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  1. Very good meals in Tel Aviv at Dok, HaBasta, Pereh, Mansura, plus a lot of street food and situational food (the adorable and clearly very beloved Puaa). I only had a couple days after a work trip in Dubai but figure this once a decade update might be welcomed by someone.
  2. My friend who is a long time (25 year) real estate agent in NY said that she’s never had a first time homebuyer in the city who didn’t get financial help from their parents.
  3. Anyone been to Austin in the last couple years wanna make a dinner reco?
  4. Jesikka


    Where’d you do it?
  5. Jesikka


    The vegetarian sandwiches have been killer lately - a fried zucchini, pesto, egg and pickled mushroom sandwich that was gone in a day or two and a similarish one with artichokes and soft boiled egg. I’m sure after a week in Spain Orik & co will lose their penchant for vegetables, though…But hopefully those gorgeous red shrimp are almost back.
  6. I did not love it, but I do think I could do a better job ordering the second time. The service was also awful which didn’t help. I can’t see choosing it over Gouie in any case.
  7. That’s weird- it’s very different than the story they gave me today. Is it a southeast Asian (Vietnamese) concept AND a Korean concept? How is the space getting split?
  8. Love that wine store- I shop there a lot and the guys are great. For anyone still reading I think AT is phenomenal. I have lots of other thoughts on the above but folks are free to PM if they’re traveling to Paris.
  9. I’ve tried it. It’s mediocre unsurprisingly and better than it should be. It’s most obviously not at all french but better than all of the places surrounding Places des Vosges.
  10. Tried bbf for the first time last week and I don’t think I’ll be back. It might be useful for something (open on Tuesday), but it’s way too far from traditional sushi to work for me when I’m looking for that.
  11. Heard today that Essex pearl restaurant is reopening next week and sharing the space with a Korean concept. The fishmonger will reopen in a few more months - they apparently have a lot of repair work.
  12. It’s different ownership- no doubt they were required to dissolve the former entity under the operating agreement.
  13. They’re completely booked on Resy bc they don’t know how to manage their books. Set up an alert and you’ll see plenty of tables spring forth, including on weekends.
  14. I felt they had lost quite a few steps. Zero non pizza items to start (unless you count olives or dramatically undercooked beans) and every red wine by the glass on the list is aglianico with absolutely no differentiation between them other than a few dollars. No staff member at the bar could explain anything about the wine beyond “this one is best with pizza.” On the pizza front, all of the pizza options are one ingredient away from one another which I know Mangieri thinks is “classical” but is certainly not the case in Naples these days. As it stands, I can only imagine eating there for
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