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  1. The meats I’ve had are much better at Uncle Lou as well, although I readily admit that’s not my category.
  2. Fwiw, Scarrs always has quite quaffable wine - far above UPN.
  3. Fair but I somehow still like the Tin Building’s manufactured “charm.” I had a very nice meal at the shellfish thing although expensive. The rotisserie chicken is closer to French standards than most spots in NYC. I can buy bordier butter easily and some of the La Boite and confitures that I like. There are a few nice Asian ingredients that are convenient to get there as well. I guess I don’t think of the restaurants as the draw any more than I do for Eataly. They’re serviceable if you’re hungry while shopping. Butcher seems solid so far.
  4. Ok. That’s a pretty weird criteria for a Chinese food restaurant but there are plenty of places to drink within blocks of Uncle Lou. But I agree with everything Joethefoodie said about the contrast between the two restaurants - Uncle Lou has better technique and is much cleaner in both literal physicality and stylistically. I personally find Wus a bit past it’s prime and mostly beloved by people who like the corkage program or cheap prices.
  5. Why would you care about the bar when you can bring your own wine with ridiculously low corkage?
  6. You don’t have to go in the same way that you don’t have to go see Paul Allen’s art collection at Christie’s or Six on Broadway but despite all efforts to live better than that, you may someday find yourself doing exactly those two things and at such time that happens to you - and I truly hope for your sake that you’ll live a Rock Center and midtown free life - you’ll be immensely grateful for Naro and Le Rock.
  7. Jesikka

    le gratin

    Crack den is somewhere on 29th. Not being a crackhead myself, I’m honestly not sure where, but having used that hotel for out of town team members at a past company (not my idea and something I eventually forced an end to despite the team being wonderful) I can promise freshly high crackheads in front of the lobby entrance at all times day and night. Staff regularly had to get involved in escorting guests around situations. 10 out of 10 do not recommend.
  8. Jesikka

    le gratin

    The Redbury literally has a crack den in front of it. I do not understand this choice whatsoever.
  9. Jesikka

    le gratin

    I don’t think Frenchette is holding back on offal dishes to pull in more customers. And why wouldn’t the cost be covered if you sell 1 or 2? Offal is super cheap, even now. It’s like a bean dish. I don’t remember what Frenchette was charging for the tripe but if it has a 3 in front of it, how could it not pay for a restaurant’s worth? I agree with you in most restaurants in NY right now they’re playing it safe for stability, but I don’t really think Frenchette’s dynamic was / is the same.
  10. Why is this photo broken!!!
  11. Jesikka

    le gratin

    That's just because they spent the last 6 months testing Le Rock dishes, which you find quotidian (I don't disagree). I don't think its post-Pandemic-ness, if anything that stuff should be featured given rising food costs. If the current menu is right, the Elysian Farms lamb is back in which case I know what I'm eating next Sunday.
  12. Jesikka

    le gratin

    If you want to barf, Frenchette is apparently now on Goldbelly, so you can try their pate yourself if you want. Not sure where you're reading the Frenchette menu but unless its in the restaurant you're not going to get much sense, since the majority of offal and unusual French whatever will show up as daily special, although online I see the riz de veau (but not the great Italianish tripe dish). I'm not convinced the menu online has ever been served - its more examples of what you might be able to eat? Either way, the rotating shellfish and daily specials are where I tend to spend most of
  13. Very good meals in Tel Aviv at Dok, HaBasta, Pereh, Mansura, plus a lot of street food and situational food (the adorable and clearly very beloved Puaa). I only had a couple days after a work trip in Dubai but figure this once a decade update might be welcomed by someone.
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