 1-3. Long hair too, which I'm a bit sad about because she was cute with shorter hair. Funny you should say that about Aaron, Tamar G; I bet a lot of people breathed a sigh of relief when he woke up, not only not dead but alive enough to shoot the terrorists. He's basically been portrayed as the all around good guy who helped President Palmer back in the day a
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