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  1. What did you buy @Stone? Personally I’d say for resale value buyers love wolf and Viking but as everyone else said, that price point doesn’t make sense if you use it for a very short period of time. Having just purchased an apartment, I would not say that the appliance quality is not reflected in the price, but that generally comes with a kitchen reno as well. You definitely pay more for nice kitchen, nice appliances. I think NY coop owners are less likely to want an immediate reno.
  2. all of them? How can you escape knowing it? also why is there an entire thread on a fast casual quick serve NYU student place?
  3. Jesikka

    Le Coq Rico

    I have heard from someone that I trust who has close knowledge that they have been buying standard poultry in America from a mass market vendor without acknowledging such.
  4. Of eating dogs, having dogs in a tiny apartment, or calling the police on teenagers. Just curious.
  5. Jesikka


    Yes, wine bar opened on Thursday and the coffee shop opened today, but they're not announcing for a bit to give the neighborhood first dibs. I had a very very good crab dish (sort of a gratin but not sure what it was called) that is on the bar menu but not the restaurant. It was gifted fwiw.
  6. Yes, this was downstairs. So many places that you guys are not eating in Paris that are excellent. It’s very annoying how much cheaper excellent meals here are, especially when you get outside the places Americans obsess over.
  7. Jesikka


    TBH, I'm not sure what ended up on the check but yes, there were some cocktails and a glass of something sparkling which they must have charged us for. The stupid bread cost money...but I guess there were also two museum tix now that I think about it
  8. Jesikka


    All of it is better than conjunctivitis
  9. Jesikka


    The "cheap" turkish wine was nice, though!
  10. Jesikka


    I was also inexplicably greeted in French at Veronika, as well as told sante at the bar when handed my drinks. No idea why.
  11. Jesikka


    I think that's absurdly untrue. I eat in a ton of restaurants like this in Paris. I expect a restaurant with a $400 bill for two people to deliver on a certain experience and quality level and this experience simply fell short. My experience at Ernestos did not fall short whatsoever - service was competent, attention level and hospitality was very high, the food was excellent and things happened on time. That obviously hasn't happened for everyone. They are incredibly different restaurants and one is owned by close friends so I certainly wouldn't seek to compare them, but I both frequently
  12. Jesikka


    It was not at all a mob scene last night at 830-930 pm. The six seats at the actual bar were full and there were 4 other people in the lounge area waiting for tables / drinking.
  13. Jesikka


    I honestly haven't, but I have only been to Ernesto's once outside of friends and family and we ordered pretty much the entire menu. Also, frankly, the excess of pours from Pierre kept me from noticing or caring if there were any, whereas the bartending slowness and snarkiness was kind of surprising in an environment like Veronika which I'd definitely consider several notches more formal than Ernestos.
  14. Jesikka


    Its the entire area as you walk into the actual restaurant place. It is also stunningly gorgeous, as with the rest of the restaurant. It's certainly a space I very much WANT to be in.
  15. Jesikka


    Frankly my experience last night at Veronika was a lot like Orik's at Ernesto's. After viewing the museum I was 30 minutes early for my reservation, so I asked if they could seat us early and we were told they'd try, only to be seated after an hour (30 minutes late). The bar was an absolute disaster. There were 6 of us seated there at most, maybe 10 total if you include the lounge area and the bartender was absolutely unable to keep up with the demand. Drinks were ok tasting (not great) but included absurd steps like glitter on a desiccated pineapple slice and hand smoking a whisky drink a
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